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Simplicity PvP is a Minecraft anarchy server. We have only one enforced rule: No hacking. That rule is broadly defined, so you should still read our complete ruleset.

We strive for a vanilla aestethic; although we are running Bukkit with several mods, these are mostly just to assist in effective administration. We don't have any restricted blocks, no worldboundary, the only protected area is spawn, and griefing, killing and stealing are all encouraged. You may also want to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

We have a phpbb forum at

Join now (no whitelist,) at or

If you want this server to grow, please vote for us.

The main server opened April 23rd 2011.

To get started on the wiki, you might be interested in a list of places or a list of players.


For a complete history of news, see News.