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(July 2019)
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*The [[Church of Francis]] raided the [[Golden Sun]]
*The [[Church of Francis]] raided the [[Golden Sun]]
'''August 11th:'''
'''August 11th:'''
*[[CranberryWarrior]] became a member of the [[Church of Francis]] and joined New Hammerhall.
*[[CranberryWarrior]] became a member of the [[Church of Francis]] and joined [[New Hammerhall]].
'''August 13th:'''
'''August 13th:'''
*[[Sengorn_Leopard]] accidentally broke [[Segoria]]'s gold farm, causing several hours of intense lag and low TPS for the server, often reaching as low as 3 TPS.
*[[Sengorn_Leopard]] accidentally broke [[Segoria]]'s gold farm, causing several hours of intense lag and low TPS for the server, often reaching as low as 3 TPS.
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*A six-person raid is fought at [[Yittrium]], which included [[ostrich1414]], [[MoWobbler]], [[AntHand]], [[egnaroky]], [[cheesy_chips22]] and [[TonTheKidRS]] all fighting the mob waves at once.
*A six-person raid is fought at [[Yittrium]], which included [[ostrich1414]], [[MoWobbler]], [[AntHand]], [[egnaroky]], [[cheesy_chips22]] and [[TonTheKidRS]] all fighting the mob waves at once.
'''October 31st:'''
'''October 31st:'''
*Halloween Party 2019 at the Volcano
*Halloween Party 2019 at [[The Volcano]]
=November 2019=
=November 2019=

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This is a page to keep track of day to day events related to SimPvP, including things which wouldn't be important enough for Server History or News. The record officially starts on July 1st, 2019.

July 2019

July 1st:

  • Porkington created this page to keep track of minor events such as the creation of this page. Many considered this to be a bad decision.
  • Nagol101 uploaded a livestream of SimPvP: [1]

July 2nd:

  • clipchip spent the night afk at his mob farm and obtained over 250 stacks of gunpowder.

July 3rd:

  • Talksalot011 burnt some unnecessary things that the YMP Crusade had built.

July 4th:

July 6th:

  • Talksalot left Quagsmaria because Lord1 was being annoying.
  • ostrich1414 began his second map art project.
  • TheOnlySlash and ostrich1414 annexed Quagsmaria.
  • Nagol101 began yet another livestream of SimPvP: [2]

July 7th:

July 8th:

  • Nagol101 began yet another livestream of SimPvP: [3]
  • TheOnlySlash blew up Cooltown and killed some kid in iron armour.

July 9th:

July 10th:

July 12th:

July 14th:

July 15th:

July 16th:

July 17th:

July 18th:

  • Ostrich1414 decides to take a short break from Yittrium, heading back to Segoria to work extensively on its wither skeleton farm project that had been going on for over six months.

July 19th:

July 20th:

July 21st:

July 23rd:

  • Lord1, Wolfiee_ and IPyxis eliminate the ender dragon once again.
  • After a mishandled trial in the Yittrium Municipal Court, a small battle broke out within the city between ostrich1414, AntHand, MoWobbler and cheesy_chips22.
    • Much of the fighting took place in the air via elytra, and the only player to not be killed throughout the fight was MoWobbler.

July 25th:

July 28th:

  • The BloodBowl was held, with clipchip emerging in first palce

August 2019

August 3rd:

August 5th:

  • An extensive city-wide battle occurs between ostrich1414 and Chris_cord versus cheesy_chips22 and trppbll.
    • Ultimately, cheesy_chips22 emerges victorious as Chris_cord is accidentally sent back to spawn after being killed, forcing ostrich1414 to rescue him and surrender.

August 6th:

August 7th:

  • Nagol101 released a new video (footage from the First Annual BloodBowl): [10]

August 8th:

August 11th:

August 13th:

  • Sengorn_Leopard accidentally broke Segoria's gold farm, causing several hours of intense lag and low TPS for the server, often reaching as low as 3 TPS.
    • This continued even until the next day (August 14th).

August 14th:

August 15th:

August 16th:

August 17th:

  • Clipchip and JavelinFury attack and raid the Yittrium Work Gang's camp settlement, resulting in the team's disbanding.
  • The Fellowship raided a large farm near spawn blowing it up with End crystals, tnt and lava
  • The Fellowship started what they are calling the "South Waterslide" (Large Lavacast at zpos500)

August 18th:

August 19th:

August 20th:

August 21st:

August 26th:

August 27th:

  • The Fellowship uploaded a new advertisement video for their team featuring Gordon Hurd, also known as Big Man Tyrone: [14]

August 28th:

  • SimPvP is officially updated to 1.14.4: [15].
  • The Fellowship began an unspecified spawn project.
  • AntHand accidentally summons a pillager raid right in the heart of Yittrium, causing the city to be invaded by pillagers, ravagers, vexes and witches.

August 29th:

September 2019

September 1st:

September 2nd:

  • New Hammerhall defended against 3 consecutive raids and lost all their City Guard. A funeral was held. RIP

September 5th:

  • TheOnlySlash on his alt fell victim to Lord1's trap, popped a totem and logged.
  • New Hammerhall was griefed and abandoned by its members.
  • SimPvP became embroiled in an intense race war; every race, culture and ethnic group imaginable was targeted in these attacks.

September 6th:

September 8th:

  • The server crashes at 12 a.m. for over an hour before going back up once again.
  • A series of 2b2t bots attack and lag the server, diminishing playability.
  • Cmlove accidentally leaks Koeng and cheesy_chips22's base coordinates, via public chat.
  • On his First Exploration Journey, ostrich1414 discovers Sssssssssss's Shithole and Midgard.

September 9th:

September 10th:

  • AntHand conducts the Great Yittrium Villager Genocide as he, along with ostrich1414 and MoWobbler, push over 200 villagers into a concentration camp and turn them into witches via lightning, slaughtering them all for gunpowder.

September 12th:

  • SkykirryChycho's island base Singolinya is griefed by an unknown player.

September 13th:

  • The server is down for over two-and-a-half hours due to an issue with background chunk optimizing.

September 16th:

  • It was reported by egnaroky that he and AntHand had annexed Trogdoria. It is believed that they had discovered the base at some earlier point in September 2019.

September 17th:

September 19th:

September 25th:

September 29th

October 2019

October 2nd:

  • The PvP world is changed to a large amplified 1000x1000 world: [18]

October 7th:

October 10th:

  • Yukarion sets up a new, temporary 24-hour Minecraft server to test server functionalities, known as new.simpvp.net.
    • On this new server, ostrich1414, MoWobbler and egnaroky use the map copy to stage a prank and pretend that their city Yittrium was griefed by excessively TNTing and lavacasting the city and posting pictures on Discord.

October 12th:

  • The Holy Scroll (of Francisism) is finished.

October 17th:

  • Ostrich1414, on behalf of The Order of Wilbur, declares a Holy Crusade against the Church of Francis. Lord1, on behalf of the Church of Francis, counters this by declaring a Holy Crusade on the Order of Wilbur in return.
    • Ostrich1414 and MoWobbler desecrate a holy Francis Temple nearby Spawn, renovating it into a Wilbur Temple.
    • A PvP battle is held at the Capital between ostrich1414, Lord1 and e_lee after ostrich1414 claimed the city for Wilbur. Lord1 and e_lee ultimately emerge victorious, reclaiming the city for the Church of Francis.

October 19th:

October 20th:

October 21st:

  • Ostrich1414 constructs a massive statue of Francis at Tol Honeth. This statue is made entirely of netherrack, and was promptly lit on fire, with a deceased facial expression. Above the statue, ostrich1414 created a floating netherrack sign that says "Fuck Francis".

October 22nd:

  • Lord1 retaliates ostrich's statue with his own statue of Wilbur decapitated and vomiting blood opposite the other statue. Also above the statue is a floating sign that says "Wilbur gay".

October 23rd:

October 24th:

October 26th:

October 31st:

November 2019

November 9th