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'''July 12th:'''
'''July 12th:'''
*[[The Dominion]] Griefed [[Aurum]].
*[[The Dominion]] Griefed [[Aurum]].
*Nagol101 began yet another livestream of SimPvP: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0dhoiZI5Kw]

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This is a page to keep track of day to day events related to SimPvP, including things which wouldn't be important enough for Server History or News. The record officially starts on July 1st, 2019.

July 2019

July 1st:

  • Porkington created this page to keep track of minor events such as the creation of this page. Many considered this to be a bad decision.
  • Nagol101 uploaded a livestream of SimPvP: [1]

July 2nd:

  • clipchip spent the night afk at his mob farm and obtained over 250 stacks of gunpowder.

July 3rd:

  • Talksalot011 burnt some unnecessary things that the YMP Crusade had built.

July 4th:

July 6th:

  • Talksalot left Quagsmaria because Lord1 was being annoying.
  • ostrich1414 began his second map art project.
  • TheOnlySlash and ostrich1414 annexed Quagsmaria.
  • Nagol101 began yet another livestream of SimPvP: [2]

July 7th:

  • Lord1 establishes Cooltown, a small Old Western-themed town nearby Spawn; he invites Diedie228, ostrich1414 and several new players.

July 8th:

  • Nagol101 began yet another livestream of SimPvP: [3]
  • TheOnlySlash Blew up Cooltown and killed some kid in iron armour.

July 9th:

July 10th:

July 12th: