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Holistic Basehunting is a method of finding bases which was devised by, and is used frequently by me, Burger_Malone.

It is the secret behind all of my best finds which include, but are not limited to: Ember, Aggersel, Blackreach, Harrenhall, DakkaDok & DILLIGAFA's base, Olive Garden, among many others. Some of these builds were undiscovered for as long as 8 years until I found them.

After a lot of people asking how I do it, and a couple accusations of hacking, I decided to outline my method. Rest assured, it falls well within the server rules and will not get you banned.

Holistic Basehunting differs from traditional methods as it takes place partially within the astral plane, and taps into one's subconscious to locate bases. In short, it involves intense meditation and thinking of random coordinates until you 'sense' that one is special. This corresponds to a coordinate of a base.

In my experience, this method has around a 95% success rate.


In preparation for your Holistic Basehunting session, positioning is key: find a comfortable spot to sit - for example on a cushion, your chair, or your bed. When meditating, most people opt for the famous 'full lotus' position, with legs crossed and intertwined. If you're less mobile, the 'Burmese' might be a suitable alternative.


Once sat, press your thumb and index finger against their respective counterparts; be mindful not to press too hard, and not to apply too little force.

Setting the scene is important - dimming the lights, I find, is essential to get into the vital state of consciousness. Make sure that you have a pen and paper nearby to quickly write any important numbers down. As for optional extras, find some incense which you enjoy, and light some for your basehunting sessions - I recommend sandalwood. I also like to sip on some chamomile and honey tea while I basehunt: this is actually how I found Ember and Blackreach.


Once you're sat in a comfortable, meditative state, you're ready to start basehunting.

As mentioned, Holistic Basehunting involves thinking of completely random numbers. While most of these will be useless nonsense, you will occasionally 'feel' or 'sense' that a number is special. This sensation is difficult to explain to someone who does not basehunt holistically.

As soon as you think of one of these numbers, immediately write it down on your nearby piece of paper. This number will most likely be part of a base's coordinates. After a long enough session, you will have discovered the full coordinates of a base.

It usually takes me about an hour of deep meditation to think of a base's coordinates, but as I mentioned above, this method is hugely successful.

Most people who have meditated before will be familiar with the concept of 'affirmations': short words or phrases which you say repeatedly, to yourself, while you meditate. If I'm having a particularly difficult basehunting session, I will whisper "I will find a base!" over and over to myself. This 'affirmation' can be whatever works best for you.

Make sure to keep your writing clear - my coordinates were initially illegible scrawlings, but I have improved somewhat.


By the end of your session, you should have scribbled down the coordinates of a base, or of multiple bases.

Before you set out to the base you have just psychically discovered, make sure you have a few key supplies. First of all, always carry an enderchest. Inside, you should have a 'travel shulker'. This should ideally contain two or three extra elytras, many stacks of level 3 rockets, along with a couple extra stacks of food.

The nether is, of course, the preferred means of travel as it is eight times quicker than the overworld.

Having arrived, make sure to take some screenshots and leave a sign saying hello! I personally prefer not to grief or steal from the bases I find holistically, though I won't tell you what to do.

Final notes

To summarise: sit comfortably, think of random numbers, write down the ones you 'sense' are correct, and travel to your newly discovered base.

I hope this guide has given you a good overview of my method of Holistic Basehunting. I also hope it will help you make some cool finds, and hopefully put any hacking accusations to rest.

It is a greatly successful method of finding bases, and it is how I've discovered all of my best finds. Please don't hesitate to contact me in-game if you have any further questions on my method.