Server Commands

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SimPvP has a variety of commands accessible to players:

  • /logout command safely logs you out due to the AntiPVPLog plugin. Otherwise your character will remain in game as a skeleton for 10 seconds for other players to kill. You can never be killed by mobs or the environment no matter how you logout.
  • /world command for a small trading and PvP dimension that changes bi-monthly. /world is not usable from the Nether or the End. Typing /world again returns you to your spot in the overworld. You can't use it if within 50 blocks of another player.
  • /pvplist shows who is currently in /world. Use /pvplist subscribe to be notified when someone joins /world. This feature means it is very easy for PKs to know where you are so be careful.
  • /age command shows you when you first joined and how many hours you've played, or by typing /age <playername> you can see how long someone else has played
  • /tps command shows current server ticks per second which is useful for determining mob farm lag
  • /requestrestart command available once you have reached 500 hours of playtime. Players can then allow the restart to happen after a countdown or use the /cancelrestart command.
  • /coords privately shows you your X, Y, Z coordinates in chat. Useful when exploring if you die and you forget to place your bed. You can check your Minecraft chat logs later.