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[[Battle of Quagsmaria]]
[[Battle of Quagsmaria]]
[[Church of Francis]] Invasion of [[Golden Sun]]
==Art and literature==
==Art and literature==

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Status: Active
First joined: Feb 2019

Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens (Former), Empire of Odin (Former), Shadow Mcmafia (Former), YeeterMyPeeter (Former), The Church of Francis the Almighty
Bases: Lord1's Cabin, Turtle Beach, Kittenspear, Aurum, Syracusai, Hammerhall, Lordhaven, Asguard, Swaglabs

Check the wrist peasants



Lord1 first joined on the 28th of February 2019. His first base was Lord1's Cabin created on the 2nd of march. He left Lord1's Cabin to meet MrMeeps. After meeting MrMeeps at Turtle Beach, they founded the base Kittenspear and created the Fellowship of the Kittens (FOK) with Bacon_15. The collapse of the kittens caused Lord1 to merge his clan with another, then leave that clan and join YeeterMyPeeter which ensued him to start the YMP Crusade. After the end of the crusade, Lord1 left YMP and focuses on building with a sprinkle of raiding.

Notable Events

War of the Fellowships

YMP Crusade

1st annual Bloodbowl


YeeterMyPeeter invasion of /world and defending the YMP castle

The Second YeeterMyPeeter invasion of /world and defending the YMP castle during the Crusade [1]

YMP Crusader spawn skirmishes against The Siege

Battle of Quagsmaria

Church of Francis Invasion of Golden Sun

Art and literature

Swagboi (book) - made 27/06/19.

Praise da Lord (map art) - made 20/07/19

Francis Almighty (map art) - made 05/08/19