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Name: Grasstle

Status: Inactive

Formed: Late December 2017

Members: New Recruits of The League

Grasstle was a small base founded by Porkington and ostrich1414 in late December of 2017. Located very close to Spawn, Grasstle was a center for handling new recruits for The League, transforming new players into faithful members and builders as they transitioned into the team. Consisting of a large cobblestone castle with grass and trees on top of it, the titular "Grasstle", the base itself expanded heavily as new players continued to arrive upon joining the server for the first time.


Grasstle's Humble Conception

In late December 2017, days before the official announcement of The League, co-founders Porkington and ostrich1414 planned to construct a recruitment center in close proximity to spawn, specifically built to cater to new arrivals and noobs. Porkington, using his alt not_pippenger, built a large cobblestone castle topped with grass and trees; this came to be known as "Grasstle". Though he did not engage in much of the direct construction, not_pippenger recruited his brothers Atroxes and Xenagie to help construct the castle, hoping to help get them accustomed to the server as well. Rumpslem, ae0, and LetsGetTr0pical also helped during the base's initial conception. Around Grasstle, not_pippenger planted various farms and other utilities in the hopes that they would be used by new arrivals for personal growth.

Though Grasstle was nothing truly special or exciting, merely a cobblestone structure with scattered facilities for practical use, it was still an essential base for the League as it provided them with new members whom would go on to found new off-shoot bases and cities, giving these members a sense of purpose and confidence.

The Arrival of the Noobs

Once the main castle was completed, not_pippenger moved to spawn, where he began to recruit various newcomers, bringing them to Grasstle through a newly transformed nether tunnel. Some of the first players to migrate from spawn to Grasstle were corncorn1, CranberryWarrior, ChiefRice, and b9tumor (a.k.a. b9b9). Upon their arrival to Grasstle, these players began creating and building new additions to the base: these included various cobblestone houses and buildings, as well as new farms and utilities. ChiefRice and CranberryWarrior also created the first major new player build at the site: Chief Tower, located nearby Grasstle itself.

As not_pippenger continued to recruit new players and bring them to the base as "initiation" into the League, ostrich1414 would make various trips to Grasstle in order to maintain relations and oversee production and affairs. From Grasstle, the next step for the League was to assist these newcomers and push them to establish new bases and cities farther from spawn, in order to expand the team's grasp and to create a new generation of long-term SimPvP players.


Here are some pictures of Grasstle and its various contents: