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Simplicity PvP is a survival Minecraft server which has existed since April 2011. The server was created for the purpose of uninhibited player versus player combat. Griefing, killing, stealing, and scamming are not only allowed but encouraged. The only thing forbidden is hacking. Despite these unforgiving conditions, the server has developed a strong community, and players have cooperated to form large teams and create immense structures.

SimPvP History Timeline.PNG


The First Era, The Dawn Age (2011-2012)

The first era of Simplicity PvP history begins in early 2011 and ends in late 2012. It includes the very early days of the server, as well as the rise and fall of its first major team.


The server began on April 23, 2011. In the early days, PvP [1] was very common, and there was little focus on construction. Players rarely ventured more than a few thousand meters from spawn. The map was reset on September 15th, 2011, eliminating all traces of this era from the server. Yet even without leaving any physical remnants, this was a formative period in the culture of the server and the time when many major players made their first appearances.

Pre-reset map overview.png

Both the world files and a cartographic map of the 1.7 map can be downloaded as torrents.

Simpson's House


One of the only major build projects from before the map reset was RevStoningpot's replica of The Simpsons House.

PvP Castle


The PvP Castle, also built by RevStoningpot, was another landmark from before the Map Reset.

Eden and the Birth of Civilization

In late September 2011, only shortly after the Map Reset, construction began on the first significant project of the server, a large ocean base called Eden. Ten players joined together to create and defend the base, at the time an unprecedented feat of both diplomacy and engineering.


The leaders and principal architects were BoxyLiz and LittleBoxOfEmo. Though neither play on the server today, their legacy lives on. Eden remains one of the most well known and respected bases of Simplicity PvP.

Eden render 2.png

Other players who helped with the project include EricCMiller, Lavadude42, mitte90, frejeban, LaughingMan, worldruler086, LoneSoldier55, and Gygantorz.

Eden render 3.png

Many of these players went on to play important roles in later bases and teams across the server.

Eden Render 4.png

In November 2012, following a disagreement on the recent votes on the server distance limit, Eden was tragically betrayed and griefed by one of its residents, Worldruler086. He felt immediately guilty and, despite some pushback, was able to stay. However, not too long after, while the roofing of Eden was being placed, the coords were discovered, and the base was abandoned.

After the destruction of Eden, most members of the team, including BoxyLiz, LittleBoxOfEmo, Lonsoldier55, and Worldruler086, went on to construct a new base, Avalon.

Avalon 1.png

After only a few months, Avalon was also abandoned, when its location was compromised.

Avalon 13.png

The team left Avalon and began work on a new base, The Hive, intending to surpass their previous constructions. After completing the Hive, many members of the team became inactive on the server, having grown tired of griefers.

The last bases that BoxyLiz and LittleBoxOfEmo took part in were Kashyyyk and Damocles, which were mainly built by RevStoningpot. The construction of Damocles marks the end of the first era.


Stone Island


Another significant early team base was Stone Island, led by RevStoningpot. Dpylz, Qwuke, FoSchnizzle, xavter, StarryRose, and mitte also lived there.

Stone Island fell when one of its members, Qwuke, betrayed it.

The Flying Castle

FlyingCastle Iso1.png

In late 2011, trouble_354 built the Flying Castle, another major server landmark. Though he no longer plays on the server, others have continued to repair the castle over the years.

Flying Castle 1.png

Castle Snowfrog

Roughly concurrent with the rise and fall of Eden was the birth of a new base, Castle Snowfrog. An immense cobblestone castle only a few thousand meters from spawn, it has been a fixture of the server for years.

Castle Snowfrog.png

Unlike nearly all other bases from the era, Castle Snowfrog is still inhabited and is periodically repaired by its owner, snowfrog43.



In 2012, DeflowVesper created Oasis, another of the server's oldest active bases.

S.S. Snow Pot Princess

S.S. Snow Pot Princess.png

On April 20th, 2012, RevStoningpot held a party[2] on his yacht, the S.S. Snow Pot Princess, and then blew it up.

World Border and PvP World

During this era, many players began moving farther from spawn to attain greater safety. This had a negative impact on the server community as a whole, however, because it reduced player interaction and cohesion. A vote was held on the forum, and on December 26th, 2011, a 5k world border was implemented. Players already outside of the border were allowed to remain outside, but those inside who attempted to break out were given a temporary ban as a deterrent. The border helped, but most players found it overly restrictive. As a compromise, the border was eventually removed, and a new feature was added called the PvP World in October 2012. Now, by typing /world, players can teleport to a small area intended for trade and PvP, allowing them to interact with distant players. Though /world, as it's called, is far from vanilla, it has proven to be a popular feature and remains implemented to this day.

The Second Era, The Golden Age (2012-2014)

The second era begins in late 2012. It is defined by an increase in the size and complexity of bases, as well as the birth of several significant clans.

Pooligan and Berni's Place

Pooligan and berni's place.png

Pooligan and Berni's Place was a large structure created in late 2012 by berni1410 and Pooligan. It was a significant architectural achievement for its time. It was eventually griefed by IMMERONE.


The second era truly began with the founding of Valhalla in late 2012, or perhaps early 2013, by MisterStrawman.


Strawman was accompanied by DakkaDok, Deflowvesper, Infam0us, Skaterhan1, and IMMERONE. Together, they constructed one of the most advanced bases the server had yet seen. It boasted iron farms, a gold farm, an enderman farm, and other impressive achievements.

Valhalla 10.png

Like most bases on the server, Valhalla was eventually raided when griefers discovered the coords. It is commonly believed that it was Skaterhan1 who betrayed the base, but the details are still unknown, and he denies involvement with the raid. After the fall of his base, Strawman was absent from the server for several years.

Mushroom Kingdom


In mid-2013, RevStoningpot established a large team, the Mushroom Kingdom.[3] It had many residents, including Eggthief, Oldolwa, Mr_Hole_Digger, LetsGetTr0pical, FoSchnizzle, and Morganrath.

Castle Toadstool


RevStoningpot built a replica of Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 on the server in 2013.

Castle Black


Another significant base formed in 2013 was Castle Black. This castle was built by EggThief, while various others, including Morl0ck, helped him. It was not nearly as large as many other bases on the server, but it was notable for its proximity to spawn and its role in helping introduce new players to the server.

Castle Black.png

Chain City

In early 2013, the player Unclechain created a large city called Chain City or Unclechain City. He was helped by Xestia, Pippenger, and other players, but did most of the work himself.


The city would impress[4] travelers over the ages, such as Ultra_Badass, and also served as a partial inspiration for the highly influential Imperial Architecture style in later years.


Morl0ck's Castle

In mid 2013, the server saw the construction of the largest base so far, Morl0ck's Castle.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.27.58 PM.png

Aided by Renf0x, EricCMiller, LetsGetTr0pical, el_andres96, LegendaryArtz, Wolfbitten, and Ellitra, Morl0ck created a truly immense base. Not only larger than those before it but also constructed with greater attention to detail, this castle set a new standard for architecture on Simplicity PvP.


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.26.43 PM.png

The castle was not discovered until 2017, and it enjoyed approximately four years of safety and growth.


In the spring of 2013, Lysergidi created a new clan, MCMAFIA. Since Lyser had a reputation as a longtime troll, the team was not initially taken seriously, but several rich and skilled players such as Clipchip became associated with the team and developed it into something greater.



Nara was a base created near the end of the Golden Age by OdinFire. Other residents included Clipchip and JavelinFury. Many residents of Nara were part of MCMAFIA. Nara was abandoned after less than a year.



Cindisfarne was a small island base constructed by Cinnabars in the spring of 2013, with help from Pippenger.


It was here that Pippenger learned the building skills that would allow him to create Imperial Architecture later on. Cindisfarne also served as a form of an early prototype for the much larger city Ascaris, which was founded roughly one year later.


Helter Skelter

By mid-2013, CrackyJoe and M_BRIX constructed the heavily-utilitarian base Helter Skelter, which was dubbed by them to be "a large cobblestone abomination". The base valued a "form follows function" approach and contained various farms and utilities, most notably a massive cocoa bean farm known as "The Cookie Monster".


The Empire

The second era concluded with the rise and fall of Pippenger's first team, The Empire, which was possibly the largest team the server has ever seen. Pippenger was a highly ambitious player, who intended to remake the server in his image. The Empire was extremely controversial. Many players disliked its authoritarian structure and believed that Pippenger lacked the skills or the roots on the server (having only joined in early 2013) to lead a major team.


Pre-Imperial History

Pippenger joined the server for the first time in May 2013, with very little prior experience playing online. He was fairly noobish and required much help to survive in his early days, from players such as eggtheif.

Pippenger spent time helping at Unclechain City and Cindisfarne, where he learned the skills necessary to create his own bases and make his mark on the server.

In the months leading up to the creation of The Empire, its future leader, Pippenger, became notable on the server for his attempts to help many noobs survive. This would bring him popularity among some players, but it would also bring him the hatred of others, who believed that his projects diluted the intensity of playing on SimPvP, and filled the server with soft and undesirable players.

The Carrot Wars

In the summer of 2013, Pippenger embarked on a project to turn /world into a public carrot farm for noobs to freely access. It was intended to prevent starvation and bolster the server's population. However, the farms were eventually all destroyed by Baron_Ultimax and Pippenger's other enemies.

This period has also been referred to as /World War I.

Birth of an Empire

Not long after the conclusion of the Carrot Wars, Pippenger declared himself Emperor of a new team, the Holy Pippenger Empire, or The Empire for short. Pippenger hoped to continue his pro-noob efforts on a larger scale, undertaking projects such as planting grass and trees at spawn, providing free food to noobs, and constructing many public bases, this time with the help of many allies.


The Empire was also intended to be a large and highly disciplined team, carefully organized to build the largest and most architecturally impressive bases on the server.


The original capital of The Empire was Pippenger's ocean castle, Caladan.


From their capital, Pippenger and his allies attempted to colonize other areas of the server and attempted to create more public farms in /world and near spawn. The Empire was dedicated to rapid growth. It not only helped noobs but also recruited many of those noobs onto the team. Partly as a result of this, The Empire itself gained a reputation as a noob team and attracted the ire of more serious long-term players.

The First Betrayal

As the population of Caladan and The Empire grew, tensions arose between Pippenger and the citizenry. The Emperor insisted on strict building codes mandating which styles and materials to use, which angered much of the server's anarchic player base.

Shortly afterward, Caladan was griefed, after being betrayed by an unknown resident, and many players left the team.

The Spawn Wars


During the latter part of the summer of 2013, The Empire redoubled its efforts to aid and recruit noobs in the spawn area and constructed several new castles. However, none of these castles rose to the level of more major contemporaneous bases such as Morl0ck's Castle, mostly due to their proximity to spawn and the frequency of raids, but also due to the general poverty of the team.


Verdolaga Iso1.png

After being forced to abandon Caladan in late summer 2013, Pippenger and his allies formed a new castle in the mountains, Verdolaga, this time built of cobble instead of stone brick. The new castle was uglier, but also larger and more durable. During this time, The Empire focused its attention on helping and recruiting noobs. Because of the decrease in the wealth, prestige, and security of the team, it suffered a drop in population, especially among more skilled players.

In early September 2013, Verdolaga was discovered and raided by The Empire's enemies.


Tamarisk Iso1.png

After the destruction of Verdolaga, The Empire constructed a larger castle in a vast plain in the opposite quadrant. This new castle was called Tamarisk, and it eventually grew to rival Caladan in size and population, though not in quality.

During this period, many new players joined the team. The vast majority quickly left the team, but some, including Quint, Kikigreydragon, alexknvl and RythinTheSasauge, would remain on the team for some time, and eventually influence late Imperial history.

By the end of 2013, Tamarisk had become a much less central part of Imperial history and was largely forgotten, for a time.


Kudzu Iso1.png

Before Tamarisk was complete, Pippenger set off to construct a secondary castle, which he named Kudzu. It was built upon the ruins of an older base of unknown origin on a swamp island.

Several players, including Capnruch, joined The Empire at this point and chose to help build Kudzu.

The Christian Rebellion

Controversy erupted when citizens placed a crucifix on the front of the town's church, in violation of the Emperor's decree that the only allowed religion was Pippengerism. The residents refused to allow the cross to be taken down and instead rose in rebellion against Pippenger. Kudzu was abandoned, but the other imperial towns were unaffected by the revolt.



Castle Wurst was a similar imperial spawn castle built in the same period. It was adapted from older ruins already present in the area.

New Caladan


In late 2013, Pippenger and his allies relocated to New Caladan, a new imperial capital hidden tens of thousands of meters from spawn. It was intended to become the largest city on the server but fell short of that goal. Residents included DakkaDok, Quint, Capnruch, KikiGreyDragon, alexknvl, Deflowvesper, Morl0ck, and many others.

New Caladan was the first base to be built entirely in the Imperial Architecture style.

During this period, the Imperials attempted to construct the largest city on the server, while maintaining spawn outposts such as Tamarisk, and also continuing to aid and recruit noobs. Ultimately, the strain proved too much, and before long progress slowed considerably.

Kiki's Ban

New Caladan suffered an early setback when one of its founding residents, KikiGreyDragon, was banned for x-ray.

Capnruch's Quarry

After the Christian Rebellion, Capn later rejoined The Empire and mined a large quarry at New Caladan. This quarry provided most of the stone that was used to build the city.

Deflow Arrives

After Kiki's ban, several new players arrived, including Deflowvesper. Deflow built a large and architecturally impressive house in proper Imperial style, but unfortunately, no photographs of it remain online.

The Quint Affair

In the fall of 2013, controversy erupted in New Caladan when Quint was suspected of harboring traitorous intentions by DakkaDok and Pippenger.

Although Quint was revealed not to be disloyal, this would be the start of a rift between Pippenger and Quint which would contribute to the fall of The Empire, as well as many conflicts later in SimPvP history.

Imperial Decline

Due to various factors, The Empire had entered a period of undeniable decline by late 2013. The citizens were discontent, construction fell far behind schedule, and the prestige of The Empire continued to fall.

Tamarisk Independence

Eventually, the strain of maintaining bases in the distant and dangerous spawn territories proved too great for the failing capital, so Tamarisk and other towns were declared independent, and The Empire stopped actively recruiting noobs to the team. This would represent the start of Tamarisk's vibrant Independent Period, but for The Empire, it was a sign of impending failure.

Birth of the Republic

Sensing growing discontent and disillusionment among the populace, Pippenger declared that henceforth, The Empire would become a republic rather than an autocracy, and citizens would vote on national decisions, even including who would hold the office of Emperor.

Sadly, this did little to slow The Empire's rapid decline.

Death of an Empire

NewCaladan Iso1.png

In February 2014, New Caladan was griefed by an unknown player under the pseudonym Horus, who was later revealed to be DakkaDok.



At this point, The Empire was officially disbanded.


The Third Era, The Dark Age (2014-2015)

The third era began in early 2014. It is thought of as something of a dark age in Simplicity PvP history because during this period the server suffered from a major drop in population and player activity. It was generally believed during the time that the server would never recover, which turned out to be only partially true, as the server did eventually regain some of its player base. As recently as April 2015[5], some players considered the server to be dead, though most no longer do.



Nirvana was an attempt by DakkaDok to recreate the lost base Valhalla. Many people came to help or expressed interest in helping, including DeflowVesper, miniwimi, Infam0us2, and Cinnabars, but sadly, little was completed.

After only a few months, Horus threatened to grief the base, causing it to be abandoned.


Uinia was a large castle built in the general vicinity of spawn in 2014. It was constructed mainly by Pippenger, Ostrich1414, and Cdnam5.


During this time, Pippenger and others worked to replace missing dirt, grass, and trees at spawn, in the hopes of making the server more hospitable for noobs. They had some success, but it's debatable how much this helped in raising the server's population.


Ascaris Iso1.png

In early 2014, Cinnabars and Pippenger began work on perhaps the server's largest city, Ascaris. Most of the work was carried on in secret, with no screenshots or information leaking. Thus, most of the server was ignorant of the details of Ascaris, though the city slowly grew to be quite large, eventually gaining well more than one hundred buildings. Pippenger continued to work on Ascaris until 2019.

EA 1B.png



Stonetown 1.png

During the construction of Ascaris, Pippenger took a break to build a smaller town closer to spawn. Ostrich1414, JavelinFury, and Unclechain helped.

Stonetown 3.png

Stonetown itself was unremarkable, but behind it was a massive, hollow artificial mountain filled with giant mushrooms with bridges between them.

Stonetown 6.png

Stonetown was also the birthplace of The Order of Wilbur; on July 29th, 2014, ostrich1414 accidentally murdered Wilbur the Pig whilst riding him off of the top of the tree dome. Upon his death, two memorials were built in both Stonetown and /world, and Wilbur's death has since become a server-wide tragedy.

Nos Astra


Nos Astra was a futuristic city founded by DakkaDok in June 2014. It would later be destroyed in the Great War.


In June 2014, FoSchnizzle established a new team called Reminiscence [6], in an attempt to keep the spirit of the server alive. The team included veterans from Eden and other historical bases, but Fo's new team fell apart before making any significant constructions.


In 2014, Brntrogdor built a domed flying city with the help of Pippenger and a few others.


The official name of the base is unknown, but it has been referred to as Trogdoria.


In 2014, MCMAFIA continued to create new bases and establish itself as a serious team.

Prelude to the Great Wars

In late 2014, MCMAFIA was involved in a relatively minor conflict which would later contribute significantly to the Great Wars of 2015-2017.


OdinFire, a MCMAFIA member, established a base called Odinland sometime in late 2014, along with his allies Clipchip and JavelinFury. He also invited fluz43 to the base, but later banished him. MCMAFIA promised not to raid Fluz's base but then raided him regardless. In retaliation, Fluz burned the entirety of Odinland.

No known remnants or photographs of Odinland exist today, but those who visited it, including the op Senator_Bix, agree that it was a very pleasant and impressively built base.

This was the start of the major feud between Fluz and MCMAFIA.

Jez's Base


During 2014, JezdziecBezNicka spent time working on an unnamed base.


Before the end of the year, it had been griefed by the clan Fish.



Aggersel Iso1.png

In November 2014, Pippenger embarked on a new plan to restore Simplicity PvP by creating a large city with a very high population. The city was called Aggersel, and it was modeled on the old imperial capital, New Caladan, but it had much less restrictive building codes. Residents of the city were each given their own district and allowed to build what they pleased, with Pippenger mostly taking on a support role. The city grew until its population was roughly equal to what Eden's had been.


Many of the residents built significant structures and neighborhoods.



A large castle built by Dariepearjuicy.

Mr. Digger's Wild Ride


A very large automatic wheat farm built by Mr. Hole Digger.

Capnruch Castle


A very tall tower built by Capnruch, encircled by a wall and several smaller medieval buildings.

Sandstone District


A neighborhood of sandstone towers built by Pippenger.

Redstone District


An island filled with Redstone machines, built by Mr. Hole Digger.

New Eden

New Eden 5.png

An incomplete replica of Eden, built mainly by C4K3.

Public Buildings





Game rooms, rail stations, and defensive fortifications built for the good of the town.

In May of 2015, Pippenger retired from the server, leaving Capnruch in charge of Aggersel. But, with Pippenger gone and most of the work already completed, the team lost interest in the city and fell apart.

By summer 2015, the server had seen some regrowth of its population, and it had become clear that the dark age was ending.

The Fourth Era, The First Burning Age (2015-2017)

In 2015, the server emerged from its dark age into what it hoped would be a renaissance. Simplicity PvP did indeed see a resurgence of player activity but at a tremendous cost. From 2015 to 2017, the server was wracked by wars more destructive than any before, with several large and venerable bases falling in the chaos.

The Bloodlucky Clan


In February 2015, a new player, Bloodlucky, created a clan. They exerted influence around the spawn region from their HQ, the Bloodfort.

The Bloodfort Falls

The clan became embroiled in a vicious war with hugobros3 and his allies, Les Mongoloïdes de Xolio, and the Bloodfort was griefed, never fully recovering. This was the first of many destructive conflicts in this era.

Les Mongoloïdes Falls

Later in 2015, the castle of Les Mongoloïdes was griefed by the clan Fish.


In 2015, MCMAFIA played a significant role in server politics.



Sicily was a town created by OdinFire and other MCMAFIA members in mid-2015. While at Sicily, Odinfire was kicked out of the team.

In late 2015, Sicily was griefed by Mr_Hole_Digger and fluz43.



In the summer of 2015, progress began at a very large new city, Virunum. The city was led by The_Fulgurator, Pippenger's younger brother, and several allies, mostly former residents of Aggersel. Unbeknownst to most players on the server, Fulgurator was actually Pippenger using his brother's account. Many active players during this time, including Cheesoid, AllSixSix, Porkington, the troll Vast Marcus, and even the op Senator_Bix, were later revealed to be Pippenger's alts, though at the time Pippenger officially didn't play and had no alts. The extent of Pippenger's use of secret alts, when discovered, would later cause great anger and become a contributing factor to the later breakdown in diplomatic relations between various teams.

Members of Virunum and Aggersel had quietly supported Bloodlucky in his conflict with hugobros3 and later supported other new teams in the spawn area, while avoiding direct conflict. Over the coming months, this strategy would prove disastrous, as conflicts elsewhere on the server eventually destroyed Virunum as well. Sadly, very few pictures of Virunum at its peak remain, and it is mostly remembered as a ruin today.

Pink Castle

The Pink Castle was a small side project at spawn undertaken around this period by one of Pippenger's secret alts.


It was griefed before growing into a truly significant base.

Nameless and Gregoria

Around this same time a new team formed which simply called itself Nameless. Members including miniwimi, Quint, DeftPaw, BloysterCultist, Infam0us2, CrackyJoe, and M_BRIX.


Their primary base was Gregoria, a flying, donut-shaped city above the ocean.

Unknown to the team, BloysterCultist, an alt of Senator_Bix, was also, in fact, an alt of Pippenger, who had joined the team as part of a long-term plan to gain dominance over the server.

Svea Fort


Around this period, some users associated with nameless built an impressive side project, the Svea Fort. Residents included Deftpaw and Senator_Bix.

The Order


June 2015 saw the creation of a new team which would become very important to the server's history. During the dark age, several players, including ae0 and indy64, had been living in and repairing the ruined imperial city of Tamarisk. Unlike in the past, Tamarisk was now a wholly independent city-state separate from any imperial authority, but, even in its new state, it carried on its role as a welcoming town for noobs, and remained one of the busiest and most frequently visited locations on the server.


Several new players, including most notably SirTashingdon, took up residence in Tamarisk and became inspired by tales of imperial glory. They searched out for more imperial ruins such as Verdolaga, exploring and repairing the forgotten sites.

Virunum began assisting The Order with material support, as it had supported the Bloodlucky Clan. Pippenger also sent one of his alts, AllSixSix, to covertly join the Order and aid its progress, without revealing his true identity.



One of the Order's earliest projects was the construction of an outpost in /world, called Frostwall.



Kudzu had been an imperial outpost of minor importance, but Tashingdon and his allies built it into something greater.



Cosa was a ruined imperial town supposedly discovered by AllSixSix, repaired by The Order. However, this was a lie, as AllSixSix had not "discovered" the town, but rather, built it entirely by himself in 2015. This was one of the many lies that Pippenger told in 2015.

Island's Hope


Island's Hope was an Order outpost established by AllSixSix and packofmongooses.

Forsta Stad


SirTashingdon decided that the Order should not only preserve imperial sites but also follow in Pippenger's footsteps and create new cities. Forsta Stad was the first attempt The Order made at building a new city, and also, unexpectedly, the last.


DakkaDok, the same player who had destroyed The Empire, went to war against The Order. In a brilliant strategic move, on October 4th, 2015, he utilized the name change feature, only recently added to Minecraft, to change his name to SirTashington, allowing him to impersonate the team's leader and gain access to its coordinates.

DakkaDok destroyed Forsta Stad, and The Order collapsed.

New Valhalla

In September 2015, MisterStrawman returned to the server, and created a very large base called New Valhalla or The Capital. Residents included assas170, kfTENva, Sykez420, jamesged, DeflowVesper, Senator_Bix, and Capnruch. Strawman also had his mod privileges reinstated.

By focusing on building rather than warfare, and by choosing a very well hidden location for the base, Strawman mostly escaped the ravages of the coming wars.

The Principate

In October 2015, the remnants of The Order created a new team, The Principate. The Principate was created to succeed where The Empire and The Order had failed. Rather than being a team of noobs, frightened by more powerful groups, The Principate would strike awe and fear into the hearts of other players. Using Pippenger's vast network of secret alts, they launched a plan to take over the entire server.

Imperial Ruins

The Principate took control of Forsta Stad and all imperial ruins.

Pork Hall


Porkington, another of Pippenger's alts, quickly joined The Principate, and his secret underground base became part of the team.

Ascaris and Nos Astra

EA 1B.png


In November 2015, Ascaris and Nos Astra peacefully joined The Principate, lending it the resources and prestige of these major cities. DakkaDok and Pippenger made peace and joined forces again, with Pippenger agreeing that DakkaDok's previous griefing was forgivable because the towns he had griefed were already failing.


Haven Pic1.png

A Principate base built with the help of mtlguy, orion, and Katrina.


Argemone CityFront1.png

Argemone was a castle city in the general vicinity of spawn. Unlike most other Principate bases, it was never griefed and still stood through 2017.

The First Great War

In December 2015, Pippinger, using his alt AllSixSix, began the largest and most destructive war the server has ever witnessed. Ultimately, Pippenger would lose the war, and partly as a result of this, would entirely leave the server for a year and a half.

The Principate Invades Gregoria


In late December, Porkington and SirTashingdon attacked the capital of Nameless, the flying city Gregoria. Porkington had learned the coords using his secret alt, BloysterCultist, who had been infiltrating the team for months.

Unlike most raiders, Pork and Tash did not simply loot and destroy the town, but instead, conquered it, and incorporated it into The Principate, turning the residents of Gregoria into subjects of AllSixSix. This was an unprecedented move in Simplicity PvP history.

Server Domination

During late 2015 and early 2016, The Principate ruled over Gregoria, and made plans to subjugate more bases. Pippenger considered conquering New Valhalla as well since he had another alt there, and also planned to gain the coords to Morl0ck's Castle through name change trickery. Carrying out both of those steps would have brought every major active base under Pippenger's control, uniting nearly the entire server into one team. This was perhaps the most dangerous moment in all of the server's history. Fortunately, Pippenger never carried out these plans, partly because of a guilty conscience, and partly because he was defeated by a stunning counterattack.

The Blue Orchid Cult

In January 2016, members of Gregoria grew tired of being ruled by The Principate and formed a new team, the Blue Orchid Cult, dedicated to resistance against imperialist aggressors.

Nos Astra Falls

In January 2016, members of the Blue Orchid Cult rebelled against The Principate and launched an attack on Nos Astra. The city was utterly destroyed.

Virunum Falls

Not long after the fall of Nos Astra, the Blue Orchid Cult also attacked Virunum, with the help of fluz43, who betrayed the city. Most of the town was burned, and what didn't burn was covered by massive cobblestone mountains stretching to the vertical map limit.

The Principate Rebuilds

In mid-January 2015, The Principate halted its attempts to conquer the server, and instead focused on building new bases to replace those that were lost. Argemone was the main base among these. However, these plans too were interrupted.

Doxxing and Pippenger's Retirement

In late January 2016, Fluz posted a photoshop image on the forums containing a real photograph of Pippenger's face and some information about him, some accurate, and some inaccurate but highly insulting or incriminating. No longer comfortable playing on the server, Pippenger announced his retirement shortly after the image was posted, revealed all of his alts, and then completely left the server for over a year.

Many believed that Pippenger was still playing using secret alts, but in reality, Pippenger was genuinely scared that people would continue doxxing him, so he didn't play Minecraft at all.

The Principate Falls

Not long after Pippenger's departure, SirTashingdon found himself as the only active Principate member, so he announced that the team had disbanded.

This was the end of the first Great War.

Trump City

Trump City TrumpTowerOutside1.png

In January 2016, a new base formed by clipchip called Trump City, comprised mostly of former members of The Principate and New Valhalla, which The Principate had maintained friendly relations with until its collapse.

Trump City was opposed to the Blue Orchid Cult. Trump City would be a major force in server politics until its destruction approximately one year later.

The Shire


In late January 2016, after leaving the dying Principate and abandoning the ruins of Nos Astra, DakkaDok created a new base, The Shire, and invited real-life friends such as SinthorasAlb1337 to live there with him.

Rise of The BOC


Shortly after defeating The Principate, the Blue Orchid Cult constructed a new city to replace Gregoria.


Cactuse overview.png

In February 2016, Yukar9 and EggThief created a new city, Cactuse.



Sometime after the destruction of Virunum, one of its former residents, indy64, went on to construct a city of his own, which he named Pandora. By the end of this era, the base had been destroyed by a natural lightning storm.

The Second Great War Begins

In mid-2016, the Blue Orchid Cult, victorious in the first Great War, suffered a massive defeat in a new conflict.

Trump City Destroys The Blue Orchid Cult

On April 23rd, 2016, the fifth anniversary of the server, members of Trump City, including clipchip, launched a raid against the BOC capital, destroying it, and effectively causing the team to disband.


For months, the Second Great War appeared to be over.

Infam0us2's Mountains

Infam0us2 mountains map.png

Sometime in 2016, Infam0us2 created the famous Infam0us2's mountains near spawn, which are among the server's most recognizable landmarks today.

INDIGO011's Spawn Castle


In late 2016, Indigo created INDIGO011's Spawn Castle, with the help of Rumpslem, indy64, and ostrich1414, among others.



In November 2016, DakkaDok created a new base, Erebor, with the help of his real-life friends.

Litargirio's Tower

Litargirio tower.png

In December 2016, Simplicity PvP gained a new landmark near spawn, Litargirio's tower.



Vallaryn Main 01.png

Vallaryn is a base created by Morl0ck in January 2017, and marks the transition period between ages. Members include LegendaryArtz, Dakkadok, jayaypiel, suit1337, indy64, and el_andres96.

The Second Great War Ends

In January 2017, the first Great War ended, bringing the Burning Age to a close.

Trump City Falls

Fluz found the location of Trump City and ultimately prevailed in the Second Great War. However, since the Blue Orchid Cult had been destroyed one year earlier, it was an empty victory.

After the end of the war, the server returned to a state of normalcy and relative peace.

The Fifth Era, The Silver Age (2017-2019)

The Silver Age, beginning in early 2017 and extending to early 2019, was a calm time without major conflicts, a time of slow, peaceful regrowth. The server is neither as empty and desolate as it was in the Dark Age (thanks mostly to B9b9 and Porkington, who brought several new players using Reddit advertising and other methods), nor as dangerous as it was in the Burning Age. Yet, sadly, it has yet to entirely reclaim the heights it achieved during the Golden Age.



Quinsigamond is a city founded by ostrich1414 in January of 2017, shortly after the raid of Trump City. It is built in the style of Imperial Architecture in remembrance of Pippenger's Empire and his other teams, though it is not as large and grand as many older cities in the same style. Quinsigamond marks the beginning of the Silver Age, and the city itself is a memorial city founded on the server's history and the hard work of its many dedicated players. Other residents included Z33VN, JavelinFury, Elystriana, and KellyEKelly.

The Remembrance and The United Alliance


In May 2017, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury decided to create a new team modeled on The Empire and The Order, dedicated to restoring ancient bases, carrying on server traditions and recording its history. Though first known as The Remembrance, the two later renamed the team to the United Alliance; this soon became the largest and most active clan on the server during its reign, which included an abundance of old and new players alike. Ostrich1414 became the leader of the UA, and JavelinFury became the Senior Councilman, though the two worked together to make informed decisions.



Shortly after the creation of the team, ostrich1414 and other UA members began work on its capital city, Monarchia. Monarchia was divided up into multiple districts, loosely based off of Aggersel's format. Some of these districts included Bostonia, a colonial district made primarily from brick and based off Boston, MA; Roma, a predominantly sandstone district based off of Roman architecture; Morioh Town, a village made of spruce buildings modeled off of Japanese architecture; the Hill District, a futuristic mountain complex made of diorite; and the Red Light District, a small canal-laden district modeled off the De Wallen neighborhood of Amsterdam.

Reclaiming Ruins

Much like The Order before it, The United Alliance restored many ruins across the server, mainly those belonging to The Empire, but also those of other teams. Some of these older bases were restored so thoroughly and differently that they were given new names: for example, Tamarisk was changed to Lian Yu, and Virunum was changed to Verillium.

Pippenger's Return

In summer 2017, after a year and a half of absence, Pippenger returned to assist with the new team, using his alt Porkington as he worked predominantly in Monarchia.

The Tomb


The Tomb is a desert outpost of the United Alliance created by ypy, featuring a massive sandstone palace and an expansive villager farm.



Westeros is another colony of the United Alliance, built in September 2017 by KellyEKelly. Based off of the Game of Thrones series, Westeros was built to house multiple cities, towns, and castles featured in the show.

The War of Monarchia

On September 27th, 2017, clipchip, formerly a member of the United Alliance, annexed land from Monarchia and illegally built a castle on it, continuously provoking ostrich1414 in the process. Eventually, the United Alliance declared war on clipchip and his clan, Clipiiii's Gang, and the two went to war in what was known as the War of Monarchia. Featuring multiple battles and sieges, the war did not include many deaths or destruction like past wars on the server but was rather a political war fought over clashing ideologies and a desire to rule Monarchia.


Eventually, on October 6th, 2017, ostrich1414 surrendered on behalf of the United Alliance, making clipchip the new leader of the UA and giving him control of Monarchia. Shortly thereafter, clipchip officially abolished the UA and proceeded to create his own clan, which was more of a progression and cleansing of the UA.

The Royal Allegiance

In October 2017, a new clan formed, known as The Royal Allegiance. Led by clipchip and composed mostly of players who had been members of the United Alliance and MCMAFIA, it became the largest active team on the server after the UA's abolition. In accordance with the treaty signed after the War of Monarchia had ended, the RA gained access to all of the UA's bases, including Monarchia and Quinsigamond, and continued the UA's mission, though with different ideologies.

New Nos Astra


In June 2017, DakkaDok established New Nos Astra, a larger replacement for the original Nos Astra. In Late 2017, SinthorasAlb1337 arrived to aid him.

The city would be destroyed by Fluz43 in March 2018.

The League


Early 2018 saw the creation of a new team, The League. Similar to The Empire and The Order, the team was focused largely on projects in the spawn territory and providing help to new players.

Secret Origins

The League originally began as a small secret society inside of The Royal Allegiance. Porkington and ostrich1414, dissatisfied with clipchip's leadership of the team and uncertain of his long-term intentions, began creating hidden underground bunkers far from the capital.

Not long after, Master_Xybot also joined the society.



The most significant early project of the team was Estevez, an underground city built around a large dome. The city is completely closed off from the surface and is nearly entirely self-sufficient, having every crop and every tree type, as well as villagers and an experience farm.



Another early project was the mountain city Oberstein, built in a secret location relatively close to spawn. The purpose of the city was to leave a noticeable mark on the 2018 edition of the server map.



Founded by ostrich1414, Struthio provides The League with most of its crops, iron, and villager trade items such as mending books.

Hall of Vatlos


Not far from Struthio is the Hall of Vatlos, The League's largest, though incomplete, structure.

Public Endeavors

In December 2017, the secret society became much more conspicuous in its activities.



During the week of Christmas 2017, Pippenger and his brothers Xenagie and Atroxes created a castle near spawn with grass for its roof. Although the castle was intended only as a small base for Pippenger's brothers to use before going on to large projects, the grassy castle, called Grasstle for short, attracted a large population of players both new and old.

Over the following weeks, many noobs were invited to Grasstle, and the existence of the team became public knowledge, though it still was officially unannounced and had no name.

Rise of The League

In January 2018, The League was officially announced as a new clan. Custom shields and banners were created and supplied to team members. Now a fully public team, The League began to undertake more ambitious and wide-reaching projects.

Nether Tunnels

A nether railway and tunnel system, originally built long ago by suit, had fallen into disrepair over the years. In early 2018 players began to repair and expand it, and The League took a very active role in these efforts, creating dozens of new nether portals as well as adding bridges, tunnels, and ladders to make the nether more easily traversable.


In January 2018, the castle-city Argemone, dormant for years, was reclaimed by The League and turned into a public nether tunnel station.



Majula was a town founded by ostrich1414 with help from other League members.

The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy was a team which formed concurrently with The League and opposed its goals. It was comprised mainly of former United Alliance members who preferred clipchip's leadership of the team, while The League was made up mostly of stalwart supporters of Ostrich1414.

The Vault

The Vault Hallway.png

The Vault was an early base created by The Conspiracy to generate and store resources.

Golden Sun

Golden Sun Portview.png

Golden Sun was the capital city of The Conspiracy, established in November 2016.

The Cold War

From autumn 2017 until spring 2018, the two largest teams on SimPvP, The Conspiracy and The League, engaged in a tense rivalry with much espionage, subterfuge, and credible threats of war, but little actual combat. This period is known as The Cold War.

Casus Belli

Prior to the start of the Cold War, tensions had arisen between members of the two teams. Open hostilities began when members of The League resigned en masse from The Royal Allegiance, prompting the anger of its loyal members.

The Infiltration of Grasstle

While The League tried to grow its membership and maintain control over spawn using the fortress Grasstle, Conspiracy members sought to thwart these goals. Using an alt, clipchip gained entrance to Grasstle, where he attempted to turn recruits into double agents, in some cases successfully.

Nether Sabotage

When Cinnabars, Pippenger, and worldruler086 expanded the nether road system with the intent of using it to recruit new members to Grasstle more easily, The Conspiracy released withers at 0,0 in the nether, destroying most of their efforts.

The Quinsigamond Incident


In the former UA/current RA city of Quinsigamond, ostrich1414's first major city, a minor griefing incident occurred on January 19th, 2018, which resulted in very little physical damage but sparked further tension and fear. Though the culprit was never truly discovered, The League had continuously blamed The Conspiracy for the attack, which may have widened the gap and furthered the already-brewing tensions between the two.

The Infiltration of Majula

Relying on information from his double agents within The League, clipchip secretly gained access to Majula and other League bases. This caused considerable tension and disarray within the team.

The Fall of Monarchia

During the height of the Cold War, Monarchia was griefed by an individual or individuals unknown. Many players are suspected, but there is insufficient evidence, at this time, to make any credible accusations.

League Counterintelligence

During the Cold War, The League engaged in espionage of its own, but the majority of its activities remain classified at this time.

Invasion of Ascaris

Having secretly gained access to Ascaris's coordinates through elytra-based reconnaissance, The Conspiracy engaged in a long-term campaign of sabotage. Though Ascaris was not technically part of The League, it was strongly associated with the team, having been built primarily by one of its founding members, Pippenger.


After months of minor griefing, Pippenger attempted a to negotiate a conditional surrender to The Conspiracy, but it refused, not wanting its international reputation to suffer for being seen engaged in overt conquest. Dissatisfied, Pippenger and Cinnabars both credibly threatened to quit SimPvP and move to an undisclosed alternative anarchy server.

The Cold War Ends

In March 2018, The Conspiracy and The League came to an agreement, ending The Cold War.

It was decided that hostilities in the spawn region would cease, and that Ascaris would become neutral territory where League and Conspiracy members could peacefully cooperate. For a brief time, the server was calm.

Echo of the Great Wars

In March 2018, not long after the conclusion of the Cold War, the server saw another conflict when Fluz43 commenced hostility against his old enemy, Dakkadok.

New Nos Astra Falls

Fluz discovered the location of New Nos Astra, and, in a turn of events much like those in early 2016 in the first Nos Astra, he destroyed the city.

After leaving the ruins, Dakkadok began constructing another base in a similar futuristic style.



After the fall of New Nos Astra, DakkaDok and his allies began a new city, Isengard, which is still far from complete.

Worldborder Expedition

On May 29th, 2018, DakkaDok began his infamous Worldborder Expedition, with a goal to reach the server's worldborder at 30 million blocks.


On September 17th, DakkaDok had reached the halfway point of his journey, at 15 million blocks.

Java Linsghey

Sometime in January 2018, JavelinFury and MisterStrawman founded the base Java Linsghey; though it was founded earlier in the year, the base began to pick up momentum and grew larger as 2018 progressed. Eventually, other players were invited, including clipchip, DakkaDok, ostrich1414, Ultra_Badass, SinthorasAlb1337 and 3v3rb4d.


The base contained a few stand-out builds, including a floating island by clipchip, a futuristic city (similar to Nos Astra & New Nos Astra) by DakkaDok, the Get Clip A Girlfriend National Headquarters by ostrich1414, and even a full-scale replica of an American McDonald's by MisterStrawman.

However, the base would slowly decline in activity and progress as the year went on.

Rise and Fall of the Pasta Empire

Shortly after the destruction of New Nos Astra, a new team formed, which was led by MutualistManiac. The Pasta Empire grew to be one of the most active teams of mid-2018. There have been hostilities between this empire and The Conspiracy.

New Pastopia.png

The first capital, Pasta Memorial, was discovered by clipchip and subsequently abandoned, and the second capital, New Pastopia, was griefed in late June 2018. The empire is now in disarray, and it is unclear whether or not it will survive.

Whore Island

In July 2018, _Heisenberg began work on his island base Whore Island, which included many farms and buildings.


Tol Honeth

In July of 2018, as Java Linsghey's construction commenced, JavelinFury and clipchip teamed up once again to found the large mountain fortress Tol Honeth, consisting of an array of massive stone castles, towers and buildings.


Other members who were later invited included Fluz43, ostrich1414, dariepearjuicy, and ProveMeWrong. INDIGO011 later joined, which led to Tol Honeth becoming affiliated with and eventually annexed by the Indigo Empire. Though Tol Honeth was a strong, impressive build which was completed successfully, its members decided to move on to form a new base, abandoning the fortress around September 2018.

Fort Cranberry

In August 2018, CranberryWarrior and Jero46 collaborated on a fortress nearby Spawn known as Fort Cranberry, featuring a variety of cobblestone structures.


Struthio's Renaissance and Ascaris' Expansion

By September 2018, ostrich1414 had invited Sengorn_Leopard to his neglected League base, Struthio, which had not been worked on or used outside of its villager farms for many months. However, upon Sengorn_Leopard's arrival, construction on the base began to pick up once again, and ostrich1414 immediately shifted his focus onto it once more. Sengorn_Leopard began building his massive structure known as "Aether Tower", with ostrich1414 working alongside Porkington as they finished completing the Hall of Vatlos. Many other buildings and farms were constructed on and around Struthio at this time, including a highrise tower, a wither skeleton farm, and an off-shore map art.


This became known as Struthio's Renaissance, the rebirth of the previously neglected base which had not seen any real progress since early 2018.

Simultaneously, Pippinger continued focusing on growing and expanding his massive megacity Ascaris, now using the assistance of clipchip. Continuously calling Ascaris "vast" and openly discussing his plans to expand the base further, wanting to indisputably make it SimPvP's largest base, he was jokingly challenged by ostrich1414 and Sengorn_Leopard at Struthio to see which of their cities could grow the largest the fastest, thus entering a friendly, albeit it humorous, city rivalry between Ascaris and Struthio.

The League Disbands

On September 28th, 2018, ostrich1414 officially withdrew from The League; later that day, he and Porkington decided to disband the team altogether. As they were busy focusing on Struthio and Ascaris, as well as other unrelated projects, the League was seen as an interference with these projects, and it had become irrelevant by this point in time.

Oberstein Expands

By October 2018, ostrich1414 and The_Fulgurator shared a renewed interest in continuing the expansion of Oberstein as the 2018 Spawn Map would be released soon, on November 1st. Thus, Oberstein grew significantly in size, with many mountains in the region supporting various buildings and structures in Imperial Architecture and Viverian Architecture.


Glowstone Tower

Nearby Oberstein, the two also worked on a side project, an immense tower known as Glowstone Tower. Intended to rival Suit's tower and Litargirio's tower in size and girth, Glowstone Tower was completed right before the release of the spawn map and features various arches and pillars with a glowstone-decorated dome.



On October 26th, 2018, Bapada63 founded Bapadia, an island base predominantly made of red sand and terracotta. He invited DakkaDok to join him, where the two collaborated on the project.


Server Party at Quinsigamond

On November 1st, 2018, ostrich1414 hosted a party at his base Quinsigamond, known as the Server Party at Quinsigamond. Here, many people arrived, including UltraOrc, The_Fulgurator, Azdin, clipchip, dariepearjuicy, JavelinFury, Yukarion, MutualistManiac, Sellout9 and b9b9.

Messing with pip.png

Although the party began rather peacefully, with firework displays and such, it eventually turned hostile as Sellout9 instigated an ambush on a few of the players, resulting in an all-out massacre. Many players were killed and lost valuable items, and the attacks and violence resulted in some of Quinsigamond becoming griefed and destroyed. Much of the action of the party can be found here in this video:


Quinsigamond Goes Public

The same day of the party, ostrich1414 had officially made Quinsigamond a public base, releasing its coordinates and allowing anyone and everyone to come and visit it. The Server Party at Quinsigamond was seen as a celebration of this decision. Quinsigamond was also linked to the Nether subway system.

The Annexation of Bapadia

On November 9th, 2018, shortly after being invited to Bapadia by Bapada63, ostrich1414 annexed the island community, making it an official colony of his city Struthio and renaming it as "The Colony of Bapadia". An administrative district was built, known as the "New Struthio District", and many rules were placed, including a cactus tax, an enforced curfew, and a threat of force towards any resistance against Struthio's rule over the base.

COB2.png COB3.png

That same day, unwilling to cooperate with ostrich1414's demands of submission under Struthio's colonial rule, Bapada63 and DakkaDok fully destroyed Bapadia, leaving the island town in ruins and placing various signs decrying imperialism and Struthio's rule.

New Bapadia

Shortly after the annexation and colonization of Bapadia, Bapada63 traveled away and settled on a new island, where he founded his next base, New Bapadia. Using much of the same layout and style as Bapadia, Bapada63 viewed this as a continuation of the Bapadia project.


On November 16th, 2018, both ostrich1414 and Bapada63 reached a compromise together, signing a peace treaty and declaring an end to their fractured relationship. Ostrich1414 was invited to New Bapadia shortly after the signing of the treaty, where he helped expand the town and even created a peaceful embassy for Struthio.

1.13 Arrives

On November 18th, 2018, the server officially updated to the Update Aquatic, or 1.13, after months of being unable to do so due to the update's incompatibility with the server. However, what made this update different from those of the past is the immense lag and change it caused to the server; Yukarion was forced to update chunks in the background, causing extreme lag for all players. This, along with unpopular additions to the game (like phantoms and new water mechanics), led many players to criticize and despise the 1.13 update. The official forum announcement can be found here: [7].

Because of the update's continued struggle to work properly, Yukarion announced a plan to shut down the server for a few days beginning on December 5th, which would allow the server to fully update without the presence of players or in-game activity. This would be a first for SimPvP in years.

Nos Aeterna

During his Worldborder Expedition, DakkaDok experienced a major setback when he died at 22 million blocks out due to a lag spike. Thus, because of the incident, DakkaDok decided to take a short break from his expedition and work on a new project, this time millions of blocks out.

Dakka EC IndustrialDistrict.png

In late November 2018, DakkaDok began construction on his newest mesa city, Eternal City, later renamed Nos Aeterna. Nos Aeterna would be the last city modeled after his previous builds, Nos Astra and New Nos Astra, and features much of the same architecture and styling as the other two.

World Upgrade

On December 5th, 2018, due to the world upgrade not functioning properly, Yukarion officially shut down the server for a few days in order for it to fully upgrade (the link to the announcement can be found here: [8]). In order to provide SimPvP players with an alternative server during the main server's downtime, a new, temporary map was implemented. It allowed players to start from scratch, logging into the new map with nothing, and saw the rise of closer, more inclusive teams and alliances. The main server reopened on December 11th, 2018, marking the end of a six-day period of no SimPvP.

The Phantom Wars

On this temporary server, one of the most notable events to occur were a series of attacks and griefs at the hands of so-called "pro-phantomers" and anti-phantomers"; in short, a pro-phantomer is a player who supports the addition of phantoms in SimPvP, whereas anti-phantomers do not, wanting them banned and removed from the server altogether. The anti-phantomers, most notably clipchip, ostrich1414 and worldruler086, all banded together and conducted various attacks and raids on confirmed pro-phantomers and their bases, killing dozens of players.


Builldprint, one of the pro-phantomers who was repeatedly killed and harassed by anti-phantomers, grew enraged; he griefed and raided the largest base on the temporary map, a converted savannah village that housed the anti-phantomer base of operations. This forced many of the anti-phantomers to flee and find new places to settle; however, the hostilities began to decline. Ostrich1414 and Builldprint apologized to each other in game, leading the so-called "Phantom Wars" to an end as the main server came back up on December 11th, bringing everything back to normal.

The JezdziecBezNicka Raid Controversy

On December 19th, 2018, Azdin discovered a hidden portal leading to JezdziecBezNicka's Base, a massive, diverse island base created by JezdziecBezNicka and a few other players. Once there, he swiftly updated his wiki page to showcase his find, as well as informing people in-game. As Azdin began raiding the base, finding various valuables (including rare villager spawn eggs), he was suddenly ambushed and killed by clipchip.

JezdziecBezNicka Base 2.png

Clipchip and JavelinFury revealed that they had access to JezdziecBezNicka's Base for almost two years, yet they never griefed or raided it due to JezdziecBezNicka's status as one of the more neutral, well-respected players on the server. However, upon Azdin's public declaration and raid of the base, clipchip and JavelinFury finished raiding it themselves, storing away the items. These two raids were very controversial among the server's community, with some declaring that raiding JezdziecBezNicka was uncalled for and disrespectful, and others arguing that, since SimPvP is an "anarchy server", raiding should be expected.

On December 23rd, 2018, clipchip and JavelinFury brought both JezdziecBezNicka and Gnatogryz, another member of the raided base, to a new base so as to ensure their safety and prosperity but they haven't logged in since.

The Sixth Era, The Second Burning Age (2019-present)

Shortly after the beginning of the new year, SimplicityPVP experienced a large amount of new players joining the server. While this was at first seen by the community as a positive change, none could anticipate the amount of destruction this would bring to the server. SimplicityPVP’s community is going through a large change as well, transforming from a passive, tight-knit group of adult players to a more toxic, less hospitable environment. This period is being defined by bases and clans being created and destroyed on a day-to-day basis.


On January 3rd, 2019, the fortification Ishtar was founded by AtacFauxpas. After inviting various other new players, including AaronRC93, max678, EinMensch and Alankor_MrFungi, the base expanded rapidly, featuring a large stonebrick gate, walls, a tower, and a ship docked along the coast.


On February 17th, 2019, ShadyB0B discovered the base and griefed it; in response, AtacFauxpas publicly leaked the coordinates, resulting in the city being abandoned.


On January 12th, 2019, the city of Triterrus was founded by Das_Dankgineer, Hamieb, TonTheKidRS and Vinmanh. A group of real-life friends, the Triterrus team would eventually grow significantly in membership size. Likewise, their city, featuring various aesthetic builds and efficient farms, would rapidly increase in size. Triterrus would soon become one of the largest, most important cities of 2019.


Later, on March 23rd, 2019, the Triterrus team formed The Commonwealth, a major clan which designated Triterrus as its capital.

On February 23rd, 2020, Triterrus was destroyed by anti-commonwealth forces, adding it to the casualty list of the Second Burning Age.

The Takeover of Fort Cranberry

On January 18th, 2019, the first major incident on SimPvP of 2019 occurred when Fort Cranberry, under the instructions of ostrich1414, was annexed and colonized for the City of Struthio. Originally, Fort Cranberry had been rediscovered and claimed by AaronRC93 and talksalot011, but they soon became both Head Administrator and Vice Administrator, respectively, of the aptly-named "Colony of Fort Cranberry". Soon after, other players joined, including Melonbai, VanDeStad, and clipchip.


Later that day, CranberryWarrior himself, the original founder of the base, logged in to discover his base had been colonized. Since ostrich1414 had placed a "search and kill" order on him, Melonbai killed him a few times before CranberryWarrior returned with diamond armor, weapons and an elytra. The two engaged in an extensive twenty-minute-long battle which ended after Melonbai was slain by CranberryWarrior in a two-block-deep hole outside of the fort. CranberryWarrior then killed talksalot011 repeatedly, reclaiming his fort and announcing victory.


Two days later, on January 20th, 2019, CranberryWarrior found his fort had been colonized yet again by similar perpetrators; he was soon attacked by clipchip, where a battle between the two was eventually transferred to the PvP world. Whilst trying to engage in trade for weapons with VanDeStad, CranberryWarrior was killed by clipchip, leaving directly after this. Fort Cranberry was thus successfully retaken by its colonizers, pushing power away from its owner yet again.

CranberryWarrior made one more attempt to massacre his opponents by sword when he returned to Fort Cranberry the next day with better gear and weapons, killing talksalot011 and AaronRC93 and engaging in yet another lengthy battle with Melonbai, though this time neither player died as a result. CranberryWarrior was eventually captured in an obsidian cube by ostrich1414, and killed by Melonbai shortly thereafter.

On January 22nd, 2019, Melonbai accidentally detonated a secret TNT trap set by CranberryWarrior underneath the fort's warehouse; this resulted in a massive crater in the east side of the fort, destroying three buildings in the process. Melonbai and ostrich1414 fixed this, although by this point nobody was sure where CranberryWarrior would go from here, or where this drama would continue. Nevertheless, CranberryWarrior gave up his efforts, surrendering the base to the colonizers.


Burg Hohenstein

On January 24th, 2019, DakkaDok decided to take a brief break from Nos Aeterna and began a new project, Burg Hohenstein, with his ally SinthorasAlb1337. Located atop a snowy mountain, Burg Hohenstein is meant to portray a historically-accurate medieval European castle, featuring various defense mechanics such as crenelations and thick walls.

Dakka BH Overview.png

#TeamYMP Attacks

Between February 16th and February 26th, a team of new players referred to as #TeamYMP (formally YeeterMyPeeter) joined the server, conducting various major raiding/griefing campaigns. The first two campaigns occurred at cmlove's Spawn build Novus Castle; on February 16th, #TeamYMP attacked the castle and heavily raided it, as well as lavacasting the central tower. Cmlove was backed by several reinforcements who fought back against #TeamYMP, including clipchip, ostrich1414, b9b9, CrackyJoe, jaffdhi, 8cream8machine8 and many others. Although their counterattack against #TeamYMP was successful at first, and they defended Novus Castle for a few hours, at least three of cmlove's allies were killed by the attackers, resulting in the new players getting fully-maxxed diamond tools, weapons and gear.

The next day, #TeamYMP conducted yet another raid on Novus Castle, this time with little-to-no resistance. Cmlove had fully abandoned the project, and thus #TeamYMP successfully lavacasted the castle until it barely resembled its former identity.


Later that day, #TeamYMP targeted Fort Cranberry, a base which had already faced a fierce takeover earlier that year. The crew did similarly to what was done at Novus Castle, lavacasting and griefing/raiding the base severely. However, this time they were attacked and fought back by clipchip, who was able to kill them with no issues.


Early on February 18th, #TeamYMP severely griefed Tamarisk, lavacasting it to a point of nonrecognition. Unlike the other griefs, the attack on Tamarisk was met with no resistance, instead allowing the group to leave behind several massive cobblestone spires.


After Tamarisk, #TeamYMP conducted various other griefing projects nearby spawn, including Downtown, Uinia and minor damage to Quinsigamond. In fact, it was at Quinsigamond where a short battle took place between YMP and clipchip, JavelinFury and Fluz43 (using his alt Dsylxeia). Although the latter team ultimately defeated YMP, the group was able to kill both Dsylxeia and clipchip, mainly due to clipchip's computer crashing mid-fight.

However, after the battle at Quinsigamond, former YMP member PhamtomGuy was banned for x-ray, as were many of his alts. This resulted in PhamtomGuy claiming fellow YMP member tupik had cheated as well, forcing him to be jailed. Although much of YMP's playerbase had been jailed, a few members still remained, carrying out the team's goals of chaos and destruction.

The_Lucky_Lapin's Campaigns

As the #TeamYMP jailing drama continued and their team griefings slowed to a complete halt, one of their remaining active members, The Lucky Lapin, carried out several large-scale griefs on his own. Most notably of these projects included the griefing of Glowstone Tower, Snowfrog castle and Quinsigamond. Since then, #TeamYMP has all but dissolved.



On February 20th, ostrich1414 and SkykirryChycho founded the small lakeside community of Florestria. Located predominantly in a flower forest, Florestria features a unique beach house design devised by SkykirryChycho herself, and the city aims to portray a lush, peaceful place of residence. Shortly after, MrBulletRage, AntHand, egnaorky, MoWobbler, Bapada63 and Chris_cord joined the base.


Over time, Florestria grew significantly in size, transforming from a small town to a large city with high-quality builds and farms. Unfortunately, the city would be abandoned in May 2019.

The Fellowship

On Febuary 24th, 2019, The Fellowship was founded by TheOnlySlash, growing to a peak of 20 players by March 2019. The Fellowship included many bases throughout its Phase I, most notably Semper Idem, which was built by TheOnlySlash, Rainyday203 and Optarium. Other Fellowship outposts throughout Phase I included The Rape Cave, the Meth Lab, etc. The Fellowship's goals, as stated by TheOnlySlash, during Phase I were to destroy Spawn, kill new players, build nether tunnels and establish active bases for their community.


The Fellowship of the Kittens

The Fellowship of the Kittens was a team co-founded by Lord1, MrMeeps, Tenced, FreshbananaTV and Bacon_15 in March 2019.


The team was formed at their main base Kittenspear, with their team's name derived from the base's central tower (the Tower of Kittenspear). Aside from Kittenspear, the Fellowship of the Kittens also claims Aurum and Syracusai.


The Drago Guard/VetoTheNeato Joins

On March 17, 2019, VetoTheNeato joined Simpvp. After wandering spawn and having some shenanigans, he founded The Drago Guard. On his first day, he ran down the south spawn axis, reaching an ocean. He traveled several thousand blocks out and began construction of a small farmhouse in a mushroom biome. He made sure to hide it behind a hill so those traveling down the south axis would not see it. In retrospect, they could have turned their heads a little bit and seen it. He invited IAmTheSheriff, and the pair finished the modestly-sized oak building. This base was known very quickly as Simpvp's most powerful. Just kidding. Veto, with his intentions to make a massive base, invited a random person who was playing. He was unlucky, choosing The_Arma. After being told Arma would probably kill him, Veto picked another random player to defend the base. He picked a number 1-10, and ended up inviting AntHand. The_Arma arrived, saw Ant, said "Shit, it was a trap!" and left. He spent 2 more days wandering spawn, but found luck when player TheOnlySlash offered him a position at his own clan, The Fellowship. Slash, accompanied by his teammate Arma, proceeded to bed-trap Veto, repeatedly kill him, and upload the incident to YouTube and Reddit under the title "Purification of Simpvp". Then, Slash's mother texted Slash, remarking on the video's quality and Slash's skill. It is unknown whether or not the messages were legitimate. After another brief, short-lived base (a small farmhouse less than 1k blocks from spawn), Veto and IAmTheSheriff made a pilgrimage thousands of blocks away to ensure their base would never be found.

After multiple days of travel on foot and in boats, they arrived at what would be known as Fort Drago and began construction on The Drago Guard. Monthly progress videos were posted during this time, which have since been unlisted but can still be found on archived reddit posts and the Simpvp Youtube Video Archive. After Veto founded The Drago Guard, a new member, WarWolf_13 followed suit the day after he joined SimPvP. Fort Drago became the headquarters of the Drago Guard, which was a base that flourished with large builds and intricate architecture. The base featured multiple automatic farms, aesthetic builds, and the server's only 3x3 piston automated door. During this time, player JavelinFury found the base while looking for an old build of his. Veto was online at the time, and gave Jav a brief tour. Others, such as TheOnlySlash have found the base since then, but it has not once been raided, griefed, or leaked. One day, after Veto and Cheese completed work on a plaza build, they noticed a wolf sticking his head through a corner in the build. Even after multiple days, the wolf remained. Veto tamed the dog, and he was deemed "corner dog" or "Corneroy". He was a de facto mascot for Drago Guard and was used by Veto as an example of "Drago Guard's supreme power". As a sign of power and wealth, Veto, IamTheSheriff and Cheese began construction on the "Big Ass Tower". Estimated to have been made up of over 100,000 blocks, the tower stood tall above the rest of Drago Guard. Unfortunately, it was never 100% completed, as plans were made to add an even larger basement area, tunnel system, and more. Unfortunately, Fort Drago would later be abandoned, and the Drago Guard soon collapsed.

The War of the Fellowships

On March 14th, 2019, TheOnlySlash of The Fellowship attempted to murder three members of the Fellowship of the Kittens with an end crystal; however, he failed to do so, and subsequently escaped as the other players chased him. Thus, the Fellowship of the Kittens declared war on the Fellowship, ordering a bounty on TheOnlySlash for three diamond blocks. In turn, the Fellowship ordered a kill-on-sight of any Fellowship of the Kittens members. Due to the similarity of each team's names, the war has been dubbed the "War of the Fellowships".

While much of the war remained very inactive, resulting in more of a cold war than an actively aggressive one, two major incidents occurred: firstly, the Fellowship of the Kittens griefed the Fellowship's base Semper Idem on April 16th. Hammerhall was abandoned on the 14th of may after being suspiciously found by kojed, who had only four hours of playtime in the server when he found Hammerhall. The next day, the Fellowship griefed one of the Fellowship of the Kittens recruitment base, Fort Thunder on May 15th. On the 21st of May, old Fellowship of the Kittens members and the Empire of Odin griefed The Fellowship's slime farm base, New Sorpigal.

The End Of The Fellowship Phase I

Around May of 2019 The Fellowship was experiencing a member count of about 10 - 15 people, The group had just griefed all of the Fellowship of the Kittens' bases. Although the FOK were to disband by that point, there was still an issue with YeeterMyPeeter going to war with The Fellowship over petty spawn fights. The Fellowship's higher ranking members had a meeting to talk about the issue of YMP and decided upon leaking The Fellowship's bases in order for Korijenkins to gain coordinates to YMP. This, however, blew up in their face once Jake got banned like a fucking idiot. Once all of the bases were leaked, lower ranking members scattered whereas most higher ranking members stayed in preparation for Phase II or the soon-to-come Dominion bases. A large majority of The Fellowship's Phase I bases were then destroyed later that week.

Veto's Return

After some months of inactivity, VetoTheNeato rejoined the server in November 2019. He was invited to Craftablia by cheesy_chips22 and ostrich1414. Soon after, on November 30th, VetoTheNeato was invited to the city of Yittrium.

The Antzakes1 Crisis

Between mid-April to mid-May 2019, a severe diplomatic crisis occurred that threatened multiple initiations of war, although none would ever arise. Antzakes1, a controversial player on SimPvP, had discovered the city of Struthio in later April, at that time the most well-known, powerful city on the server. While Antzakes1 was allied with a group called Passione who were technically the ones to have discovered it, they would remain completely neutral. Antzakes1, however, used this knowledge of the city's location as a means to threaten and blackmail its members, including ostrich1414, Sengorn_Leopard, and CrackyJoe, among others.

Meanwhile, Antzakes1 had formed an alliance with AntHand, a member of ostrich1414's other major city, Florestria. After trusting their alliance enough and discovering that Antzakes1 had access to Struthio, an exchange was initiated between the two: Florestria coordinates for Struthio coordinates. This was discovered by several members of Struthio, with ostrich1414 personally feeling betrayed by AntHand.

As tensions rose, with consistent threats being made towards both cities and an imminent feeling of demise approaching them, the members of Struthio discovered that coordinates for both cities had been secretly floating around to various players. Furthermore, tensions culminated when Antzakes1 and AntHand discovered and raided Java Linsghey, another former city founded by several Struthian members and affiliates. By this point, both cities of Struthio, Florestria and their allies had recognized that Antzakes1 and AntHand were enemies of their states, and began to devise plans for a war against them.

On May 9th, 2019, the first act of violence was made. Ostrich1414 conducted an attack on AntHand as revenge, feeling as though AntHand had betrayed him and the rest of Florestria for trusting Antzakes1. While AntHand was AFK at the city's gunpowder farm, ostrich1414 placed four blocks of TNT around him, igniting it. AntHand exploded and was killed immediately, while all of his drops were destroyed. As ostrich1414 fled the city, AntHand officially quit and destroyed his tower, leaving the city immediately.


Eventually, both AntHand and ostrich1414 realized that they had been tricked by Antzakes1: through a series of conversations and analyzing the situations, they came to the conclusion that Antzakes1 had been using the two of them. Antzakes1 formally threw away his alliance with AntHand, explaining that he had been using him solely for the purpose of gaining Florestria's coordinates. Furthermore, Antzakes1 had wanted ostrich1414 to murder AntHand in order to incite chaos without doing so himself. Both Struthio and Florestria realized that waging a war was unnecessary as Antzakes1 only favored chaos, and both cities promptly decided to move on. AntHand and ostrich1414 also reunited, exchanging apologies.

Ultimately, both Struthio and Florestria were formally abandoned, with both teams establishing new cities. Struthio's coordinates were eventually leaked by TheOnlySlash, and later griefed by a 2b2t player known as jared2013 on June 3rd, 2019, marking the official end of the city.

Destruction of North Koria

While many other historic and powerful bases fell, North Koria (Base) had only grown in power. Korijenkins' participation in the War of the Fellowships had enabled him to expand the base and add a new member, HedgehogMind, to the base. However, the base had become a target of YMP as well as TheOnlySlash, who wanted revenge on Korijenkins for his theft of many items from The Fellowship. After staving off a crisis where YMP tried to blackmail PhamtmtomGuy into giving up the coordinates of the base, it seemed that North Koria would endure. However, only a few days after the destruction of its closest neighbor, Struthio, North Koria was mysteriously griefed. No signs or evidence of the grief was left behind.

While Korijenkins suspected YMP had managed to find the base and destroy it, no one came forward to brag from their group, which only added to the speculation of what happened to the base. The resident North Korians ended up fleeing to Further North Koria for months after the destruction of their base, with hopes to eventually discover the identity of the griefer, and bring justice to them.

Koria Grief.png


On May 10th, 2019, the former members of Florestria founded the city of Yittrium: a much bigger, better and more ambitious project. Yittrium would quickly grow into a large urban metropolis, featuring several skyscrapers and farms that contributed to its goal as a modern, urban center for growth; a testament to the team's ability to bounce back from the Antzakes1 Crisis.


The members of Yittrium include ostrich1414, SkykirryChycho, AntHand, egnaroky, MoWobbler, Bapada63, Chris_cord, trppbll, Brusa95, TonTheKidRS and cheesy_chips22.


Much like Yittrium, the former members of Struthio also founded a new city, Segoria. Featuring Sengorn_Leopard, ostrich1414, SpenPen, CrackyJoe, M_BRIX, Master_Xybot and jaffdhi, Segoria began to took on a much different aesthetic than Struthio. Segoria became a very medieval, low-rise city with ancient buildings. The city is also famous for its several sculptures of nude female figures, created by M_BRIX.


The First Siege

The Siege was a temporary group of players dedicated to the griefing of spawn over the course of several weeks throughout the summer of 2019.

The Siege was started on June 16, 2019 by Korijenkins and TheOnlySlash. The official founding of the group occurred at Castle Snowfrog later that day, with Korijenkins, TheOnlySlash, HedgehogMind, Tenced, The_Arma, and AtacFauxpas as the founding members.

Over the next few days more players began to join The Siege after seeing the results a few hours of work had on spawn; aligning with their goals, much of spawn was destroyed, making it more difficult for new players to survive.

YMP Crusade

The YMP Crusade (formally "The #EggGang/YMP Crusade") was an event organized by YeeterMyPeeter and #EggGang under the assigned control of Lord1. The YMP Crusade aimed to stop The Siege's bombings with Operation Moist Boiz and has had varied success claiming land from abandoned cities and /world.


Spawn Skirmishes

Between the Siege and the YMP Crusade's opposing goals, several scuffles between the two occurred at Spawn due to their stark contrasting ideals. While the Siege would bomb much of Spawn's west highway area, the YMP Crusade would flood it with water under Operation Moist Boiz; in turn, the Siege would bomb the highways further out. The back-and-forth scuffles would continue, sometimes turning into actual PvP fights, as the two teams grew much more hostile towards each other. Ultimately, the quarrels between the two would slowly decline as the groups carried out other tasks away from Spawn, and eventually culminated in both teams disbanding.

One of the more notable events was the Battle of Quagsmaria, where the YMP Crusaders lost sovereignty and control over the town of Quagsmaria to the city of Yittrium.

The BloodBowl

On July 28th, 2019, CrackyJoe organized and held SimPvP's First Annual BloodBowl at his colosseum in Struthio. Several players participated in the event, and they were put in organized rounds and brackets to establish a fair PvP contest. This resulted in seven preliminary rounds and three championship rounds.


Ultimately, the results were as follows: clipchip came in first place, Sellout9 came in second place, and Lord1 came in third.

The Church of Francis Invasions

On August 3rd, 2019, Lord1 discovered MisterStrawman's portal hub, and along with it, several secretive, high-quality bases including Andromeda, Golden Sun, The Vault, The Capital and BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBixieland, among others. Many of these bases were shared between MisterStrawman, clipchip, JavelinFury and dariepearjuicy as per The Conspiracy.

Lord1 immediately notified his main group, the Church of Francis: a religious organization of players dedicated to worshipping a sheep from Syracusai named Francis. Together, the team used the many portals in their possession to raid and annex several of the attached bases.


The series of invasions carried out by the Church of Francis resulted in several violent events, including the Conspiracy blowing up the Vault in self-destruction, and a large fight breaking out at the Golden Sun between Conspiracy and Church of Francis forces on August 8th. While a few Church of Francis members would suffer casualties at this battle, they were ultimately successful in annexing the bases they discovered, marking the end of their previous secrecy.

The Holy Wilbur-Francis War

On October 17th, 2019, ostrich1414 declared a "Holy Crusade" on the Church of Francis on behalf of The Order of Wilbur. Lord1, in return, declared war on him on behalf of the Church of Francis. Thus, The Holy Wilbur-Francis War would begin: a religious, ideological war between two similar animal-worshiping religions. The Holy Wilbur-Franics War would last exactly one month and one day, easily becoming the bloodiest, most violent war in SimPvP history.


Throughout the duration of the war, several notable battles took place that would define it through sheer violence. The most notable battle of the war was the Battle of Monarchia on November 17th, 2019; this was the largest battle in server history, with a total of 19 people in attendance, and 18 active soldiers fighting. The Battles of Azpipia and Castle Snowfrog were also notable for turning the tides of the war, changing it from somewhat of a "meme war" to an actual, fully-fledged war. The Battle of Syracusai was notable for being the battle to end the war, forcing the Church of Francis to surrender to the Order of Wilbur. While several other notable battles occurred, the second half of the war is most memorable for the sheer, unforgiving violence that took place.

BattleOfMonarchia1.png BattleOfSnowfrog.png

Wilburian Victory

On November 18th, 2019, after the Battle of Syracusai, Lord1 finally surrendered to the Order of Wilbur on behalf of the Church of Francis, promptly ending the war. A peace conference and victory celebration was held by the Order of Wilbur in Verillium, where Lord1 and ostrich1414 reviewed and accepted terms of surrender. The Order of Wilbur had won the server's most violent war; however, the two religious organizations were able to return to peace after its end.

The Order of Wilbur Victory 1.png The Order of Wilbur Victory 3.png

Intervention War

On November 23rd the Bloc for Clans declared war on MCMAFIA to intervene a plan to invade the rest of the server hence 'Intervention' war and clipchip as a lot of the BC was fed up with him. The war lasted around 4 months and indirectly/directly killed 9 bases and over 20 geared players.

The Fall of Ascaris

The final weeks of 2019 saw a series of tragedies befall Ascaris, culminating in the almost complete destruction of the city.


Ascaris border.png

On December 8th, 2019, Ascaris was simultaneously invaded and annexed by two different factions, Yittrium and the Bloc for Clans, who took control of the north and south halves of the city, respectively. During this team an immense number of players learned the city's coords.



On December 15th, 2019, an unknown player griefed Ascaris.

The Sigil Conflict

On January 8th, 2020, VetoTheNeato announced the creation of a base that would eventually be known as Sigil. More than 10 players were either invited or asked to join the base, and Sigil ended up with 11 members before the first block was even placed. The base had great progress done and showed great promise. However, Lord1 invaded the base and killed multiple innocent members after someone raided his build, which resulted in several deaths, a grief, and the leaking of Sigil. Veto fled to Shitstania. Later that night, Lord would be tried for his war crimes. To spite Sigil members, Lord attacked Shitstania and Atherius.

Francisrevolt1.png Francis Grief at Sigil.png

Thus, between January 15th and January 17th, The Sigil Conflict would occur, which resulted in several Church of Francis-sponsored deaths in Sigil, as well as the griefing of a Francillian temple and a subsequent small battle. Although tensions would eventually be resolved, the conflict led to the temporary removal of Lord1 from the Bloc for Clans, and forced all Sigil members to abandon the city and relocate.

The Second Siege

The Second Siege began on January 18th to combat an impending invasion. VetoTheNeato, TheOnlySlash, Zepheron, Ostrich1414, and Nddragoon were chosen as Inner Council members in order to lead the movement.

The Hispanic Panic

On January 18th, the server community became aware of the intent of MrCramYT to make a video featuring SimPVP. As he has over fifty thousand subs on YouTube, many players agreed to set aside their differences, and The Second Siege began. Within hours, a large obsidian wall had been constructed around the spawn area, old lavacasts were once again covered in lava, and dozens of players arrived at spawn. MrCram himself had already departed spawn, and was recording footage for his video for hours, aided by a handful of players. Lord1, having previously given MrCram gear, tracked him down and killed him, leaving the popular YouTuber trapped inside the now obsidian-encased spawn.

Siege II Group 1.png

January 20th was a tumultuous day for The Second Siege. MrCram managed an escape early in the morning before being tracked down by TheOnlySlash and killed 500 blocks from spawn. A few hours later he escaped again, but his logout spot was trapped and he died when he returned. Later, two members began to publicly question the leadership of the Inner Council, as 3/5 of the group consisted of members of The Dominion. As a result, a vote was held, with leadership recording an 85% approval rating against 15% disapproval. While this was happening, MrCram managed to escape once more, this time with assistance from an unknown player. As The Second Siege was distracted by the vote, nobody realized MrCram was out of spawn until he was far enough away that tracking him down wasn't feasible.

After escaping, MrCram insisted that he had no intent to make any videos about the server after witnessing the dedication of the server's playerbase to protecting their home. Despite this insistence, members of The Second Siege returned to spawn after searching for him to continue building defenses and traps for new players, unwilling to let their guard down.

Cram No Video 2.PNG

The Wall Falls

On January 21st, the wall was effectively destroyed by the 40 year old Azdin, who apparently had nothing better to do with his freetime than mine obsidian on a block game. This force The Second Siege to alter its strategies around spawn. By this point, however, player activity would slowly decline, and the threat of the incoming Spanish players dissipated. After a few more days, the Second Siege successfully ended.


On January 28th, 2020, after the Sigil Conflict, VetoTheNeato founded Takyon. The city quickly grew to become one of the top bases in early 2020 SimPvP, with a wide variety of players like DiGGing4Gold, nddragoon, Jtov, Blockplanet94, IAmTheSheriff, GummyBearz14, and willowienal. Takyon was divided into several distinct districts: a large underground sector with farms and machinery, a modern city with skyscrapers, a medieval village, and two floating islands.

Unfortunately, Takyon would be annexed by the Caudices and then self-griefed in retaliation two days later, on May 8th, 2020.

Struthian-North Korian Crisis

During his time in The Second Siege, Korijenkins gave out many gifts to fellow members. One of these gifts was a banner from North Koria, which was given to Ostrich1414. A few weeks later, a former member of Yittrium, VetoTheNeato mentioned having seen a North Koria banner hanging at the base. This immediately caught the attention of Korijenkins, who knew for a fact that he had only ever made 4 banners, two located at North Koria (Base), one located in Further North Koria, and one he gave to Ostrich. As Yittrium had already fallen by the time Korijenkins gave the banner to Ostrich, it meant that the banner at Yittrium had to have come from North Koria itself. This effectively narrowed the list of candidates for the destruction of the base months earlier to Yittrium's member list.

Korijenkins immediately began questioning Ostrich, as he had assembled the banner collection. Ostrich initially didn't answer the query, but soon admitted that he had in fact visited North Koria once on accident due to its proximity to Struthio. When further pressed, Ostrich confessed. He had destroyed the base, believing that Korijenkins had been the primary culprit behind the grief of Struthio. Korijenkins was outraged, ready to unleash North Korian fury on anything Ostrich held dear. An official war declaration was drafted, and plans were made to desecrate the ruins of Struthio and Yittrium, as well as plans to destroy the City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur.

Struthian-North Korian Peace Summit

With tensions high, Ostrich and Korijenkins agreed to meet at the ruins of North Koria to discuss terms. It was decided there that the events that had taken place had been in the past, and Ostrich was deeply remorseful for his actions at North Koria. As a result, peace was made, and North Koria's ruins were transformed into a memorial for the destroyed bases.

Struthian-North Korian Peace Summit.png

Operation MB II

Operation MB II (Moist Boiz 2) was a plan to make crystal pvp and spawn hugging at spawn harder by flooding it. Starting on the 18th of February 2020 by Lord1 and AntHand under the Bloc for Clans during the Intervention War, this huge project was a successor to the YMP Crusader's Operation Moist Boiz.

Spawn wet.png

End of the Intervention War

Around late February of 2020 the Intervention War ended with the Bloc for Clans voting to pull out of the war with a vote of 9-0, they had succeeded with their primary goal of destroying Shadow Mcmafia though The Dominion (a close ally of Shadow Mcmafia who had also gone to war with the Bloc for Clans) remained intact, most Shadow Mcmafia members joined The Dominion during the war, including players such as clipchip and JavelinFury. By the end of the war over 30 battles had taken place.

SimPvP Summit

The first Simpvp Summit (Simsum) was organized and held by VetoTheNeato in the hopes of inspiring goodwill and peace across Simpvp. Right off the bat, he began to plan who would be in attendance. A no-brainer, he thought, would be to invite the leaders of the four major bases at the time (Takyon, Wilburia, Segoria, and Two Words). And so, the first 4 attendants would be himself, ostrich1414, Sengorn_Leopard, and Lord1. The roster soon expanded to feature some of Simpvp's other major players. Blockplanet94, cheesy_chips22, Lord_Pasta, AntHand, Willowienal, MrCramYT, IAmTheSheriff, iPyxis, saluutSFR, and Tenced were all invited. The first to arrive was Cheesy_chips22, shortly followed by VetoTheNeato. Each base represented would be given a plot of land to make a small booth showcasing everything their base had to offer. In the case of Takyon's booth, the information shown had never been seen previously. Booths were made based on various bases and groups that attended the event, such as Takyon, Wilburia, Segoria, The Church of Francis, The Order of Wilbur, Caudices, SFR/Revalia, Two Words and even Shitstania.

During this event, The Sigil Conflict effectively ended, as Lord1 apologized for his actions and Veto accepted.

SimPvP Summit 2.png SimPvP Summit 3.png

The Byzantium War

Although war was officially declared on February 23rd, 2020, The Byzantium War has its roots as early back as January 5th, 2020, when three members of the city of Byzantium - Hamieb, Duffilufagus, and Passaconaway - secretly raided Yittrium, and later publicly announcing their raid on January 20th.

The raid of Yittrium angered all of the city's members, primarily due to the fact that they had believed Yittrium and the Byzantium members were on good terms; however, the raid was conducted due to secret tensions between Byzantium and TonTheKidRS, a Yittrium member and a real-life friend of theirs. Although tensions were increased, the members of Yittrium chose to largely move on and ignore the incident until around early February 2020, when the Byzantium members began to continuously taunt them and mock Yittrium.

The Byzantium War was largely comprised of several major griefs and only a few small skirmishes, with no actual battles taking place; however, each of these actions were not only destructive, but demoralizing and symbolic in their own rights. On February 17th, several former Yittrium members and anti-Byzantium players (collectively known as "New Israel") raided and annexed Triterrus, the Byzantium team's original city on SimPvP. A few days later, on February 23rd, they returned to Triterrus, this time severely griefing and destroying the city. War was declared immediately afterwards by both opposing parties.

Triterrus Raid.png Triterrus Grief 1.png

After the grief of Triterrus, the members of Byzantium retaliated in anger, targeting and severely griefing Yittrium on February 25th. During this grief, MoWobbler, Lord1 and ostrich1414 chased Das_Dankgineer in a small aerial battle of attrition, until Das_Dankgineer crash-landed on the ground and was immediately killed. After the destruction of Yittrium, a small calm period occurred between the two belligerents, although behind the scenes, a secretive plot was in the making.

Yittrium Grief 1.png

All throughout late February and most of March, the members of New Israel were working on a secret "weapon" that they hoped would lead them to the actual city of Byzantium. This scheme was known as the "Turtle Graphing Plot"; essentially, it consisted of the controlled use of turtles that AntHand and egnaroky had purchased from the members of Byzantium, hoping that they would lead them back to the city (since turtles always swim towards their home beach). Through weeks of tedious graphing and mathematics, and the creation of dozens of portals and flying hundreds of thousands of blocks, the team finally found their location -- which ended up being a random beach in the middle of nowhere, made by Byzantium to mock them for putting in so much effort.

Turtle Graphing 1.png

By this point, the war was dragging, and both sides wanted peace. After one more major grief occurred on March 28th (Byzantium raided and griefed Antzakes1's old invisible base), peace was becoming a viable opportunity. Earlier, there had been a peace conference between Byzantium and ostrich1414 and VetoTheNeato, but on March 29th, a new war-ending peace conference occurred between all parties, successfully ending the Byzantium War once and for all.

Peace Conference 1.png Peace Conference 4.png

The Stonetown Incident

Yet another major political/religious conflict occurred between April 15th and April 16th, 2020, between The Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis during The Stonetown Incident. This time, the City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur had plans to annex Stonetown due to its religious and historical significance to them. Porkington, however, heavily disagreed with their plans. Thus, he secretly gave Lord1 the "deed" to Stonetown, granting him access to the base in retaliation against the other Wilburians.

Extremely angered by this, ostrich1414 and Zepheron immediately arrived at Stonetown the next day, tearing down all Church of Francis banners and map art, and even griefing one of its new buildings constructed in the town. Wilburia re-annexed the base back from them, sending a threatening warning. Lord1 returned shortly after, removing all Wilburian placements and once again replacing them with Francillian banners and such. This time, a more heavy threat was placed, and Stonetown was caught in the middle of a severe territorial dispute.

Stonetown Annex 1.png Stonetown Annex 4.png Stonetown Annex 6.png Stonetown Annex 8.png

By this point, tensions were very high, and the possibility of yet another Wilburian-Francillian Holy War was seeming more likely. To prevent this, ostrich1414 and Lord1 decided to meet in Verillium for a peace conference and decrease tensions, and turn Stonetown into a neutral property. However, Lord1 questioned ostrich1414 about a secret suspicion he had, forcing ostrich1414 to reveal that the account CranberryWarrior, which had been a Francillian since the summer of 2019, was actually his secret alt account. Although the Stonetown Incident had ended and peace was later restored, the reveal of CranberryWarrior shook the Church of Francis and the SimPvP community since it had been kept secret for years.

The Second Hispanic Panic

On May 5th, 2020, an incident similar to the First Hispanic Panic in January 2020 occurs: a popular Spanish player, Jocosoman, posts an Instagram story of SimPvP, and a large influx of new Spanish players flood the server, with one of these new players also being a large Spanish YouTuber, MrDavid99. This led several regular SimPvP players (including MrCramYT himself, who had previously been targeted) to rush to Spawn and prevent these new arrivals from escaping, blocking them in and killing them. Two major movements were formed to try and combat the influx of players, one by the Bloc for Clans and one by VetoTheNeato, although these movements would not be able to garner the same server-wide reaction as The Second Siege.

Caudicean Crisis

On May 6th, 2020, members of the City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur were caught by surprise when two members of the Caudices, AntHand and egnaroky, arrived at their city in person. This occurred after weeks of paranoia; the Wilburians were unsure if the Caudices had their coordinates but largely figured that they didn't. Still, the arrival of the two Caudiceans was a shock, and tensions soon soared between the two factions as they claimed that their reasoning behind their arrival was to annex Wilburia and incorporate it into a "Caudicean Empire", which would be comprised of several other Caudicean-controlled cities.

Caudices at Wilburia.png

This, of course, angered the Wilburians, who immediately refused and ignored their claims. The city was also abandoned, and all valuables were removed off of the premises. However, the question of how exactly the Caudices found Wilburia in the first place was what truly angered them: after hours of prying and putting the pieces together, as well as contact from the server admins, the Caudices admitted that they had used a secret, unknown vanilla technique to locate the city's exact coordinates. This was met with almost universal outrage by the server, with many players arguing that it was an "exploit". Tensions only worsened when the Caudices also annexed Takyon, Wilburia's sister city which they already had coordinates to.

In response to the annexation, VetoTheNeato decided to host a public server party in Takyon on May 8th, as a protest against the Caudices' claims. Over a dozen players showed up at the city, and after one final tour and other party festivities, Takyon was looted and then severely griefed.

Takyon Party 3.png Takyon Party 4.png

The once positive relationship between the Caudices, Wilburia and Takyon would be immediately fractured, and with Takyon griefed and Wilburia abandoned, many of its players slowly fell into inactivity. Yet another consequence of the crisis was the forced removal of the Caudices from the Bloc for Clans.

The Republic

Beginning in June 2020, The Republic emerged into the SimPvP limelight with the goal of opposing Lord1's growing presence on the server, a presence the group believed to be "tyrannical", as well as Lord1-led teams like the Church of Francis and the Bloc for Clans (later Galactic Federation). Inspired by Ancient Roman political systems, the Republic was formed of a rigid hierarchy containing many anti-Lord1 or anti-Francis players, including high-ranking members like Zepheron, TheOnlySlash, Korijenkins, clipchip, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury.

Some of the Republic's primary actions included the griefs of both Two Words and Olgremont, both of which were Church of Francis affiliated bases founded by Lord1. While these griefs received backlash from their respective members, the Republic nonetheless considered this a success, and the destruction of both bases would ultimately lead to less activity within the Church of Francis's immediate playerbase. Unfortunately, Lord1 would retaliate by griefing the longstanding 2014 base Stonetown, but this action was met with severe criticism that ultimately culminated into Lord1's excommunication from the Church of Francis, which was considered another "win" for the Republic.

Two Words Grief.png Olgremont Grief 2.png

Outside of its sometimes violent opposition against Lord1, the Republic was also a major proponent for public works projects, especially around spawn. Some of the Republic's core public works projects include the Via Project (the mass construction and repair of spawn's four major highway systems), the repair of Castle Snowfrog, and the repair of the cobblestone pyramid housing the server's only end portal. Much of these public works projects were instigated and headed by 4Pilot, who took a major role in boosting the Republics work in the spawn region. Other projects included Inferno, a unique landmark composed of burning netherrack pillars strewn in an organized pattern, boasting the Republic's spawn influence.

Via Project 1.png End Boys.png Inferno 1.png