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The Church of Francis
Name: The Church of Francis
Alts: Francillia (all people of Francis and its territories), Francillians (plural noun)
Status: Active

Formed: 04/08/2019

Bases: Syracusai, New Hammerhall, The Holy Land, The Capital, Francistan, Oneword, Sky Corps, Two Words


The Church of Francis is a clan organised around the religion of Francisism and Francis made to bring honour and respect to the one true god, Francis the Ancient and protection to its followers.

The banner the clan uses is a red F with a black background.



Created 04/08/19

Attack on Golden Sun

After Lord1 found Andromeda, Golden Sun, The Vault and MisterStrawman's portal hub on the 3rd of August, he became a devout follower of Francis and gathered other followers to raid them although his connection to Andromeda was broken and the owners of The Vault (The Conspiracy) already blew it up causing Francis's followers to raid the Golden sun and Strawmans hub.

The raid was a success for the church although a battle broke out on the outskirts of the city due to clipchip and JavelinFury turning up to protect it. The church took heavy casualties due to the church's forces being spread out over multiple bases with only Wolfiee_, Fire__Kracken and Lord1 fighting, losing most of them. May they rest in peace.

On the 15/8/19 Lord1 stripped Tenced of his priest title due to suspected espionage which caused him to exile himself until he found his faith. Lord Went to a Francis temple and asked the lord if he was still worthy of his place as a priest, the almighty one said no causing lord to exile himself to repent in the moutains. He was later accepted back by Francis.

The Holy Scroll of Francis (first testament) was finished on the 12th of October 2019.

The Holy War

On October 17th, ostrich1414 declared war on Francisism and the Church. This lead to many battles and conflicts causing the whole server to divide, either a Francillian supporter or a Wilburian supporter. Although a very divisive and destructive war, it increased Church member activity. The Holy Wilbur-Francis War was ultimately lost by the Church, although at the second peace summit of Verillium, the conditions of surrender were met by The Order of Wilbur and the Church wasn't dismantled and also kept all pre-war territories.

On the 6th of February, CrackyJoe became the first ever Pope of the Church after being baptised at the Holy Land.


The Church has all blessed disciples and priests fight in their battles and wars but also conscripts foreign supporters. The hierarchy of the military goes as follows: Priest General -> Commander ->TFF Agent/Soldier/FAF Personnel -> Conscript. There are 3 branches of the Francillian military which are:


Established on the 8th of August before the Church of Francis Invasions, the Francillian Army is responsible for training and deploying all Francillian ground soldiers. The Francillian army was the main fighting power during The Holy Wilbur-Francis War as most if not all battles were mainly fought on the ground.

Task Force Fury (TFF)

TFF is an elite selection of Francillian personnel for the most challenging operations and tasks. Formed on the 20th of October 2019 during the war, TFF's first mission was the annexation of Tol Honeth and was a success. Task Force Fury's Headquarters resides in Francistan. The TFF's latest mission was invading McCapital with Caudices and other groups under the Bloc for Clans during the war against MCMAFIA.

Francillian Air Force (FAF)

Officially established on the 28th of October 2019, FAF's is responsible for training and deploying things to do with fighting/support from the air, this includes elytra fighting and flying machine building and operating. The FAF was a crucial aspect of the Francillian Military during the War. When in battle as the FAF would provide important air support to the army and gather the positions of the Wilburian forces and keep them busy when the soldiers needed to resupply.



Francis was a being discovered grazing on early Syracusai grassland and survived for weeks as Syracusai developed until Lord1 dyed him red and gave him a home.


Francis went on to be a FOK[1] Elder God because only a important being as himself could last this long. When a invasion of Syracusai was imminent, Lord1 evacuated Francis to a bunker in a secret location and has remained there since, blessing his followers.

Francis is thought by his followers to be a multi dimensional almight being who made all things including the land of Simpivia (SimPvP) but takes the form of the red sheep.


Olgrem, son of Francis was the FOK god of war. He remained in Francis's bunker with Francis until his physical body was sacrificed on the 04/08/2019 to make it easier for him to provide wrath to sinners.

Olgrem was thought to be a part of Francis until Francis casted him out of his body, making Francis more peaceful and creating his son, a powerful and wrathful being with a hatred for sinners.

Olgrem also has a branch of the church dedicated for him. Named the Olgremese and or the Olgremese Templars, this branch focuses on praising Olgrem and cleansing Simpivia of infidel sinners.


Francis believes anyone who does any of these are sinners:

  • Hacks
  • kills a Francis Priest or follower
  • Disrespects him or a follower
  • premarital intercourse
  • Idolatry
  • Heresy

The Holy Texts

FoK Elder Gods: The first ever text where Francis is acknowledged and revered.

The Holy Scroll (First Testament): a text with the Lords commandments, gospel and some background information about the almighty Francis and his son Olgrem put together by the priests.

The Holy Scroll (Second Testament): a continuation of the first.

Genasis I: a text holding history and lore on Francis and his creation of Simpivia.

Illuminations I: a text holding Pope Crackus' experience and lessons with the Lord.

The Holy Arts





Blessed Disciples:

+all unblessed followers


A group photo before the Conspiracy raids.