Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

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Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

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for those who don't know me I am Lpmaster123 Proud Member of The Church of Francis, Techno Union and The Brick Brotherhood. I was recently jailed for suspected Player-esp. My friends have recommended that I appeal this case. I would like to explain myself and why I think the one year jail is not justified but it is a long story so get your snacks ready.

First off I would like to explain what mod I was allegedly using as an Player-esp and why did I have it. A While ago I was sent a mod called Wildfire’s Gender mod which its purpose is to give players boobs. This mod however has a menu that shows players in a certain range of you. Naïve me didn't realize this mod could be used to esp till it was to late as up to that point any player I had given boobs to had been at most 2 blocks away from me and I in no way tried to hide the fact I had this mod on with many of my edits and screenshots showing players with boobs and to my knowledge had been viewed by admins and non admins alike. If I had been warned about the potential exploit that this mod could be used for I would have removed it sooner than I did.

Now that I have explained what the mod is and why I had it, let's now talk about the incident that resulted in my jailing. On April 11th at roughly 4am my time I was flying back to the spawn portal for the CoF Base New World. This portal was about 6k away from spawn and was underground and in the middle of the ocean with the need to remove dirt and stone to access. This is where I fucked up. I needed to get my shovel to mine The dirt however in my groggy state I try to hit “e” to open my inventory to move my shovel into my hotbar but somehow I managed to fat finger “g” which was the default mapped key to the boob mod which opened the before mentioned menu which showed Laztec crouched at first I thought I was imagining it but after a few seconds 2 things clicked in my mind; The first was Laztec was for some reason crouched near my spawn portal. The Second was that this counted as a unfair advantage and therefore a jailable offense. I was originally not going to act on this information but I believe I saw invis-particles earlier, the reason I broke my portal. At the time I did not suspect Laztec being the culprit. Me having the mod is the reason I've been ruled as using an “esp”. I then decided to get off for the night so I could evaluate the situation in the morning but before going to bed I sent a ping to the bases discord server warning the members something sus was happening I didn't mention the accidental “esp” because I was too tired to fully explain the situation and I didn't want people to get the wrong idea I gave some vague statement about seeing invis particles and seeing Laztec.

I was planning on telling Laztec in the morning but before I could Lord1 questioned Laztec in dms so after a few days of brainstorming I just decided to tell Laztec about the mod straight up by sending him a clip of me opening it and after a day and a half got no response then finally all Laztec said was it wasn't allowed which I already expected. Then Laztec said nothing else for 3 days then while I was sat doing homework irl I got dms from various people telling me that I have been jailed I never even got a chance to explain myself.
There have been allegations of me having the mod for “esp-use-only”, which is in my opinion stupid as it would be a very inefficient way to “esp”.
Secondly I still have not gotten an answer from Laztec why he was even there in the first place.

I hope this appeal informs the people of sim on my side of the story. I hope for an immediate unjail. If the admin-team does not agree on a unjail, I will understand, even tho I think a 2-6 months jail would be more appropriate, as for I have not been using the “esp” maliciously. Also going into contact with the admins even tho i did it too late.
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Re: Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

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"it wasnt player esp, im just fat"
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Re: Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

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Why did you need a boob mod in the first place lmao
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Re: Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

Post by Lpmaster »

theotherhades1 wrote: Wed Apr 26, 2023 10:46 pm Why did you need a boob mod in the first place lmao
Funny boobs
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Re: Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

Post by ostrich1414 »

I will give my own brief take on this whole case here, completely independent of the other admins.

I would like to preface this by saying that I do not believe I am the most qualified admin to look over this case, solely due to the fact that I was not heavily involved with it from top to bottom. I am aware of the case at large, I have heard both sides of the story, and I have given my own sparse input on it, but I believe that an admin like Laztec is far more qualified to speak on this case (considering he has more thoroughly invested time and research into investigating it, and is more aware of the finer details that I may be forgetting).

That being said, I believe this is a classic example of a murky, he-said-she-said jailing. Lp, I do genuinely believe you when you say that you did not download the mod knowing it had player esp, or that you never explicitly intended on using it for that purpose. Unfortunately, few players actually read the entire contents of what a mod contains--that goes for the admins as well. That being said, from what I understand, you have had this mod for quite some time, so I do find it hard to believe that you only recently discovered that it had player esp capabilities, which, I might add, have always been illegal on SimPvP since 2011. They are one of the most notoriously illegal mods one can download and use on the server. Again, I genuinely believe that you downloaded the mod not knowing about this and/or never had the explicit intention to use it, but I am unsure of how you did not realize it had this earlier.

Regarding your explanation of the incident with your portal and Laztec: this goes back to my earlier statement of being a "murky" case. You are claiming that you unintentionally, accidentally clicked buttons that led to you seeing Laztec crouched. Obviously this is not impossible and I don't want to act like I don't believe you at all. I get it, weird and sketchy things happen by accident all the time. That being said, if you try seeing that from an admin's perspective, it is obviously a little concerning. Furthermore, you have admitted on more than one occasion that Laztec's alt was crouched and no name tag was visible...if this is the case, how would you specifically have known it was Laztec's alt account without the use of player esp? To me, as an admin investigating claims of hacking, that seems very suspicious.

I know you have mentioned seeing invisible particles and stuff, and I do think that breaking a portal for that reason is genuinely valid. I would probably do the same if I saw invisible particles near an open portal of mine. I am not certain on the timeline, but from what I've gathered, you saw the invisible particles after you saw Laztec's alt crouched underground? My worry here is that you were using illegally-obtained information to inform your decision to break your portal. It is against the rules to use illegally-obtained information to aid in in-game decision-making. However, if you saw the invisible particles first before breaking the portal, I would be way more lenient since I think that is a reasonable response.

Overall, I think this is a generally sketchy case as a differing accounts of what happened are constantly being made. Again, I am not the most qualified admin to speak on this, so don't take this post as the be-all, end-all answer. However, from what I've gathered: you did use player esp to discover Laztec's alt underground, which informed your decision to break your portal. I say this as you have mentioned clicking the keys on your keyboard that open up the player esp, and you saw Laztec specifically crouched down underground (which means he was not physically visible and no nametag was visible, hence rendering the ability to see him impossible without player esp). What Laztec was doing underground is irrelevant: even if he had the full intention to grief your base or ambush and kill you (not saying he was, I'm just trying to make a point here), that would be legal as that is an intended part of SimPvP gameplay per Rule 1. That would be a matter for in-game political discourse, not for admin decision-making.

I do not think this case is as severe as portal x-ray, but I do think it's a little worse than ore x-ray. I do sympathize with you in that you were likely over your head when downloading the mod and had no knowledge of the player esp, or any intentions to use it. Yet, from everything I have read thus far, it appears to have been used to inform an in-game decision. Again, this case does not really strike me as severe and I honestly don't feel too strongly about it. I do not agree with you being immediately unjailed, but I also do not agree with a permanent jail or anything over a year. I think one year or less is sufficient, even a few months. Part of why is, aside from what I stated previously, I think it would be a very dangerous precedent to let this one slide. If another player did the same thing here, they could justifiably select this case as an example of why they should be freed and/or admin bias towards you. I think it should be clear that using player esp to find people and use that knowledge to your advantage is not allowed on SimPvP, and immediately unjailing you would nullify that point.

TL;DR: I do think player esp was used to discover Laztec's alt underground, and the information was used to Lp's advantage when breaking a portal.
However, I do not think he should be jailed anymore than a year, only a few months at most as it is not a severe case in my opinion.
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Re: Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

Post by KoriJenkins »

You said you made some vague statement that you saw Laztec. "Laz's alt is outside of the spawn portal crouched wtf do I do" is anything but vague. That's a statement of fact, you knew he was there and you knew it was him despite the fact that his alt was hidden and he was invisible. Already your illegal actions have had political repercussions on the server that cannot be undone.

You say you accidentally pressed the G key and opened the menu, showing you Laztec. Frankly, it doesn't matter if it was an accident. People have accidentally pressed a button to enable flyhack in the past when falling towards lava. We don't forgive them, do we?

More problematic to me is that fact that you attempted to initially lie about it by claiming to have seen his nametag, which wasn't possible.

Asking for leniency here is a bit absurd. You don't get immunity because you didn't know the mod was/wasn't legal. The rules are extremely clear that using without asking first puts you at risk of punishment. Not asking before using is why 159 is jailed. You've both admitted that you used the mod illegally and admitted that you did so to your benefit at the expense of someone else.

When I asked you how long you'd been using the mod, you said "forever." You've had it installed for a few months at least, and at no point did you consider asking if it was allowed? Only after using it in an illegal manner against another player (and admin) did you ask that admin if it was okay. Then, you attempt to gaslight him by complaining that he didn't respond for 3 days, as if that's relevant at all.

Frankly, you're lucky we haven't just given Laztec access to the base, something he was denied due to your illegal actions. We've already been lenient in that regard.

As to the severity of the case, I disagree with ostrich1414. I think it's far more severe than simple x-ray. We've jailed people in the past for simply using illegal minimaps that have built-in radar functionality without proof they actually used said features of the minimap against someone else, whereas you've been proven to (and admitted to) using the ESP features of this mod against Laztec. If someone is considered to be heinously evil on this server for x-raying a portal and griefing the base on the other end of it, what are you for doing the opposite to prevent a potential legal grief from happening?

Here's the slippery slope. Lets say we decide "fuck it, let him out, it's minor" wouldn't that just incentivize everyone to do the same in similar situations? Would a temp jail be worth saving a base you've put hundreds or thousands of hours into? That's a precedent we'd like to avoid.
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free lpmaster

Post by clipchip »

i think we should allow the boob mod
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Re: Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

Post by MoWobbler »

Here is the official response made by the admin team:

The following is an explanation on why you were jailed and will not yet be unjailed:

When it comes to the server rules, there's a threshold of competence we need to expect from players, because after a certain point, ignorance becomes indistinguishable from malice, and the potential advantage gained from violating the rules becomes too great to disregard. An obvious example is that players should be able to determine whether their resource pack is considered xray, or have the awareness to inquire with the admins first. They would not be allowed to use an xray resource pack for a prolonged period of time, then evade punishment by simply claiming to be unaware of it being illegal and advantageous, even if they were genuinely just ignorant.

In your situation, your mod provided an incredible advantage and very clearly violated the rules. When you first use the mod on multiplayer, it makes the illegal features very obvious to you, as they encompass the entire contents of the only menu in the mod, so no reasonable claim of ignorance could be made here.
See this video for a concise overview of the mod's capabilities: [https://youtu.be/D-9la8g8M6k]

Instead of removing the mod or inquiring with the admins about it when you first installed it, you continued to use it for several months, thereby giving you the ability to identify every player in your render distance and view a live preview of their character whenever you want - an undeniably huge advantage. You then went on to self-admittedly use this illegal ability to identify a nearby player, then promptly act on that information by telling people who you identified, where they were, and that you broke your portal in response to it.

Beyond this obvious rule violation, your actions surrounding the incident and your account of events have been incredibly disingenuous, to which it severely damages your claims of honest ignorance even more. Here are a few examples:

1. Laztec contacted you twice on the very same day of the 04/11/23 incident to ask how you identified the player, who at the time was underground and sneaking, and on both occasions, you lied to him and said you did so exclusively by seeing a nametag in the ground. [https://imgur.com/6i2qK3R]

2. You did not "tell Laztec about the mod straight up". You made up a completely false story about how, during a specific PVP encounter on 04/14/23, you suddenly realized that your mod could be used to identify nearby players, while still refusing to confess to using it to identify the player. [https://imgur.com/a/EMTrsvF]

3. Upon being jailed, you continued to spread the lie that you identified the player through nametags and insisted that your mod played no role in it. [https://imgur.com/a/GlKFzKL]

4. "I wanted to wait until I had a well-written argument" is both an illogical and selfish excuse for why you chose to repeatedly lie to the admins and tried to convince everyone else that the admins were wrong about something you knew to be true. [https://imgur.com/a/ZcLs5Oi]
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Re: Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

Post by DKC »

MoWobbler wrote: Thu Apr 27, 2023 4:21 pm incredibly disingenuous
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Re: Lpmaster123 Jail Appeal

Post by MutualistManiac »

Bruh, if I had to wait a year just for having a minimap that showed player heads (never used it to my advantage). I say, let him wait a year too.
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