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Name: Segoria

Status: Active

Formed: May 2019

Members: Sengorn_Leopard, M_BRIX, CrackyJoe, SpenPen, ostrich1414, Master_Xybot, jaffdhi

Segoria is a city founded by the former members of Struthio in May 2019. Formerly, Sengorn_Leopard had discovered the location while he was still active at Struthio, using it as a back-up plot for a future city, if anything were to occur at Struthio. Today, Segoria is growing very quickly, featuring several distinct styles from its exclusive playerbase, putting an emphasis on aesthetic builds and structures.



Originally, the location of modern-day Segoria was first discovered sometime around very early 2019. Due to Struthio's close proximity to Spawn, Sengorn_Leopard was fearful that it would be discovered, and thus decided to establish a backup location for a new city were it needed in the event that Struthio was griefed or abandoned. He temporarily named the city "Segoria", a name derived from his own name, and one that he has used on frequent occasions on his other server, NoCoords.

Struthio is Abandoned

In April 2019, Struthio was discovered by Brusa95, Chris_cord and trppbll, members of a group called "Passione". Shortly thereafter, they invited their ally Antzakes1 to visit the city. Although things were friendly at first, Antzakes1 begaqn making frequent threats towards Struthio's safety. Many of Struthio's members no longer felt like living or building there due to the endangerment they all faced, especially with the coordinates now readily available to several players.

By May 2019, in the midst of this diplomatic crisis, a select few Struthians relocated from their now-compromised city to Sengorn_Leopard's backup location, Segoria. Located along a jungle and taiga biome, this location had been hand-picked by Sengorn_Leopard due to his desire to build a large jungle structure. Nevertheless, several Struthians soon arrived: CrackyJoe, M_BRIX, SpenPen, ostrich1414, Master_Xybot and jaffdhi. These players had been planning to move to Segoria since Struthio was discovered, and now they had finally arrived.

Progression and Stagnation

May to early July 2019 was a bizarre era for Segoria: while it experienced much progression and construction, it also feel into several pits of stagnation. Firstly, Sengorn_Leopard had been largely absent from SimPvP since May due to his computer not working properly. Ostrich1414, who was also forced to leave his other city, Florestria, due to Antzakes1's threats, had relocated this group to Yittrium; he resorted much of his focus at this city, often neglecting Segoria. Furthermore, jaffdhi had been on an indefinite hiatus from playing on the server, and Master_Xybot was focusing his other account, SirTashingdon, on projects with TheOnlySlash and The Dominion.

Much of the work completed at Segoria during this time was between CrackyJoe, M_BRIX and SpenPen. Despite the small active playerbase at Segoria, the city progressed greatly, with several new builds dotting the map. M_BRIX established two massive statues of nude female figures, as SpenPen constructed several sandstone builds, inspired by Persian architecture. CrackyJoe also worked on many medieval-style projects, from temples to houses. The city began to take on a very ancient, low-rise feel, which was a stark contrast to Struthio's modern aesthetic.

At one point, even these three players began to decline in activity as CrackyJoe was working on traveling to the world border and SpenPen had been shortly inactive. Thus, with the city's future uncertain and the playerbase's unpredictable activity, many Segorians jokingly fabricated a lie that the city had been "discovered and griefed" by TheOnlySlash on behalf of The Siege. Although this was false, many players on SimPvP believed it.

Sengorn_Leopard Returns to Segoria

In July 2019, Sengorn_Leopard finally returned to the server, eager to begin his long-awaited work at Segoria. This return almost revitalized the city's stagnation as he began work on his newest project, the massive unnamed structure in the jungle he had wanted to build since the very beginning. In almost two days alone, Sengorn_Leopard had made exponential progress on his project. This also led to Segoria's previously-mentioned "death rumor" fading as the city began to thrive once more.


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