Suidae Temple

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Suidae Temple
Suidae Temple Shader 1.png
Name: Suidae Temple

Status: Active

Formed: December 3rd, 2020

Members: ostrich1414, MoWobbler, SkullerG
Clans: The Order of Wilbur

Suidae Temple is a landmark founded by ostrich1414 on December 3rd, 2020. Located within the greater spawn region, Suidae Temple is a religious institution owned and operated by The Order of Wilbur as a Wilburian place of worship. Largely influenced by Imperial Architecture, Suidae Temple is unique for being located in the middle of an ocean and being composed of several inter-linked domed "tubes" forming the structure of the church.


On December 3rd, 2020, founder and longtime Wilburian ostrich1414 set out to establish the next major temple for The Order of Wilbur, one of SimPvP's major religions. As the rival Church of Francis had been increasing their spawn presence over the last year with more churches and structures, ostrich1414 felt that it was finally time to ramp up the Order of Wilbur's presence in response and create a massive, unique temple for the proper worship of their Divine Lord, Wilbur.

After scouting around the greater spawn region, ostrich1414 settled on a large ocean and laid the foundations for what would soon become Suidae Temple, creating a 3x3 grid of cylinders in the middle of this ocean. Eventually, faithful Wilburians SkullerG and MoWobbler were invited to help out with the project. First, as the build was being constructed in the middle of an ocean, each tube had to be completely drained of water. Thus, SkullerG and ostrich1414 worked to drain out each of the nine tubes using sponges and sand.

Suidae Temple Draining.png

After they were all completely drained and dried, the crew then began to dig down each one, with the central tube dug all the way to bedrock. The interior walls of each tube were replaced with stonebrick. Below are the three after digging to bedrock, making a new friend with another faithful Wilburian:

Enderman Funny.png

Finally, with the tubes ready, the crew could begin actual construction of the temple itself. Before they began, cmlove was invited to view the progress:

Suidae Temple Gang.png

Suidae Temple (as it would come to be known) would be primarily influenced by pippenger's Imperial Architecture, with domes capping off each tube. Furthermore, these tubes would be arranged in such a way that they would form off of each other and "sprout" upwards, with a tall, central tube in the center. While ostrich1414 primarily focused on the exterior, MoWobbler designed most of Suidae Temple's interior. The interior of each tube would be stepped, with no single ground level between them all--they formed a stepped grid pattern with sky bridges connecting each section together. At the bottom of the very central tube, an altar with an eternal flame recognizing the heroic sacrifices of Wilbur was constructed.

Eventually, on December 4th, 2020, Suidae Temple was officially completed, having become the Order of Wilbur's newest addition to their line-up of temples and religious landmarks, and their first temple within the spawn area.

Suidae Temple 1.png Suidae Temple 2.png


Suidae Temple Shader 1.png Suidae Temple Shader 2.png