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Ingame name: seventwoworlds
Alts: thequakeguy, and probably some others
Status: Active (and grinding for the wealth he so desires!)
First joined: May 23, 2019

Location: Massachusetts

Clans: Schmuck Inc.
Bases: LOTS of shit unnamed bases, and also Lavacast Nation and his current secret base.

At this current moment he is grinding at his new NEW NEW base and slowly building up resources.

The Story of a Retard

Seventwoworlds first joined on May 23, 2019 using the name 726574726F. He wandered around for a few seconds and left. A few months later, he decided to join once more with his friends Plazma_Cat5YT (now PlazmaZX) and EmptyV0id because he got banned from NoCoords, a server with an abusive gay brony admin. After that a bunch of stuff happened, like the "Epic man trophy" contests and different spawn parties. He made a underground base, which he got tired of, and a few more after that. He quit basing at most after a month or 2 because of his sheer boredom of looking at the same shitty unfinished stuff he made, and his inability to finish anything he made anyways. Fast forward a little while later, some more stuff happened, uh, Francis War or something, etc etc, yadda yadda, "allying" with the Dominion, and then leaking a base, in result getting his base getting griefed, and then he made another like, 3 bases, and nothing else happened from there. This wiki page isn't even needed, nobody will probably read it anyways, so let's just spam some random pictures of bases I made.

Gallery Of Failed Attempts


  • He established like 7 different bases, only 2 of which he is proud of.
  • He is VERY SEXY and has SICK PECS
  • 726574726F is actually "Retro" in hexadecimal
  • His favorite movies are Kung Fury and The Matrix
  • He lives in Massachusetts
  • He's going insane very slowly
  • help me

Clearing Things Up

Contrary to popular belief, he is NOT a robot. He actually removed his head and in place surgically attached an all-in-one Compaq Prolinea Net1/25s, replacing his brain with a 486 processor.