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ban appeal

Post by odpay »

IGN: odpay

hello, i joined the server to play with my friends; skullerG, _handyman, Killet & Azrn, but it says i am jailed since over a year ago.
i seriously do not remember even joining this server once, i must have been on my 2b2t stuff when i did. i fully understand the rules of the server and intend to abide by them. if there is anything i can do to appeal this or similar please let me know.

Thanks in advance
- odpay
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Re: ban appeal

Post by KoriJenkins »

You were jailed for flying, which is a relatively minor offense.

Your jail happened on the 21st of November, which wasn't a year ago at the time of your appeal, but is now. As a year has now passed, your appeal is granted and you are unjailed.
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