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|ign        = IAmTheSheriff<!-- The ingame name of a player, use only for exact minecraft account names -->
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Ingame name: IAmTheSheriff
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: March 18, 2019

Location: Classified

Clans: The Drago Guard, Shadow Mcmafia, Sigil, Takyon (Current)
Bases: The Drago Guard Former), Yittrium (Former), Sigil (Former), Shitstania, Takyon (Former)

IAmTheSheriff is known for his contributions to bases such as The Drago Guard, Shadow Mcmafia, Sigil, and Takyon, as well as founding the well-known spawn base Shitstania. He served during The Second Siege.


Early History

IAmTheSheriff joined Simpvp on March 18, 2019, by the recommendation of VetoTheNeato. Together, they sailed out thousands of blocks from spawn and began their first base; a humble farm-house on a mushroom island. While Veto made the building itself, Sheriff trekked out into mines and the nether to gather resources for what would surely become a Simpvp superpower. However, in a turn of bad luck, The_Arma acquired coordinates to the base from Veto, who was unaware people would want to grief it. In order to save their skin, Sheriff messaged a player at random to come to the base and save them. The player would be AntHand, who arrived in full god-gear and gave the pair some food. Arma then arrived, proclaimed in chat; "Shit, it was a trap", and fled. Arma came back on 48 hours later, griefed the base, killed the pair, and left a sign proclaiming his superiority. The pair set off again to make a new base, but this time, things would be different.

The Drago Guard

IAmTheSheriff became the second founding member of VetoTheNeato's The Drago Guard, earning him some clout. There, he made what he claimed to be Simpvp's only 3x3 redstone door, and made some of the base's most important builds, such as the watermelon farm. He, VetoTheNeato, and Cheesy_chips22 became known as Drago Guard's "big three". When Drago Guard fell, Sheriff was out of a home.

Shadow Mcmafia and Inactivity

Due to some honorable skirmishes in /world, Sheriff became a knight for Shadow Mcmafia. Invited to the base, his only real activity there was the making of a sky island that held his home. However, this era was one of distinct inactivity for Sheriff. He mostly ran around the base without any objective. However, one small mistake would end up resurrecting his SimPVP activity.


While transporting his bed one day, Sheriff accidentally died and was sent to spawn. Shadow Mcmafia had no spawn portal to speak of, and Sheriff didn't want to bother getting all the way back. To clear his head, he did some spawn parkour. After beating the hardest course spawn had to offer, he noticed a 1x2 hole in spawn's glass. From this hole, he branched out with cobblestone in order to make a temporary spawn base, eventually linking up with a nearby lavacast. This base became known as Shitstania, and a new era of activity began. What began as a shitpost base began to attract visits from veteran players, and Sheriff began adding to the base substantially. Spiralling tunnels connected rudimentary farms, and many wide windows and balconies gave view to the one-of-a-kind surroundings of 0,0. Many new players were fed by Sheriff's hand via his watermelon farm. Additionally, it became a meeting place for established players visiting spawn.


Sheriff was a member of the short-lived Sigil, but didn't do anything of note.

The Second Siege

While serving in The Second Siege, Sheriff became an invaluable asset to the operation. Due to its unbreakable ender chest and bed, Shitstania became a de facto center of operations for the siege. Afterwards, however, Shitstania was obliterated by TNT and waterlogged in a larger effort to reinforce spawn.


Sheriff was appointed by VetoTheNeato as a member of Takyon's starting roster. There he constructed many houses, helped with the Knee Moe museum, and carved notable base member's faces into a nearby cliff, dubbing it Mount Takmore. In this time he also attended the SimPVP Summit, representing both Takyon and Shitstania. He also took part in the self-destruction of Takyon after it's "annexation" by Caudices.

Present Day

Sheriff is at a new base not yet publicly known.


After the waterlogging of spawn and the subsequent destruction of Shitstania, many high-level players such as VetoTheNeato and Lord1 have pledged to help Sheriff build Shitlantis. However, it is unlikely this will ever come to fruition.