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|members    = [[VetoTheNeato]], [[Ostrich1414]], [[Lord1]], [[Blockplanet94]], [[cheesy_chips22]], [[Lord_Pasta]], [[AntHand]], [[Jesusfag]], Chiral, [[MrCramYT]], [[IAmTheSheriff]], [[iPyxis]], [[saluutSFR]], [[Tenced]], [[Sengorn_Leopard]]
|members    = [[VetoTheNeato]], [[Ostrich1414]], [[Lord1]], [[Blockplanet94]], [[cheesy_chips22]], [[Lord_Pasta]], [[AntHand]], [[Jesusfag]], Chiral, [[MrCramYT]], [[IAmTheSheriff]], [[iPyxis]], [[saluutSFR]], [[Tenced]], [[Sengorn_Leopard]]
|clans      = [[Church of Francis]], [[The Order of Wilbur]], [[Caudices]], [[Bloc for Clans]], [[SFR]], [[Blue Orchid Cult]], Emby Brotherhood
|clans      = [[Church of Francis]], [[The Order of Wilbur]], [[Caudices]], [[Bloc for Clans]], [[SFR]], [[Blue Orchid Cult]], Emby Brotherhood
|bases      = [[Takyon]], [[Wilburia]], [[Revalia]], [[Segoria]], [[Two Words]]
|bases      = [[Takyon]], [[Wilburia]], [[Revalia]], [[Segoria]], [[Two Words]], [[Shitstania]]

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Simpvp Summit
Name: Simpvp Summit

Formed: February 23rd, 2020

Coords: -1200, -800
Members: VetoTheNeato, Ostrich1414, Lord1, Blockplanet94, cheesy_chips22, Lord_Pasta, AntHand, Jesusfag, Chiral, MrCramYT, IAmTheSheriff, iPyxis, saluutSFR, Tenced, Sengorn_Leopard
Clans: Church of Francis, The Order of Wilbur, Caudices, Bloc for Clans, SFR, Blue Orchid Cult, Emby Brotherhood
Bases: Takyon, Wilburia, Revalia, Segoria, Two Words, Shitstania


The first Simpvp Summit (Simsum) was organized and held by VetoTheNeato in the hopes of inspiring goodwill and peace across Simpvp. Right off the bat, he began to plan who would be in attendance. A no-brainer, he thought, would be to invite the leaders of the four major bases at the time (Takyon, Wilburia, Segoria, and Two Words). And so, the first 4 attendants would be himself, ostrich1414, Sengorn_Leopard, and Lord1. The roster soon expanded to feature some of Simpvp's other major players. Blockplanet94, cheesy_chips22, Lord_Pasta, AntHand, Willowienal, MrCramYT, IAmTheSheriff, iPyxis, saluutSFR, and Tenced were all invited. The first to arrive was Cheesy_chips22, shortly followed by VetoTheNeato. Each base represented would be given a plot of land to make a small booth showcasing everything their base had to offer. In the case of Takyon's booth, the information shown had never been seen previously. Booths were made based on various bases and groups that attended the event, such as Takyon, Wilburia, Segoria, The Church of Francis, The Order of Wilbur, Caudices, SFR/Revalia, Two Words and even Shitstania.

SimPvP Summit 3.png SimPvP Summit 4.png


Several server-changing decisions were made that day, such as;

Lord1 apologizes for his actions at Sigil and admits wrongdoing, and VetoTheNeato gives Lord an official pardon, finally ending The Sigil Conflict.

A vast majority of members voted unanimously positive on two distinct acts.

1) The Simsum 2020 Non-Aggression Act, banning any member who signed it from committing acts of unprovoked violence on any other individual who signed the act. This was primarily done in order to counteract the recent influx of players going on base-wide genocidal rampages, which had killed numerous bases in the past.

2) Almost every individual in attendance voted to introduce Ostrich1414 as an admin of Simpvp.

Many attendants pledged to do commit to two large community projects. The first was to restore Shitstania in a way that cooperated with spawn's new aquatic environment. The answer was clear; Shitlantis. Progress is underway on this project. The second project remains a mystery.

VetoTheNeato on behalf of Takyon industries and Lord1 on behalf of Melon Boiz Inc.™ got together to end their trade war.

All attendants agreed that anyone can make any videos they want about SimPvP.

SimPvP Summit 1.png SimPvP Summit 2.png

Notable Events

VetoTheNeato blasted multiple songs from the popular Sacramento-based hip-hop/rap group Death Grips in Summit voice chat while Lord1 was talking. He later did the same with the United States National Anthem.

Sellout9 killed Jesusfag with an end crystal in the woods while no one was looking. He denied this, but was later denied from participating in the summit.

A new Simpvp player stumbled upon the summit within their first 20 minutes of playtime. Surely, joining an anarchy server and finding a table completely full with 20 fully-geared players is a scary sight. After some bewilderment, they approached the Summit, which was well underway at the time. When noticed, all members got up from the table and chased the player down. It was a bloodbath. Later, the same player came back and lit the meeting room on fire, causing some damage. They then leaked the coordinates of the Summit.

The Summit marked the first time in Simpvp history where controversial player MrCramYT was included in a server event. He plans on making some private Simpvp content in the future.

MrCramYT was chosen as the next host of Simpvp Summit.

Embybedy was suspected as a Byzantium spy and was later interrogated by Lord1 and AntHand who was later shot dead by Anthand. AntHand stood trial and was deemed justified as Embybedy was showing aggression.