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ElectricChugg New.png
Ingame name: ElectricChugg
Status: Active
First joined: October 29th, 2019

Clans: The Order of Wilbur (Current)
Bases: Weevlesville, Sky Corps., Oldja, Orian, Austionia, Tuggle Town, Goldforge Citadel, Quabbin, Echo Town, São Porco

I joined on October 29th, 2019 and started out my long journey with a group I would make great bonds with. We all started in a little house in the side of a mountain roughly 2k blocks from spawn where we set up ourselves with some micro farms to start off the wonderful journey ahead. Among those people were me, willowienal, and swiggle_and_Fig. Later we would soon move to a much more secure location and start to build at our first base where we cought up with many other friends, Wawuwiva, and Wilbur2k (aka JesusWarrior). This base is known as Weevlesville! I then started building really bad looking houses to where I was burning my own down. This base got rather advanced for a first base. It came with a secret mob farm and a portal hub. Onto Sky Corps.! This base was founded by Sky_1 (skysamasanchan). I moved here because Weevlesville got boring. Sky Corps was a base that had two inactive players, the only other people at the base besides me. Sky and Swiggle were inactive and I started to get unmotivated so I made my own base. My first base never had a real base but sometimes I called it Conyon. I made some farms and my first villager hall! I also got bored of that and began searching for another good base. Oldja was founded by Willowienal and Wawuwiva. I asked to join and they accepted! I started building farms right away, then the base died. However, it started to come alive later when Orion was introduced, a base very far away with many people on the server. This base would be a base that I call a modern style, farms and all. Sadly, nobody was really active then it got griefed, a waste of time. Tuggle town was another base I was part of that died off right after I joined. Austionia was next on the list. Austionia came with great modern boom. Farms everywhere. I think it was the most advanced base of its time! I was just starting a farm when it got griefed by Cutman and Sellout9. We moved on and kept the 4 of us together, AGTcraft, ADHDTV, Willowienal, and myself. We decided to start another attempt at a super farm base, known as Goldforge Citadel (GFC). I also met another friend, GentleGiant69 along the way to GFC. GFC was targeted so much because of the countless industrial farms it had. Farm difficulties reaching from wool farm to 5 layer gold farm. A farm GFC was known for was that Gold Farm, GFC, and the Ghast Farm. Everyone at this base including around 6 other people, got very sad when it got griefed right after the base was considered "finished". I then found no motivation to keep going since the bases I was at always got abandoned or griefed. However, one day, Willowienal and I got together and headed for another semi-industrial farm base, Known as Echo Town, named by ADHDTV. It kind of died because of The Order of Wilbur base we all were invited to, São Porco! We accepted and started building things right off the bat. Terraforming here, gold farm there, houses being built everywhere, it was crazy. Now, I am happily making farms at this soon to be megabase!