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*'''Demonym''' - Segorian
*'''Demonym''' - Segorian
*'''Anthem''' - [https://youtu.be/rbfNPhdyypw Guardians]
*'''Anthem''' - [https://youtu.be/rbfNPhdyypw Guardians]
*'''Main Exports''' - Gold, Slime, Oak Wood, XP, Gunpowder, Flowers
*'''Main Exports''' - Gold, Slime, Oak, Spruce, Jungle, XP, Gunpowder, Flowers
== Major Events ==
== Major Events ==

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Name: Segoria

Status: Active

Formed: May 2019

Members: Oldest to Newest:

Founded in the wake of Struthio's collapse, Segoria has risen to the challenge to outdo its mother city. Established May 20th, 2019, Segoria aims to produce mechanisms and buildings with high productivity and inspiring architecture. Contrasting with the modern styles of its sister city Yittrium, Segoria's underlying aesthetic is that of medieval fantasy.


  • Biomes - Jungle & Tiaga
  • Political Stance - Neutral
  • Govornment - Anarcho-Capitalism
  • Population - 13
  • Ethnic Groups - White 64%, Black 9.5%, Hispanic 9.5%, Furry 17%
  • Demonym - Segorian
  • Anthem - Guardians
  • Main Exports - Gold, Slime, Oak, Spruce, Jungle, XP, Gunpowder, Flowers

Major Events

  • May 20th, 2019 - Segoria is founded.
  • July 28th, 2019 - Segoria (namely M_BRIX and CrackyJoe) hosts the first annual BloodBowl at Struthio.

Members Contributions


Sengorn's Massive Gold Farm

Sengorn joined Segoria May 20th, 2019. A key builder at Struthio, Sengorn has even bigger plans for Segoria. His creative ingenuity and dedication have produced some of the most jaw-dropping builds. He has built an efficient gunpowder farm and a mesmerizing, heavily adorned gold farm. He is currently building a massive dual wither and Ghast farm, and the successor to Aether Tower; The Incantation Obelisk


BRIX's The Birdhouse

M_BRIX joined Segoria May 20th, 2019. BRIX is a skilled architectural designer and creator of large, lifelike statues. He has crafted several houses, towers, a beautiful castle built into the mountainside, and two 100 block tall female statues.


CrackyJoe's Castle

CrackyJoe joined Segoria May 20th, 2019. Like his brother BRIX, Cracky has an eye for detail and his creations are intricate and well thought out. He has created several buildings, mechanisms, and landscape designs around the inner parts of the city. He has also built a large, Gothic style castle that is both haunting and alluring.


SpenPen's buildings around the lake.

SpenPen joined Segoria May 20th, 2019. He is currently focused on building a conglomeration of architectural styles that blend together as they wrap around a lake. From Moorish, to Gothic, to Nordic, to Japanese, SpenPen's builds are simplistic yet vivid and interactive.


About the extent of Ostrich's current work.

OstrichsCoolAlt joined Segoria May 20th, 2019. Skilled in the art of diplomacy and modern building design, Ostrich has a lot to bring to the table. He has future plans to use those skills to create a metropolis that's skyline touches the Minecraft heavens.


Xybot's British Pub

Master_Xybot joined Segoria May 20th, 2019. True to his roots, Xybot has built a rustic British pub at Segoria. The atmosphere is cozy and there is detail in every corner.


jaffdhi joined Segoria May 24th, 2019.


Tabbyman joined Segoria July 18th, 2019.


Itachi joined Segoria July 18th, 2019.


PikaBanana joined Segoria August 19th, 2019. A player with IRL ties to Sengorn_Leopard, she joined the team for a short time.


morl0ck joined Segoria August 21st, 2019. A player with knowledgeable redstone skills, he was quickly invited into the folds of segorian rank. Soon after joining the city, he completed an automatic potion brewing station and a moderate autosmelter.


CollusionBot8000 joined Segoria November 3rd, 2019. Alt account to Porkington, this skilled builder plans large intricate structures to vastly increase the size of Segoria. He has inspired the vast sewer system which currently extends under every part of the city.


LegendaryArtz joined Segoria December 29th, 2019. An amazing builder, he joined the city and began work on a detailed underground build with elements of above ground life.