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|nickname  = The OOOOOFSTER
|nickname  = The OOOOOFSTER
|alts      =  
|alts      =  
|status    = Semi-Active
|status    = Active
|joined    = 6th of January, 2018
|joined    = 6th of January, 2018
|location  = [Redacted]
|location  = [Redacted]

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The Arma
Ingame name: The_Arma
Status: Active
First joined: 6th of January, 2018

Location: [Redacted]

Clans: The Fellowship The Dominion
Bases: The Rape Cave WILLAMHH

The Beginning

The_Arma is a player that joined on the 6th of January, 2018. He wandered around spawn and left since there were only 2 players online. His favorite server shut down, so he decided to look for a different one to waste his life on. After searching and trying many vanilla servers he remembered the best of the best - SimplicityPvP.net. The_Arma became a regular on the server but didn't base with anyone since he wanted to keep a low profile. Spending his days traveling in the nether and exploring old bases he started growing his wealth.


Meeting The Fulgurator

After a long journey through the nether The_Arma got bored of the travels, got out in the overworld, placed all of his belongings in a chest and killed himself to return back to spawn. Back at spawn, he started gathering resources for himself and unexpectedly met The Fulgurator. He was a friendly player that wanted to help new players. While building a small sanctuary they decided to build something bigger and farther from spawn. The_Arma was given the task to find a location for the build. He found a skeleton horse and traveled to a disclosed location and waited for The_Fulgurator to arrive. His ally arrived and so the construction began on the base now know as New Tamarisk. It was later abandoned and forgotten due to unknown reasons.



Unexpected Invite

A player by the name of Quint messaged The_Arma if he wants to join his base (mainly due to the reason that it was fairly new). The_Arma was given the coordinates to a /portal that lead to the base. He arrived and was welcomed by four players which were: Sellout9, shabinatzi, Chynese and Quint himself. After introducing himself to the members he started constructing his first own base. Over time the members kept logging in less frequently and so did The_Arma.

The Return

In the end of 2018 he came back and started playing on the server again. He decided that it would be better to find a new base for himself. Using an old /portal he traveled quite far from spawn and started his second base - Mesa Tower (I know the name sucks). Using a beacon he "borrowed", he started a quarry to supply himself with stone for the tower he had in mind. He stayed there for about a month.

The Fellowship

It was early march of 2019 when Arma went on to be invited to join The Fellowship not long after its forming. Arma would make his way up to Elder-Co which was the second highest rank in the group. Throughout his time in The Fellowship he took part in the building of many of their small outposts across the server. Arma was also involved in The Fellowships raid of Fort Thunder (an FOK outpost) with Korijenkins and TheOnlySlash. After about three months of being in the group he set out to create a large underground base with TheOnlySlash which would then be leaked by Korijenkins in an attempt to inside YeeterMyPeeter with TheOnlySlash. Around this time Arma started to lose interest in the server. He was also somewhat unmotivated to play due to The Fellowships disbanding.

The Dominion