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Status: Active

Formed: January 28th, 2020

Members: Listed in the "Members" Section

TAKYON was a base founded by VetoTheNeato, with most members consisting of former members of Sigil. It featured some of the server's most respected players, but details retaining to the base were hard to come by during its existence, as the members were very secretive on information. The name "TAKYON" is derived from the tachyon, a hypothetical particle that, if it existed, would be able to reach speeds faster than light. This name was translated into shorthand slang and became TAKYON. Some members, (namely Nddragoon), insist it is to be called Tachyon, while VetoTheNeato prefers to call it TAKYON (in all caps, always). This argument was, at the time, the only case of internal conflict at TAKYON.


Below is a list of TAKYON's former members (listed in chronological order by their join date):


The idea for TAKYON came from VetoTheNeato who was stricken with grief following the loss of Sigil. Sigil was another of Veto's bases, which shared many members with what would come to be TAKYON. The base showed great promise, but was destroyed and abandoned after the events of The Sigil Conflict, where Lord1 began killing players indiscriminately after someone placed a sign on his build. In a fit of rage, he began revolting against all Sigil members. When Ostrich1414 logged on, flew to Sigil, and began fighting back against Lord, Lord fled. He later attempted to grief Shitstania, a small public spawn base. The grief wasn't effective in the slightest, and Lord fled again, remarking on how he had better things to do. He did not.

After this incident, VetoTheNeato did not want to lose the great team that made up Sigil, so he began asking certain members individually if they wanted to be a founding member of a new base. Everyone he asked said yes, and TAKYON was born.


Motivated to start a new Simpvp superpower, VetoTheNeato took his last two Diamond Blocks and flew millions of blocks out over multiple days of travel. His plan was to start close to a Guardian Temple, but he abandoned this plan when he found a mountainous area with stunning, snow-capped mountains and surrounded by a vast ocean. He constructed the portals, but was horrified when they didn't work. Did he break the chain? After some panicking, he realized he had built the portals out of blocks of coal rather than obsidian. Over the next week, all members would arrive and begin contributing to the base.

The base featured vast underground networks, large underwater builds, tall skyscrapers, and an extensive medieval city.

On May 7th, 2020, the members of Takyon were informed they were being "annexed" by Caudices as part of their "first wave" of annexing the server's most prominent bases. This wave consisted solely of Takyon and WIlburia, Takyon's sister city. Caudice members tried to convince Takyon's members to stay, but they instead decided to leak the coordinates to the base and have a public, server-wide party. This made the base unusable for the Caudices, which angered them greatly.