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This is a page to keep track of day to day events related to SimPvP, including things which wouldn't be important enough for Server History or News. The record officially starts on January 1st, 2020, and events prior to then do not belong on this page.

View Current Events 2019 to see previous archives.

January 2020

January 1st:

  • Porkington updated this page as soon as he noticed that according to the Wiki's internal clock it had become 2020, because he spent his New Year's Eve wasting time on the SimPvP Wiki instead of going to a party or something
  • A new player named 13Void joined the server and claimed to have discovered an island made of crafting tables after only 2.6 hours online, posting its alleged coords in chat. The base he discovered was Craftablia
    • 13Void was considered highly suspicious and was suspected of being an alt or even a hacker, but since there was no firm evidence of this he was not banned

January 5th:

  • ostrich1414 left the server. It is not yet known whether this will be a short break or a long one, though he is expected to return at some point
  • Yittrium was attacked and looted, but not griefed.

January 13th:

  • LexiTheLlama chases Zepheron who strongly suspects he is working with Lord1 to kill him, LexiTheLlama is shortly afterwards slain by Zepheron
  • ostrich1414 was spotted online, only about a week after going on hiatus, but said that he was only online temporarily and would soon go back on hiatus
    • According to ostrich, he did not plan to fully end his hiatus for at least one more month, likely sometime past mid February 2020

January 14th:

  • Azdin announced that he had discovered the base Atherius, but that he did not plan to grief, raid or leak it.
    • Azdin and Lord1 fought when confronted with each other with Azdin eventually dying.

January 17th:

January 18th:

January 20th:

January 23rd:

January 24th:

January 27th:

January 28th:

January 29th:

January 30th:

January 31st:

February 2020

February 1st:

February 2nd:

February 3rd:

February 5th:

February 6th:

February 9th:

February 10th:

February 14th:

  • Blockplanet94 changes his name to C0ckplanet94. DiGGing4Gold was very upset by this, calling C0ck an edge lord and no longer having positive relations with C0ckplanet. C0ckplanet claims he will change his name back to Blockplanet in 30 days.
  • VetoTheNeato announced a full base tour for Takyon would be released on March 20, 2020.

February 17th:

February 18th:

February 23rd:

February 24th:

February 25th:

February 26th:

February 28th:

March 2020

March 1st:

  • After TheOnlyslash was invited to Atacfauxpas's base, he along with clipchip and Zepheron griefed it.
    • Lord1 turned up without the Dominion's knowledge and crystalled an unsuspecting Zepheron from behind.
  • In the middle of a BvB event, a massive serverwide crash freezes the game for a little over twenty minutes. When the server restarted and the BvB round was finished, several players had their entire inventories wiped clean, prompting the admins to ensure refunds would be given out for compensation.
  • VetoTheNeato releases Simpvp's newest unofficial trailer video. This was the first one since clipchip's video over a year ago. In under 24 hours, the video became the most viewed Simpvp video of all time, due in large part to Veto's large following on iFunny.

March 2nd:

March 6th:

March 8th:

  • cheesy_chips22, while looking for a new base location, makes a nether portal which mysteriously glitches him to the world border. Following this he informs Zepheron and Dakkadok. Zepheron and cheesy_chips22 leave signs and then return to their base, DakkaDok closes the portal behind them permanently.

March 11th:

  • Segoria's wither skeleton farm officially becomes active and operational, finally being finished long after construction first began in December 2018.

March 13th:

March 14th:

March 22nd:

March 25th:

  • After more than a month of using a turtle graphing method in an attempt to track Byzantium's location, MoWobbler and AntHand discover the home beach of the turtles, which is merely an empty coast with four sarcastic signs placed by the Byzantium team.
  • Lord1 and cheesy_chips22 host a dual 18th birthday party near spawn.

March 28th:

March 29th:

  • After many hours of holding peace talks on Discord and in-game, an official peace conference is held at a turtle beach to finally end The Byzantium War, bringing it to a peaceful close.
    • Both members of Byzantium and "New Israel" (Byzantium's opponents) are in attendance; a peace treaty is signed, with all parties agreeing to officially end the Byzantium War and move on, as well as declaring no winners or losers for the conflict, and apologizing for wartime atrocities.

April 2020

April 1st:

  • For April Fool's Day, the server temporarily downgrades to version 1.12 on a new map.
  • A brand new PvP world is added: a snow-covered, winter-themed mountain range, created by Sengorn_Leopard.
  • The server officially updates to 1.15.2
  • The Church of Francis annexed 'Jez's Base'

April 2nd:

  • Antzakes1 kills Wawuwiva during a /world battle.

April 5th:

April 6th:

  • Ostrich1414 completes a new map art entitled "#NEGang", featuring an image of all six New England states.

April 9th:

  • Lord1 and an imposter account named Lard1 found the spawn base Lordtopia, which draws several other players to it.
    • At Lordtopia, a short battle known as the "Second Invasion of Lordtopia" ensues. New player Zimmels arrives, using end crystals to blow up ostrich1414 and MoWobbler before he is killed by Lord1 shortly after.

April 11th:

  • After Duffilufagus gave the Lard1 account to Lord1 after Lordtopia, the account was taken back by the original owner as it was a stolen account (unknown to Lord1) with a full ender chest of Lord1's stuff including 10 shulkers of obsidian.

April 14th:

April 15th:

April 16th:

  • Ostrich1414 and Zepheron secretly travel to Stonetown and destroy any and all Francillian-related memorabilia around the city. They also blow up the Francis building with TNT and place Wilburian banners and propaganda around the town in retaliation, disregarding Church of Francis rule.
    • Lord1 returns to Stonetown and removes the Wilburian elements, instead constructing another sign and threatening war and destruction.
  • Ostrich1414 and Lord1 secretly meet at Verillium in order to hold peace talks to ease the sudden tensions and to incorporate Stonetown as a neutral DMZ base for both Francillians and Wilburians.
    • After sudden questioning during the peace talks, ostrich1414 finally reveals to Lord1, and the rest of the server, that CranberryWarrior was his secret alt account, and had been in secret use since December 2017.
  • The CranberryWarrior account is gifted to Lord1 by ostrich1414 as an apology for the harm he had caused, and the account is renamed to "Lard2".

April 17th:

  • VetoTheNeato returns to the server following a moderately long hiatus.

April 20th:

April 21st:

April 23rd:

April 24th:

  • The first official SimPvP "Events Night" is held between 8:00 p.m. and 1:30 a.m.

April 25th:

  • Sellout9 is ambushed at the main End island by TheOnlySlash. He later flees from the fight, and an argument occurs between the two.
    • TheOnlySlash releases a satirical "evidence" video, accusing Sellout9 of using autoarmor during the fight: [8]

May 2020

May 3rd:

May 5th:

  • After a large Spanish player, Jocosoman, posts an Instagram story of SimPvP, a large influx of new Spanish players flood the server. This causes many SimPvP regulars to arrive at Spawn and attempt to contain them, killing those who leave the protected zone. However, many of these new players escape.
  • TheOnlySlash kills Lord1 at spawn in self-defense, and posts a video about it: [9].

May 6th:

May 7th:

  • Lord1 killed egnaroky in a battle at spawn.
  • The Bloc for Clans put sanctions again Caudices stating "stop supplying your mercenaries and stop hiring, no more invasions of friendly bases and no more getting friendly coords. release the current bases taken and respect their owners wishes."
    • Before a compromise was made multiple pvp battles occurred between BC peacekeepers and Anthand/Egnaroky, with Egnaroky dying in one of them.
      • A compromise was made between the BC and Caudices.

May 8th:

  • In response to the annexation of Takyon, VetoTheNeato decides to host a final tour and party at the city before griefing and abandoning it. Over a dozen people show up to the party in total, assisting in the griefing of the base and taking all of its valuables.
    • As the party drew to a close, AntHand and egnaroky showed up. First, IAmTheSheriff killed AntHand as he entered Takyon via a portal; later, a small battle occurs between AntHand and egnaroky versus a few of the party participants.
  • Caudices was banned from the Bloc for Clans

May 9th:

  • TheOnlySlash travels to Fort Bruh and immediately kills both M_BRIX and MoWobbler. About 30 minutes later, while still at Fort Bruh, TheOnlySlash and clipchip show up to kill both Lord1 and James8B. Later on, TheOnlySlash kills MCUysa at a portal to the Main End Island.
  • Lord1 blows himself up like an idiot fighting TheOnlySlash and another invis at Fort Bruh. Please shame him so he stops picking dumb fights.
  • The Church of Francis officially leaves the Bloc for Clans.

May 10th:

May 13th:

May 16th:

May 25th:

May 29th:

  • Ostrich1414 reveals his voice to the SimPvP public for the first time: [11]

May 31st:

June 2020

June 5th:

  • Zepheron, TheOnlySlash and 2b2tard, upon hearing that spawn is drained, undertake the task of lava casting the surrounding spawn zone up to world height. They successfully do so and The Dominion calls it 'Operation Dry Boiz'.

June 20th:

  • The Second SimPvP Summit occurs, a few months after the first one took place. Originally planned to be held by MrCramYT, the summit was organized by VetoTheNeato and drew several notable players and teams, all constructing booths like the last summit.
    • Unfortunately, this SimPvP Summit would be very short-lived after a massacre occurred between Sellout9 and Cutman against the other attendees. A backup summit was held on SimplicityPvE by Porkington, although this was also short-lived and featured far less attendees.

June 22nd:

June 23rd:

June 24th:

  • Exultia Quality Goods officially enters a trade war with Melon Boiz Inc.™, showing their contempt for Lord1's actions at Stonetown. With the goal of putting MBI out of business, VetoTheNeato begins offering items for as low as 1/8 the price of MBI under the Exultia Quality Goods brand.
  • Lord1 stood down as Supreme General of the Church of Francis, he and Jo then drafted the Church Reformation act 2020 which included Lord1 getting excommunicated to repent.

July 2020

July 12th

July 13th:

  • Ostrich1414 begins work on Inferno, a landmark in the greater spawn region that was affiliated with The Republic and its public works program. Much like Craftablia, Inferno was meant to be another unique, bizarre landmark to be stumbled upon at random.

July 17th:

July 19th:

  • Korijenkins kills ImpulseAge near one of the spawn highways.
  • TheOnlySlash, Korijenkins, and Burger_Malone are all baited to the same coordinates near spawn searching for an underground base. Burger_Malone was aware he would be killed, so did not carry any valuables. Korijenkins then valiantly impaled Burger_Malone with his sword, Raiders of the Lost Dok.

July 20th:

July 21st:

July 23rd:

August 2020

August 1st:

August 8th:

August 9th:

  • After several high-profile incidents of players using an in-game exploit to glitch Dragon Eggs into existence over the last few days, the ability to do so is subsequently banned by the admins, making it illegal to produce more dragon eggs. This is met with much controversy, as supporters for and against use of the glitch clash.

August 17th:

  • The GS Trading Co. declares war on Brunoland and its affiliates, threatening to destroy the team and its base by any means necessary; the GS Trading Co. is soon joined by The Order of Wilbur, who pledges support. A battle soon takes place in the PvP world between Skuller G, _Goujon_, ostrich1414 vs. AntHand, FlameKnight, and Sellout9, with several bystanders. Brunoland emerges victorious after SkullerG dies and the other two flee.

August 23rd:

  • The Sim Kast Removal Team (SKRT) is founded by several SimPvP players, and led by GS Trading Co., to completely repair spawn and return it to its pre-2019 look.
    • Dozens of massive lavacasts and water cubes are removed and destroyed to clear spawn and reduce lag and obstructions. This project attracts dozens of volunteers.

August 29th:

  • The Sim Kast Removal Team holds an informal party at spawn, taking a group photo to commemorate their work over the least week.
  • GS Trading Co. discovers, raids and griefs Brunoland after declaring war on them over a week ago. The grief results in armed combat between GS players and Brunoland members AntHand and Sice_01, with Sice_01 dying. Nonetheless, the grief of Brunoland results in GS Trading Co and bruno_vera deciding to end the "war".

August 30th:

  • Palau becomes one of the shortest-lived bases on SimPvP, lasting a mere 24 minutes from its settlement to its abandonment. This comes after the Massacre of Palau takes place, in which TheOnlySlash kills Qyburn_ and bed traps Paul358, leaving seventwoworlds and ostrich1414 to flee.
  • Ostrich1414 releases a video about the Sim Kast Removal Team's progress at spawn: [13]

September 2020

September 2nd:

  • Due to ongoing server maintenance, SimPvP is temporarily transferred to a new survival map while the normal map is moved to a new host.
  • The city of Quabbin is founded by ostrich1414 and AntHand.

September 14th:

  • SkullerG and Nebuelaz found the base Barrier Town near spawn
    • Later that day, they host a server party at Barrier Town, attracting several notable SimPvP players to join in the festivities

September 15th:

  • After ElectricChugg is ambushed by the Church of Francis and killed by Lord1, ostrich1414 pledges support for him on behalf of The Order of Wilbur, vowing to avenge his death.
    • A 3v3 battle is organized and hosted in a flat swamp nearby Uinia, collectively known as the Battle of Swampland. Ostrich1414, MoWobbler and ElectricChugg represent the Order of Wilbur while Lord1, xexc and James8B represent the Church of Francis. With ElectricChugg dying, Ostrich1414 withdrawing and Mowobbler deserting, the Church of Francis claims the victory.

September 21st:

  • While creating a new event in the events world, ostrich1414 accidentally sets a command block using "@a"; this teleports every player online at the time into one specific location in the event, which included well over 20 players. Both ostrich1414 and Yukarion had to teleport everyone back to their original locations after.

September 24th:

  • Due to a laggy chunk error in the nether, SimPvP crashes and goes down for about 4-5 hours before being resurrected by Yukarion

September 25th:

  • Ostrich1414 releases a new video about his history on SimPvP through the years: [14]

September 28th:

  • The '/phantoms' command is added, letting players toggle their own phantom spawns on and off once they unlock the 'Two Birds, One Arrow' achievement.

September 29th:

  • Several players meet up at spawn and have an informal party, with a few PvP battles ensuing.
  • A major battle, called the Battle of Suit's tower, is held at the titular tower between "Everlasting Gobslobbers" (Lord1, ostrich1414, and _Goujon_) versus "Homosexuals" (AntHand, Sellout9, and Cutman).
    • After only a few minutes of the battle beginning, Sellout9, and later AntHand, are both killed by the Everlasting Gobslobbers, forcing Cutman to flee and resulting in their victory. This also becomes one of the shortest officially-staged battles in SimPvP history.

September 30th:

October 2020

October 6th:

  • In retaliation for Azdin's griefing of several historic bases around spawn, a band of SimPvP players team up and grief Azpipia, one of Azdin's longest-lasting spawn builds. Craters are ripped throughout much of the desert as lavacasts are formed on top of it.
  • MrCramYT releases a YouTube video on SimPvP after months of being in a stalemate as to whether or not he would release it; ultimately, the video initially attracts fewer visitors to the server than originally expected.

October 7th:

October 8th:

  • At Belgium possibly the largest or at least one of the largest water draining project in the server's history is completed, with nearly 750,000 blocks of water being removed.

October 9th:

  • Due to a myriad of internal issues between cavehoe and f8tal_, LordPastaYT leaks three of Men Hyogi-kai's major bases: Mavossa, Calea, and Aeucius. He also officially disbands the team Men Hyogi-kai and sets off to focus on his own projects.
    • Half an hour before the leak, Lord1, on behalf of the Church of Francis, begins to grief Mavossa with TNT bombers due to LordPastaYT being the suspected leaker of Two Words. He is stopped short by several players attempting to save the city, including Antzakes1, Nostrum_Regina, Sellout9, and _Goujon_.

October 14th:

  • VetoTheNeato makes a "semi-return" to the server. He says he will play somewhat regularly and build at the long-dormant Exultia.

October 23rd:

  • Ostrich1414 officially leaves both The Republic and Shakatak, as well as the Reformed Bloc Discord server, in order to focus on personal neutrality and autonomy.

October 26th

  • The great city of Amsterdamn rises!
  • A large battle is held in the PvP world between two teams: YeeterMyPeeter (jake276493, BossCoww, and Cutman) versus an unnamed alliance of players (AntHand, ElectricChugg, willowienal, Rayyze, and Wawuwiva).
    • While there was no official winner as neither team was necessarily "defeated", YMP managed to acquire the most totem pops and gear degradations on the other team, causing them to declare victory.