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Ingame name: AForceThree
Alts: None
Status: Jailed May 11, 2018 for x-raying
First joined: June 3rd 2016

Clans: none
Bases: none

AForceThree is a player who joined in 2016 along with his fellow real life friends Levythemankid and Andy714. They started to search for a new place that they can be able to call home. After a couple of months of peace and prosperity, their base was griefed and lost all of their valuable resources. The two allies lost all hope and left the server with out a word. Though AForceThree still plays on this server for the hope that he will succeed in making peace, and that his trustworthy allies will return back to the sever, and to continue their long journey together.

Recently AForceThree has been exploring far away from spawn, looking for a new location to build a new base. But in the middle of his journey, 5 creepers sunk behind him caught him by surprise and killed him. His anger and the lost of precious belongings made him very vulnerable. Right now AForceThree is trying to make alliances with old allies back before the war between ostrich and clip.