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Ingame name: lysergidi

First joined: 11 November 2012

Location: Finland


”shut up.”



Lysergidi is a finnish player who has gathered reputation on this server as a rather annoying troll. He spends most of his time in the off-topic section of the forum as he was banned from all other sections for derailing threads and posting swastikas. He has now claimed the title "king of off-topic" where he makes threads pretending to be an intellectual about ideology and current events. If not that, then he spends his time posting in his clan thread "MC Mafia" which he claims is the most powerful clan on this server. In reality, the clan consists of a rag-tag group of people on the server who ask to join, expecting benefits. All this gets them is their name added to a long list of inactive players whom are not connected in almost any way besides said list. Thus, this list makes people incorrectly fear this clan because of its manpower, when in reality only two or three people actually bother. Lyser pretends to know much about politics, economy, and war when in reality he simply poses as an intellectual. If anyone calls him out, there is no substance or hope for a feasable counter-argument, as he simply says "YOU LIE", "I REPORT YOU TO YUKAR NOW", and "shut up". Lyser hates the United States of America for no discernable reason other than the country "Isn't Finland". He also heavily uses Linux because he likes using what he paid for. It is advised not to pay much attention to anything lysergidi says, as he is mostly looking to make a fool out of you. Unfortunately as many indulge him in his tomfoolery, he has not left this server as a result. While generally annoying and insignificant he somehow manages to gain followers through his broken english and currently holds approximately 1,200 posts on the forum. Not much is known about lysergidi personally, as what he says about himself is usually not considered the most believable. But he has at times shown an intellectual side, but very rarely.


Lysergidi got an extreme case of assdamage after being locked into off-topic again. Since then he has supposedly left the server for at least the third time. Lets hope it stays that way!


Do not meet this player in person, he may be a rapist and/or pedophile.