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Name: Hitlertopia

Status: Griefed

Formed: 2013
Abandoned: 2014

Coords: Still Secret
Members: Ultra_Badass

Hitlertopia was a base created by Ultra_Badass in early 2013. At the time, he believed that SimPVP was owned by Germans and hosted in Germany, and the idea of a base that broke the law amused him. Its most notable features are a large statue of Adolf Hitler and a monument to users who killed themselves with the /op command.


On July 12th 2020, the Anti-Racism Coalition, in their bid to finally end all racism once and for all, decided to liberate this historic monument to bigotry. Rather than destroy the landmark, the ARC instead opted to remove any problematic elements and serve justice for the victims of the Nazi regime.

The large swastikas were changed to the popular anti-racism slogan Black Lives Matter, while other swastikas were destroyed.


The racist statue of Adolf H*tler was toppled.


The mock concentration camp was liberated, and the iron golem warden killed.


Potentially offensive non-kosher food products were disposed of.


Nearby sheep were hanged for their presumed complicity in the base's war crimes.


The liberation of Hitlertopia was a major step in the ongoing battle against racism and white supremacy, and it brings us closer to finally putting an end to racism. Do your part and donate to the civil rights organisation NAACP today.