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Shortly after the abandonment of Struthio in May 2019, Sengorn_Leopard moved to his newest city, [[Segoria]], which he had first founded months prior.  Here, he began to immediately work on his next massive project.
Shortly after the abandonment of Struthio in May 2019, Sengorn_Leopard moved to his newest city, [[Segoria]], which he had first founded months prior.  Here, he began to immediately work on his next massive project.
==Code of Honour==
* Do not greif bases
* Do not leak coords

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Ingame name: Sengorn_Leopard
Status: Active
First joined: June 26th, 2018

Bases: Struthio, Segoria

Sengorn_Leopard is a player who joined the server on June 26th, 2018. Originally beginning as a regular on another server known as NoCoords, he transitioned over to SimPvP in the summer of 2018, where he worked alongside fellow allies Porkington, ostrich1414 and jaffdhi to grow the city of Struthio. Here, Sengorn_Leopard has made a name for himself by constructing massive automatic farms and large-scale builds, namely his signature project, Aether Tower.

Shortly after the abandonment of Struthio in May 2019, Sengorn_Leopard moved to his newest city, Segoria, which he had first founded months prior. Here, he began to immediately work on his next massive project.

Code of Honour

  • Do not greif bases
  • Do not leak coords


Sengorn thrives off of arguments, usually politics, and will often take a devils advocate approach just to prolong the strife. He is not an aggressive player, and will not attack without provocation. Sengorn seeks praise and flattery, often inserting himself into conversations for attention. While he is capable of forgiving people of past wrongdoings, it is nearly impossible to regain lost trust if you betray him. Sengorn often chooses overly grandiose titles such as 'Emperor' or "Supreme Architect", however he is a submissive person. This often leads him to choose a player which will gain absolute trust and loyalty.


After meeting Porkington on NoCoords, another Minecraft survival server, Sengorn_Leopard logged onto SimPvP for the first time on June 26th, 2018. Upon his initial entry to the server, he was immediately invited to Quinsigamond by ostrich1414; there he stayed for a few days, making his home at the island city as he slowly built himself up. All the while, Sengorn_Leopard and ostrich1414 were planning on working together in the future to construct a massive base millions of blocks out.

Sometime later that summer, around July 2018, ostrich1414 officially invited Sengorn_Leopard to Struthio; during this time, Struthio was a very small, fairly-insignificant coastal town constructed by The League, then active at this time. Ostrich1414 had originally brought Sengorn_Leopard here temporarily as he did with Quinsigamond, having no plans to work on Struthio anytime in the future. However, while Sengorn_Leopard was stationed here, he began to work on his own project, which would soon catapult Struthio into a new era.

On August 14th, 2018, Sengorn_Leopard created one of his first major builds on the server, a large Satanic structure in the PvP world:


Shortly after this, in August 2018, Sengorn_Leopard was already continuing work on his second large-scale project, a massive structure protruding from Struthio's coast which would eventually be known as "Aether Tower". Aether Tower began to expand and grow in size slowly but surely, redefining Struthio's image and skyline and propelling the once small town into a massive urban metropolis and powerhouse.


Struthio soon entered a period of history now known as "Struthio's Renaissance"; mainly due to Sengorn_Leopard's drive to completely expand and grow the town into a large-scale city, he planned many ambitious builds and projects which would soon come into fruition. Some of these projects that Sengorn_Leopard served as the head for in Struthio were the two iterations of its wither farm, SimPvP's largest auto-smelter, a vast, expansive underground sewer system, and a skyscraper-style sugar cane farm. Ironically, Sengorn_Leopard originally had no intentions to stay at Struthio either, wanting to venture farther out with ostrich1414, but his dedication to and focus on Struthio and, manly, Aether Tower, led him to permanently focus on it and live there. Around this time, one of Sengorn_Leopard's allies from NoCoords, jaffdhi, joined Struthio as its newest member.

On December 1st, 2018, Sengorn_Leopard submitted his entry for SimPvP's newest /world map, a large mountainous nether-like region filled with lava lakes, magma blocks and obsidian pillars (shown below). It was later severely griefed by his in-game nemesis, AjahnMara.

Sengorn pvp world december 2018 overview.jpg Sengorn'sPvPWorld.png

During the first few months of 2019, Sengorn_Leopard continued to build several large-scale farms for Struthio as more new members flocked to it. Some notable entries created by Sengorn_Leopard were a massive kelp farm with an auto-smelter, a large netherwart farm, a new wither skeleton farm, and a gold farm. Sengorn_Leopard also began work on making Aether Tower much larger, extending its rings out further and higher.


Unfortunately, Struthio would be discovered in April 2019 and later abandoned in May 2019 due to a series of diplomatic crises. During this time, Sengorn_Leopard also went on hiatus, mainly due to his computer breaking. He later returned to the server in July 2019, eager to begin work on his newest city, Segoria. This location had been discovered by him during the early months of 2019, becoming a backup location for Struthio. Sengorn_Leopard immediately began to work on his massive jungle structure, which he plans to make even bigger than Aether Tower. Other notable contributions of his to Segoria include its gunpowder farm and gold farm.