Casa De Neato

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Case De Neato
Name: Case De Neato

Status: Griefed

Formed: March 16th, 2019, 2 PM EST
Abandoned: March 16, 2019, 10 PM EST

Members: VetoTheNeato, IAmTheSheriff


Casa De Neato was VetoTheNeato's first-ever base on Simpvp. On his first day, Veto ran down the south spawn axis, reaching an ocean. He travelled several thousand blocks out and began construction of a small farmhouse in a mushroom biome. He made sure to hide it behind a hill so those travelling down the south axis would not see it. In retrospect, they could have turned their heads a little bit and seen it. He invited IAmTheSheriff, and the pair finished the modestly-sized oak building. This base was known very quickly as Simpvp's most powerful. Just kidding. Veto, with his intentions to make a massive base, invited a random person who was playing. He was unlucky, choosing The_Arma. After being told Arma would probably kill him, Veto picked another random player to defend the base. He picked a number 1-10, and ended up inviting AntHand. The_Arma arrived, saw Ant, said "Shit, it was a trap!" and left. While Sheriff was online, Arma returned and griefed the base, killing Sheriff. He also left a sign with various slurs, which still remains at the base. Veto logged back in and killed himself in order to meet Sheriff back at spawn.

The coordinates of this base are lost forever; neither Veto, Sheriff, Arma or AntHand have a copy of the base's coordinates. Veto is offering a 2 DB reward for anyone who can locate this base. Adding to its elusiveness, only one photo of the base exists. Once considered lost, but then found on a USB thumb-stick, Veto has a single photo of the base, taken by a handheld phone pointed at the screen.


Veto spent 2 more days wandering spawn, but found luck when player TheOnlySlash offered him a position at his own clan, The Fellowship. Slash, accompanied by his teammate Arma, proceeded to bed-trap Veto, repeatedly kill him, and upload the incident to YouTube and Reddit under the title "Purification of Simpvp". Then, Slash's mother texted Slash, remarking on the video's quality and Slash's skill. It is unknown whether or not the messages were legitimate. During this time, Antzakes1 gave Veto 3 invisibility potions in order to escape spawn, marking one of the exceedingly rare times when Antz helped a new player rather than killing them.

The name "Casa de Neato" was never the base's official title. The base was unnamed for its 8-hour span of existence.

Link to "Purification of Simpvp":