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Name: 00crusher

Status: Active


00Crusher joined simpvp looking for a new type of anarchy he hasn’t experienced before. He explored spawn finding the Mellon farm to harvest. He went exploring down the highways with spawn being fairly easy to escape with little standing lava casts. Walking down the stone highway stealing pumpkins on his way. Crusher later stopped around 5k to mine some iron off by a near by cave he saw. Getting an iron pick some armor and a bucket he made his first miniature cast on the highway(what a scum). Later getting bored he killed himself back to spawn to redo his adventures. Walking down the same highway but going in a diagonal line. He started to mine for diamonds after getting his gear upgraded finding a complex line of tunnels that use to be a base. He walked down these tunnels till he found a small underground base with homes. Desperate he raided these homes with nothing in them. After getting a diamond block he traded with a player named McUsya for a god fortune pick. Mining for a bit longer he buys an elytra traveling down a nether highway to establish a temporary base. He settled on a base near a snow biome and desert. This is where he would set up a base in a near by cliff making his main mine shafts. He would later set up a fight club base in a temple design out of boredom. He would later move on from this base and forgetting its cords.

Age of Exploration and Major Base Making

Going down the highway and reaching its end (at the time) he went off it in a diagonal line to set up his second ever base. He settled in a savanna biome with a village trading with them till he got a surplus on diamond armor, tools and food. He then moved onto creating his first farm a small creeper farm with rates that where incredible bad but at the time it was better then nothing. Making friends on the server he went to go base with one. While the base mate traveled through the nether for a location I prepped all my things for the big move. It was going to be my first base with anyone on sim. With the move we started making different types of efficient farms like a sugar cane farm, iron and a villager trading hall. They then set a plan of making a wither skull farm producing a nice rate of 60 skulls per hour. This marks the end of this age and the beginning of Automatics Inc.