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Ingame name: LoneSoldier55
Alts: None

First joined: Forums: Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:40 pm
Last seen: Active

Location: Florida, USA

Part I: Breakin' the Law

Joined early in, on almost the same day the 5,000 block world limit was added to the server. Went on a Live-free-or-die-hard quest of finding Eden almost as soon as hearing about it. Jumped the world border using an Ender Pearl to bypass it, and continued to explore the outside boundaries of the world until he was stopped by Xestia, who permanently banned him for "Abuse of Gitches". The ride ended at around -25 000, -25 000. There's probably still a small island of belongings there.

Part II: Spawn Fuckery

But the ride didn't end there, because after an unban appeal gone right for once, he was unbanned and reset to spawn. In quick order he based with FrostByteMC (An aussie later revealed to use hacks after he got bored) for approximately 2-3 months, also inviting MeltonVille into the fray as well. During this time much participation was had in spawn events and clan wars. LoneSoldier55 was the last player to finish the death-maze at spawn, and recived a free torch for his efforts. This was encased in gold blocks and later STOLEN by an unnammed thief.

Part III: Todd Howard Lies in Wait

After that base was raided, (Likely by X-rayers whom discovered the short nether railway back to spawn that lasted a month tops) all useful materials were moved to a new base, situated near the world border at -5 000, -5 000. After a considerable few months of waiting for the world border to FINALLY be removed, the base was raided after YoungsMC and Pianiseemo got butthurt that, whilst they went out to raid as a team of four to six an extremely expensive base, Another player and himself were given the mundane task of sitting infront of a Capture the Sign objective. We naturally changed the names to our own and recived bulk of the rewards. They demanded a share of the loot, in which he placed a few thousand blocks from my base for fear of either loosing it on the way to its destination and sheer boredom of traveling. Youngs and Piani reasoned that he must be nearby, and one day discovered the base after staking out the location. All the valubles were once again saved via quick thinking of stashing them near bedrock and moving out once the siege ended. He took off into the nether, to what he thought were the approximate nether coordinates of Eden. (Around -2 400, -1 600) He staked out that location for two months before the border was finally removed, in which BoxyLiz accompanied him to his location, finally giving him enough trust to join the group.

Part IV: Eden

BoxyLiz then revealed the actual coordinates of Eden, in which Lonesoldier quickly followed in her footsteps, securing the loot from the previous bases. Finally, he had arrived at Eden. Repairs were heavily underway for several months before YoungsMC managed to obtain coordinates of Eden once again, thus forcing the group of approximately 7 players to move to a new location. This location was deemed Avalon, whose location shall remain undisclosed.

Part V: Eden II - Electric Boogaloo

Avalon was also very well under construction, holding a nearly-same layout as Eden, however built into a mountainside to allow a proper system of canals. FrostMC was invited to this location on my word, however later there was revealed to be another player causing trouble in Avalon not two months into its construction. Frost was convicted of using Xray hacks and TNT to indirectly mine to rooms and find chests, however this was debunked by LoneSoldier55. Frost was Unbanned but eventually rebanned for using third party hacking clients.

Part VI: Eden III - Fuck This is Getting Annoying

The people of Avalon moved an extremely long distance to the new location that a new base was to be constructed at, dubbed "The Hive". Unsuprisingly, this base took the form of a giant underground Beehive, complete with RevStoningPot's massive constructions of engineering. However, many members of the original group lost interest in minecraft and of the constant moving, and became inactive users. This lead to the downfall of the Hive and most of the group, however it was rumored that a new location, Damoceles, was being created. However, being the massive distance it was, LoneSoldier never intended to make the journey and is content to remain at Avalon, finishing the work of all the inactive players that abandoned the location.

Part VII: Server Owner Fucks Us Over

But then Yukar9 fucked up, and removed some Player.dat files by accident. His position was reset to spawn, but not many fucks were given because standing around at Avalon waiting for something to happen wasn't doing anyone any good, besides himself because he had much time to invest in new PvP tactics, mainly use of Posion and Invisibility to snatch armor and swords from unsuspecting players in the PvP world.

Part VIII: Punching Newspawns

Now, LoneSoldier is content to roam the forums and call people out on bullshit, and in general make people who are acting like idiots look like idiots, if such has not already been achived. Due to his upfront and blunt nature, many players hold grudges and simply hate LoneSoldier for being LoneSoldier. He logs on scarcely to SimPvP, mainly to see current events and take some pot shots at making new players mad.

Personal Note

Don't a faggot.

Cool People

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Autists, Retards, Children, Failtrolls, Fanatic Christians, Embarrasments to Humanity, and Clueless Faggots

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