Oasis (Unfinished base)

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Oasis (Formerly Fort Koria)
Name: Oasis (Formerly Fort Koria)

Status: Abandoned (Public)

Formed: August 20th, 2019
Abandoned: December 21st, 2019

Coords: -1238800, -448986
Members: Korijenkins, HedgehogMind
Clans: North Koria (Clan)

The Oasis, as it is currently known, was a base that was worked on sporadically by Korijenkins in late August of 2019.


In late August, Korijenkins decided Further North Koria was not up to par for his main base, and began looking for a new place to build. A desert by the sea was chosen a little over a million blocks from spawn, and work began on what was then called Fort Koria.

A bridge was constructed over a river that ran through what was to be the main area of the base, followed by a stable for the horses that had been brought to the base. Two large wall panels were built with gates, and work began on the interior of the fort itself. Eventually Korijenkins began to contribute less and less time to the project, before ultimately suspending work on the base.

In the months following, an unknown player stumbled across the build, and contributed a large tower inside the walled off area.

On December 21st, Korijenkins returned the base, not to build, but to take the horses that had been left there to be used at his new base, Belgium. After departing, all portals to the base were destroyed, and the base was officially dead.