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Kudzu Iso1.png
Name: Kudzu

Status: Heavily Griefed

Formed: 2013

Members: Pippenger, Capnruch, AceroShadow, SirTashingdon, CosmicKeenan

Kudzu is a city on an island which has been inhabited for many ages. The first recorded player to live there was Pippenger, but some of the oldest structures there may predate his arrival in 2013. Following in Tamarisk's naming convention (named after the Tamarix tree), Kudzu was likely named after the Kudzu vine. The cities are linked with an underground boat network.

Kudzu was a part of The Empire, where it was used as a base of operations during the Spawn Wars, like the similar castles Tamarisk and Verdolaga. During 2013, Kudzu was the site of the Christian Rebellion, sparked when the Emperor demanded that all religious symbols besides those of the state religion, Pippengerism/Atheism, be removed. This resulted in players such as Capnruch rising up in defense of the local church, and Kudzu was ultimately lost as an imperial base. The Empire recovered one week after the rebellion, but Kudzu was left abandoned for much longer.

SirTashingdon and CosmicKeenan (who was later banned for cheating) came to the city in 2014 and reclaimed Kudzu in the name of The Order, building the small city into something much grander.

Kudzu Iso1.png

After the fall of The Order later that year, Kudzu was abandoned again, and it is not believed to currently be inhabited.