The Democratic Republic of Glysogamadraz

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The Democratic Republic of Glysogamadraz
Name: The Democratic Republic of Glysogamadraz

Status: Active

Formed: June 23rd, 2018

Members: ostrich1414

The Democratic Republic of Glysogamadraz is a sovereign nation established by Supreme Leader ostrich1414 on the Glorious Day of June 23rd, 2018. The Democratic Republic of Glysogamadraz, or the D.R.G. for short, is intent on establishing itself as the largest country on the server, and under Supreme Leader ostrich1414, shall flourish as a land of milk and honey, opportunity and salvation. Arguably the most powerful and wealthy nation on SimPvP, the D.R.G. is currently constructing nuclear warheads under Supreme Leader ostrich1414, who also happens to be the nation's General and Nuclear Strategist, and will commence use of them however it sees fit in order to spread the ethnically pure blood of the Glysogamadraznians across the server's vast landscape.


Glorious Beginnings

On the Glorious Day of June 23rd, 2018, down-on-his-luck ostrich1414 discovered an archipelago in the sea which he would soon establish as the greatest nation on the server. Forming his own political ideology which he would spread through a well-developed plan, ostrich1414 established the Glysogamadraz Worker's Party and named himself as its head. Under the GWP, ostrich1414 then established the Democratic Republic of Glysogamadraz, truly the most important nation on the server. The D.R.G. would become solidified as a center for political, military, and social prowess, and ostrich1414 soon became its Supreme Leader, as well as its Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of the Interior, pretty much every other government position, and its lead manufacturer of low-fat goat cheese.

Upon the glorious establishment of the D.R.G. as a sovereign nation, Supreme Leader ostrich1414 subsequently outlawed gay marriage and any homosexuals, despite having no ill will towards them. Rather, this was to rid the nation of those who might not say "no homo" after giving their homies goodnight kisses. Women are also banned from driving in the D.R.G., and anyone over 11 is permitted to buy alcoholic beverages.