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|coords    = x: 22245 z: 2496<!-- The coords of something. Must be given in x and y value -->
|coords    = x: 22245 z: 2496<!-- The coords of something. Must be given in x and y value -->
|formed    = January 2017<!-- The date a base or team was formed -->
|formed    = January 2017<!-- The date a base or team was formed -->
|abandoned  = March 2019<!-- The date a base was abandoned -->
|members    = [[ostrich1414]], [[Z33VN]], [[JavelinFury]], Elystriana, [[KellyEKelly]], [[SkykirryChycho]]<!-- A list of members a clan or base is known to have/had -->
|members    = [[ostrich1414]], [[Z33VN]], [[JavelinFury]], Elystriana, [[KellyEKelly]], [[SkykirryChycho]]<!-- A list of members a clan or base is known to have/had -->

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Name: Quinsigamond

Status: Severely Greifed

Formed: January 2017
Abandoned: March 2019

Coords: x: 22245 z: 2496
Members: ostrich1414, Z33VN, JavelinFury, Elystriana, KellyEKelly, SkykirryChycho

Quinsigamond was a city founded by ostrich1414 in January of 2017. Located on a Mushroom Island, Quinsigamond used the Imperial Architecture style of building created by pippenger and also stood as an ode to him and his contributions to the server, as well as the many other regular players who had greatly influenced SimPvP throughout its history. Unfortunately, the city was severely griefed by YeeterMyPeeter on March 3rd, 2019.

Click this link for pictures of the city: https://imgur.com/a/BRGgl

Click here to learn how to pronounce the name of this city.


Early Beginnings

When ostrich1414 rejoined the server in January of 2017, he was determined to begin his own city that would stand as a living memorial to pippenger and his cities, as well as ostrich1414's other close allies who have assisted him throughout his time on SimPvP.

After finding an uninhabited Mushroom Island biome, he invited his fellow teammate Z33VN to join him and the two began to build the city. Along with frequent help from their close ally JavelinFury, Quinsigamond grew rapidly as the city flourished, making it its mission to preserve the long history of SimPvP.

Mooshroom Massacre

On March 15th, 2017, an executive order known as the "Mooshroom Relocation Order" was officially signed and released by ostrich1414, calling for the mass extermination of Quinsigamond's mooshroom population. Due to their interference with construction and their overpopulation of the island, ostrich1414 felt it necessary to fully eradicate their freedoms in the city.

On March 20th, 2017, the aptly-named "Mooshroom Massacre" was put into full effect: led by ostrich1414, JavelinFury, and suit1337, every freely-roaming mooshroom in Quinsigamond was mercilessly slaughtered, and the remaining specimens were forced into concentration camps, permanently losing their rights and freedoms. Estimates put the total death count at around 52 mooshrooms, with JavelinFury responsible for more than half of their deaths.

Quinsigamond's Peak

During its peak building months, the city expanded drastically as Quinsigamond grew bigger each and every day. On March 12th, Z33VN left the server, leaving Quinsigamond behind with him. As JavelinFury and ostrich1414 continued construction, player Elystriana was eventually recruited and contributed some of her work to the ever-increasing city.

The city eventually grew outside its borders as an offshore village was established within an old base for storage and other industrial uses; other islands in the area were under much investigation as potential build sites. In short, the city of Quinsigamond prevailed and underwent a period of mass construction as larger, more architecturally pleasing buildings came into full bloom. Despite its initial conception as a small memorial town, Quinsigamond was quickly becoming a more prominent force in the SimPvP world.

The Start of an Empire

As space on the island began to decrease and construction was ultimately slowing down, it became apparent that the city would soon be finished; what was next, nobody knew for sure. Player KellyEKelly was eventually recruited as a member during Quinsigamond's final days, and the last few buildings were constructed along the south side of the island.

On May 22nd, 2017, the City of Quinsigamond officially announced its completion. With the finished product boldly staring back at them, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury were posed with the question of what to move on to next; however, this was no difficult question. With a nearby offshore supply base and multiple connections throughout the server, as well as growing membership and influence, the only way to continue from Quinsigamond's completion was to expand: to build an empire.

Not long after Quinsigamond was finished, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury traveled far away from the city to begin their newest project: the City of Monarchia, which was to be much larger than Quinsigamond, as well as the capital for the Remembrance, a new clan founded by the two in Quinsigamond. Work on the city began in May of 2017, and the start of an empire was only beginning.

The United Alliance and Z33VN's Return

Soon after work on Monarchia began, the Remembrance went through a shift of focus and organization when it was formally changed to the United Alliance, or the UA. Ostrich1414, who was now the leader of the UA, intended on spreading the clan's influence throughout the server by taking hold of various bases, both new and old. As Quinsigamond was the first recent city built by ostrich1414 and was the birthplace of the UA's origins, it was quickly taken under by the clan as a site of historical importance.

On August 4th, 2017, Z33VN officially returned to the server after being gone for months, this time logging on to a completed Quinsigamond. On this same day, he was made a member of the UA and, under the authority of ostrich1414, was granted full control of the city as Senior Commander of Quinsigamond.

The Royal Allegiance and the Emergence of a Landmark

After the United Alliance lost the War of Monarchia on October 6th, 2017, a victorious clipchip later established The Royal Allegiance. Aside from a few internal changes, this new RA differed very little from the former UA and can be seen as a simple shift in power as ostrich1414 was forced to resign as Leader of the United Alliance. With clipchip now in control of the UA's former bases, he now ruled over Quinsigamond, though he continued to leave Z33VN in charge of the city and its affairs.

As time went on, with 2017 shortly drawing to a close, Quinsigamond was slowly becoming a historical landmark within the server. Because of this, along with its close proximity to spawn, ostrich1414 and Z33VN began to loosen their grip on the city as tourists were allowed to visit it more frequently. So far, Quinsigamond has had a multitude of visitors, and many more are welcome to come and explore the island community as tourism increases and offshore borders expand.

Quinsigamond's Expansion

Though the main city was completed and ostrich1414 would do very little, Z33VN continued to maintain and focus on his work at Quinsigamond. Expanding offshore onto another nearby island, Z33VN began construction on what he would call "CreaPat Memorial Island"; a grassy island dotted with small wooden houses, all in remembrance of CreaPat. Though the design was much different than that of Quinsigamond's main city, ditching the stone brick and Imperial Architecture, the island continued the theme of remembering the players of SimPvP and their contributions to the server, whilst simultaneously expanding Quinsigamond's offshore borders. Now containing the main city, a supply base, and CreaPat Memorial Island, Quinsigamond was still progressing and gaining more islands, even despite ostrich1414's shift of focus from it, and would be known as one of the only former UA bases to still be in use and be continuously maintained.

A Minor Disturbance

As time went on, ostrich1414 eventually left the RA, forming The League with Porkington and Master_Xybot. This caused a slight rift between the relationships of ostrich1414 and his former RA allies, including clipchip and Z33VN. On January 19th, 2018, during The Cold War that plagued the server, Quinsigamond suffered from a minor griefing incident in which the INDIGO011 Memorial Observatory was covered in four lava cataracts. However, this was fixed immediately and the city recovered quickly. Despite the little damage done by the griefing incident, ostrich1414 has yet to discover who did it, though many players have been framed for the action, which may have been a response to the League's formation.

The day after the griefing incident, Yukarion copied the area of and around Quinsigamond for ostrich1414, who then transported it over to a single-player creative map to create a video of the city and save it in the chance that it may get more severely griefed in the future. The link can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFzJjzWpxmc

Open to the Public and The Server Party

In October 2018, ostrich1414 had a desire to release Quinsigamond's coordinates and open the city as a public base. As he no longer had a real use for the base, and it was becoming more inclusive and attracting more tourists, ostrich1414 decided that it was time to fully allow people to come see it, and he decided to introduce it as a public base via the Server Party at Quinsigamond. After handing out invitations to many players, the party was eventually hosted on November 1st, 2018.

Many players arrived to Quinsigamond on this day, with ten party guests in total, and the party started off smoothly as the guests played around with fireworks and such. However, things took a turn for the worse as an all-out massacre began; after the death of pippenger's alt, The_Fulgurator, many other players began to get killed as everybody started attacking each other. Sellout9, b9b9 and clipchip carried out a majority of the attacks, and Quinsigamond itself suffered as a result of this, with much of the city's infrastructure becoming damaged by explosives and minor griefing. A video of the party can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDmcR0g_ZYM

After the party ended, Quinsigamond was officially opened to the public, its coordinates released to all. Though this was ostrich1414's favorite base he has built, he knew it was time for it to be open to the public, and, after all, it was most likely going to be griefed at some point anyways. With the help of Yukarion, Quinsigamond was attached to the nether subway system; the link to the map can be found here: https://c4k3.github.io/nethersubway/

The End of Quinsigamond

In February 2019, ostrich1414 brought new player SkykirryChycho to Quinsigamond as a temporary residence, where she helped repair some of the damage and griefing caused by the Server Party. SkykirryChycho also built the most recent structure within the city limits: a residential house located off the west coast, using a different style of architecture than the rest of Quinsigamond. However, with the threat of a major attack looming over the city, ostrich1414 and SkykirryChycho left immediately, forming the new town Florestria.

On March 3rd, 2019, The_Lucky_Lapin and MagnificentMike launched an attack on behalf of the team YeeterMyPeeter, or #TeamYMP. They farmed up buckets of lava and proceeded to lavacast the entire city. This was a short but deadly attack, only lasting 2 hours. #TeamYMP proceeded to cause more destruction over the next few hours. This ultimately marked the end of the city, leaving behind only a few buildings and Quinsigamond's influence on the server. It was beyond repair and thus officially abandoned.


Quinsigamond is a city influenced by pippenger and his many builds, including Ascaris, New Caladan and Stonetown. As ostrich1414 was very close with him, Quinsigamond stands as a memorial to these similar cities and what may be the last new addition to pippenger's legacy on the server.

The city also features a variety of other honors and dedications stood to memorialize the names of players who have been playing on SimPvP for years, helping to grow the server and spread their influence throughout it. Longtime regulars will be memorialized in Quinsigamond to preserve the honor of their hard work and the many hours of time they have spent working to keep the server flourishing.


These are some of the more notable buildings and sites in Quinsigamond:


Here is a side-by-side of the City of Quinsigamond before and after the grief of March 2019:

QuinsigamondSkyline.png QuinsiGriefYMP1.png