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Simplicity PvP is one of the oldest survival Minecraft servers still operating, having begun on April 23, 2011. The map area is over 10,500 km2 and takes up 431GB as of October 2018. SimPvP is currently on Minecraft version 1.13.2.

We have a small, active, and committed adult community, with most players having been on the server for many years. This wiki contains our rich, unique server history. Take a look at the list of active and abandoned bases. You might be interested in a list of page categories or the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Server Address:
  • No map resets, no whitelist, no voting, no ranks, no donations, no claims, no /home, no /tp. PvP, stealing, and griefing are part of the game!
  • Rules: No X-Ray resource packs allowed, no client mod cheats allowed, and no exploiting game bugs that would give you an unfair advantage. Over 10,000 cheaters have been banned over the years. Read the detailed ruleset
  • The nether roof is inaccessible
  • No artificial world boundary, 30 million blocks is the game's built in boundary
  • PVP is restricted for 32 blocks surrounding spawn
  • Player Statistics page
  • World map
  • A vast player-built nether subway system
  • Anti X-ray measures lets you hide chests and portals securely (people caught x-raying other things will still be jailed)
  • There is a Portal system that lets you create connections to travel long distances quickly.
  • /logout command safely logs you out due to the AntiPVPLog plugin. Otherwise your character will remain in game as a skeleton for 10 seconds for other players to kill. You can never be killed by mobs or the environment no matter how you logout.
  • /world command for a 500x500 trading and PVP dimension that changes bi-monthly. /world is not usable from the Nether or the End. Typing /world again returns you to your spot in the overworld. If you were in a 2 block high spot when you used /world, you will be returned to the surface, which is useful when mining.
  • /age command shows you when you first joined and how many hours you've played
  • /tps command shows current server ticks per second which is useful for determining mob farm lag
  • /requestrestart command available once you have reached 100 hours of playtime. Players can then allow the restart to happen after a countdown or use the /cancelrestart command.


For a complete history of news, see News.