The last balancing with trading villagers

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Do you want to go back on vanilla (ratios) trading villagers ?

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The last balancing with trading villagers

Post by SecretOfMana »

Hello everyone,

Me and many other people actually think the last patch about villager trading balancing is pretty bad.

Now we can only apply one golden apple on traders, meaning we can only cure then one time and not anymore stacking discount/golden apples.

This does mean for example that a cartographer who has an initial trade of 24x paper → 1x emerald will not go lower than 18x paper → 1x emerald.

I’m myself not the most disavantadged, i have already a lot of fully cured farmers/librarians/clerics/fletchers/armorers/weaponsmiths/toolsmiths but you’ll never have enough on a server which doesn’t reset neither end.

At my request DakkaDok saw one time my base and hinted me not making many more traders (to help preventing lag), so i stopped while i could have make too a lot of cartographers/masons/etc (on other location.s but was planning doing it later only).

New players are more penalized than me and others but still we could have some warnings or even just some news, i mean it’s really a huge change and this should be advertized that you can’t grind (if you see what grind does mean on simpvp) anymore with cartographer&paper for example…

I’m personally (and many other players) for to simply cancel all of these balacings about trading villagers.

On every server there are hard and easy things. On simpvp, when i do watch wiki history i can hardly see any big town that has survived more than 2 years. You just need after a while need only one bored/angry/[just put nearly any adjective here] player and he will betray the group.

Many players prefer playing solo (like me) when they target playing a very long time here and aren’t willing to lose their/any base, and they do need trading villagers.

So my opinion is that trading villagers must be an (the ?) easy part of simpvp.

Let’s see what does simpvp population think ? I made a poll, there are arguments but the vote counting is one too.

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Re: The last balancing with trading villagers

Post by fatal »

fax, plis remove nerf :D

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Re: The last balancing with trading villagers

Post by Cherrycoloured »

"New players are more penalized than me and others" is the key thing. This arbitrary change does not affect the current community of the past two years, who have had time to build trading halls and gapple their way to 1-emerald trades for everything. But anyone coming in now and setting up a trading hall is at a distinct disadvantage to any established player.

Having a change that just gives the middle finger to incoming players feels really against the spirit of things. And I really don't understand why this change was made.

To go against this change, I'm going to have to make a lot more librarian villagers because I'm not about to spend 40-odd emeralds multiple times leveling up librarians to check for other books. So there'll be many more entities at my base, which I'm sure is much better than having fewer villagers and the ability to gapple them multiple times, right?

EDIT: my point about when this change to villager mechanics may have been misinformed, so I've changed it a little.

EDIT 2: So beyond my knee-jerk reaction to finding out this feature was disabled, I've done a bit more reading. The reputation factor with each villager has always tracked being cured, and given a permanent +20 to reputation with a given villager. This caps at 100 after 5 curings, or basically the best prices possible. However, until 1.14.4, villagers that became zombies lost their gossip/reputation values. Mojang changed this to retain the gossip/reputation values to allow multiple curings to give the intended discounts. There was no reason for them to change this unless it was intended behaviour. All other forms of reputation improvement are temporary, only curing is permanent, so why would they change the zombie villager to retain reputation if all factors other than curing decay after like 20 minutes anyway?

tl;dr not an exploit working as intended pls un"fix"

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