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What can I do on this server?

You can play Minecraft in any way that doesn't conflict with our rules.

Where can I build? Where can I PvP?

Building and PvP are enabled anywhere beyond the 63x63 area surrounding spawn.

Where are all the trees?

In a server where fire, lava and even TnT is allowed, entire forests tend to be burned down near spawn. Trees can still be found hundreds of blocks away from spawn, and wood can sometimes be found in mineshafts.

Which ranks do you have?

We don't have any. One of the core principles of this server is that everybody should be limited only by their in-game skill and dedication, and that ranks create an unfair game where some people are inherently stronger than others.

While it is true that some players are admins, and that they as such have some powers that regular players do not, admin powers are strictly reserved for admin duties. Any use of admin abilities to gain an advantage over non-admin players is strictly prohibited. When admins actually play the game, they do so with exactly the same capabilities as every other player.

I'm starving! Where's the food?!

The spawning of animals in Minecraft is set to only rarely spawn animals out of nothing, so when all animals in a given area are killed off, it will take time for new animals to appear in that area. Over the years, with thousands of players making their way through spawn, it has left the spawn area completely devoid of any animals. However, in the south-east corner of the protected spawn area, there is a protected melon farm that you can easily utilize to gain some starter food.

Will you make me OP?

Short answer: No.

OPs aren't randomly chosen here, and it's not something that we freely give out to anyone who asks. Players are given OP so that they can help ensure the server runs smoothly and server problems are dealt with, not so that they themselves have any kind of benefit. We have a policy to permanently deny OP to any person who asks for it, as people who request OP usually have nefarious reasons for wanting it. OP does not give you free items or creative mode, or any other benefits, it is an unpaid job necessary to keep the server running.

Is having cheats on your computer, but not running them (ie. a clean minecraft.jar) allowed?

Yes, having cheats on your computer is allowed. This server's rules apply to this server, and this server only. What you do in singleplayer or on other servers is not our business.

What mods are allowed?

See allowed mods.

How do I register on the wiki?

User accounts are linked between the forum and wiki, so you'll have to register on the forum, and then log in on the wiki with the same username and password.

Someone is claiming to be OP in the chat. How can I know if they really are OP?

Unless the person appears as [Server], it is just a regular player. Admins (real or not) talking in white text are talking as regular players, meaning they should not be given any extra authority or credibility. Any admin acting as an admin will always appear in chat as [Server]. If an admin is warning you or ordering you to do something, they will always do so as [Server]. Any orders or threats given in white text can safely be ignored. Remember that lying and scamming is not forbidden, so there's nothing stopping players from pretending to be OP.

I suspect a player of breaking a rule, where can I report it?

You can report suspected infractions of the SimPvP ruleset at the forum's Report & Appeal section. Create a new thread, stating the suspected infraction and the player's name. You must have conclusive evidence of your claim if you want action to be taken. Support your claim with screenshots or logs. Please provide a detailed explanation of the events that lead up to the incident so action can be taken if required.

I've been banned. Is it possible to be unbanned?

Yes, it is possible to be unbanned, however, you must have evidence or a strong claim that your ban was unjust or misplaced. SimPvP has a zero tolerance policy for use of hacks or abuse of glitches, and getting caught with such programs active on the server is grounds for an immediate and irreversible permanent ban. If you truly believe your ban was unjust, you can make your claim on the Report & Appeal section of the forums.

How old is the server?

The main server opened April 23rd, 2011. The map, however, is a little younger, as it was reset on September 15th, 2011.

How do I contact you?

We may be contacted on our email admin at or by writing a post on our forum.