Capture the Sign April 2022

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On 23 April 2022 a Capture the Sign event will be held.


The game takes place in /world, with everybody using their normal gear (it's not run using /event.)

At exactly (2062, 163, 2523) there is a 3x3x4 bedrock cube. In the very center of that you have to put a sign with your name on it, and then defend that sign.

After the game begins, the game will end again after the sign has remained unchanged for 1 continuous hour. When the game ends, the player(s) with their names on the sign are the winners. If the sign is broken continuously for more than 1 minute, the counter resets until somebody places a new sign. If the sign is broken but then replaced with the same names within 1 minute then the counter doesn't reset.

Countdown to start.

Your goal is to break the sign, and replace it with a sign that has your own name on it. Then you need to defend that sign for 1 hour. Before the game begins, you can spend time building defenses around the platform. When someone breaks the sign, there will be no announcement of this. You have to be vigilant and look after the sign yourself.

After someone has held the sign for 1 hour, the players with their name on the sign win. If multiple people have their name on the sign, they all win and get the reward.

The exact rewards for the winners are still being discussed and planned.