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Ingame name: seventwoworlds
Status: Inactive
First joined: May 23, 2019

Bases: The Skybox, Hurricane, Tempest, Various Underground Dwellings


Seventwoworlds first joined on May 23, 2019 using the name 726574726F. They are a mostly solo player but does have many connections and alliances. Amassing close to 1,000 hours after two years of playing, they have done nothing of significance. They enjoy playing mindgames with other players and as well as basehopping and building in their multiple underground bases.

General Oddities

Seventwoworlds has had a dragon egg in the past through an unintentionally discovered glitch found by both them and PANOSKYLO, creating the Dragon Egg Crisis of August 2020. They also run the highly successful SimPvP Silk Road Discord server, a free market for all players and groups to sell and buy items.

Account Hack

On January 20th, 2021, Seventwoworlds' Minecraft account (previously with the name seventwoworlds) was hacked by unknown peoples, and the name was changed to Quaph. Luckily before anymore damage could be done, they reclaimed the account. This was a particularly unlucky event as this happened right before Mojang started the great account migration to increase account security with 2-Factor Authentication.


On 06/03/2021 Seventwoworlds decided to quit SimplicityPVP. He did this by logging into the server with a modified client and began boat-flying at spawn. Admin Ostrich1414 then jailed him for Boat Fly. Seventwoworlds released a link to coordinates of bases on Discord and left his valuables in a public location to be found.