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Our three rules are:

1. Griefing, killing, stealing and scamming are allowed
2. You are not allowed to:
  • use mods that give an unfair advantage ('hack clients') — see Allowed mods
  • abuse glitches or otherwise misuse anything that is not an intended part of the game in any way that confers a significant advantage
Violation of this rule will lead to a permanent ban, although admins may in some cases warn before banning. When in doubt, ask either ingame or on the forum.
3. Do not share real life personal information (PII) about other players without permission. Do not contact people outside the game without permission.
  • Personal information includes things such as real name, non-Minecraft related contact information or accounts, and geographic location. This also includes false information, as long as it's probable that the information is real or that other people will believe it to be real. Neither the provenance of the information nor whether the person in question was previously ok with having it shared excuse breaking this rule.
  • The primary intent of this rule is to ensure that people can play on the server without having to worry about players taking feuds or other issues into real life. Simply: Don't take issues with other players outside the game. Ill intent exacerbates violations but is not a necessary requirement for violations, some people simply prefer to keep their real life information secret, and that should be respected.
  • A particular exacerbating factor for rule violations is real life threats of any kind. This includes implied and/or unrealistic threats, as well as threats that do not involve the use of violence.

Explanation of rule #2

Rule #2 means that cheats such as x-ray, flymod, nuker, forcefield and so on are all banned. Glitches are taken to mean things that are obviously not an intended feature of the game, that not everybody uses, in such a way that you gain a significant advantage. This means things such as using the sand/gravel-dropping trick to see through the ground. It also includes things such as admin error or any other weird behavior from the server that obviously is not intended, such as somehow ending up in creative mode. Duplicating items is also not allowed (anything that can be actively stored inside of containers or inventories), however things such as lit TNT duping is.

Explanation of rule #3

This rule means that you shouldn't share any kind of non-Minecraft-related information or content about people, whether as a joke or not, without permission. Don't post fake pictures/information about people. Don't give out people's real names. Linking to somebody's Minecraft-related YouTube is fine. Linking to somebody's NameMC listing is ok. Linking to somebody's private facebook is not. You should not contact people or any of their acquaintances outside the game without their permission. You should not be using real life information or content to troll people. You shouldn't harass or blackmail people with any real life information or content, whether fake or not. Photoshopping somebody's avatar is ok. Photoshopping their real image unless they're ok with it is not ok.

Punishment is entirely up to admin discretion. This rule is not entirely rigid, as it's hard to define exactly where the border is. Some things technically against it will not be punished, and some things not explicitly forbidden by it may be forbidden. If possible, we will prefer to talk it out with the parties involved. If necessary, we may tempban and rarely permaban.


The rules are intentionally vague, which leads to some things being in a gray area. When it's unclear if something is allowed or not, assume it's not allowed and don't do it until asking an admin if it's ok. Admins will try to decide if particular things are too gamebreaking or not. These decisions may change over time, but lenience will be given to people who weren't aware of changes.

The below list contains various concrete rule decisions admins have made. The list will never be able to cover everything that's gray area. See also Allowed mods.

  1. Bots (= clients that are 100% automatic. Mods that automate certain actions inside a normal client (such as autofishing) do not count as bots in this interpretation.) are allowed as long as they aren't capable of doing anything that regular players on vanilla are capable of (no flying, no x-ray, no insane attack speed/accuracy.) Additionally, we ask that manual action be required for bots to login (no autoreconnect.)
  2. Simple automation that can be done without special software is allowed. For example taping your mouse button to hold it down. You may do the same using software, but only if you don't use that software to automate things that otherwise wouldn't be possible to automate.