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== Bases (Phase I) ==
== Bases (Phase I) ==

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The Fellowship
Minecraft banner 5gn5tgb5z5w.png
Name: The Fellowship

Status: Awaiting “Phase II”

Formed: February 2019

Members: Varies (See "Phase I Member's List")

The Fellowship is a group that was first started in late February 2019 by TheOnlySlash, with some of its main members including Rainyday203, Optarium and MutualistManiac, who is currently jailed. The group was formed initially with the idea of being conducted in separate phases of activity on the server (thus with Phase I in February of 2019). Phase I saw a member peak of about 20 people and the server is currently awaiting the group's “Phase II”.

Phase I

The first phase of The Fellowship was mostly dominated by the War of the Fellowships. This began when members of the Fellowship of the Kittens were unsuccessfully attacked by TheOnlySlash with an end crystal. The Fellowship of the Kittens soon declared a trade embargo and war on the Fellowship on 14/03/2019.

The Fellowship constructed most of their bases during this phase, the only known one at the time being Semper Idem. At this time, The Fellowship had seven active members, making it one of the largest and most active clans at the time. The Fellowship's goals are to destroy spawn, kill newer players, build nether tunnels to one million on each axis that could allow horse travel and to build large active community bases.

To join the Fellowship, you can join their Discord which you can find here: [Not Open Currently]

The Fellowship has a ranking system starting with aspirant to initiate to knight to sentinel and then elder for their lord and savior TheOnlySlash (also with the exception of Rainyday203 being elder-co)

Phase I (Revisited)

Throughout early April of 2019, the group was teetering on the edge of inactivity, with only two members on at most. During this period of decay, a member of the Fellowship of the Kittens raided The Fellowship's most active base, Semper Idem. This attack was conducted with the intent of finally leaving TheOnlySlash no reason to come back to the server. This had an opposite effect, Slash started playing even more and completely reformed his group. The group culled several inactive former members from it's ranks and founded several new bases.

The goals of The Fellowship remained largely the same: the group wished to kill newer players and troll them, to repair old bases and protect the history of the server, and to grief spawn, an area the group refers to as the 1000x1000 area surrounding the center of the world, where every new player spawns. The reason the Fellowship gives for these actions are primarily that it helps new players on the server.

"It shows them what to expect and helps them be more cautious and productive" - Probably Slash

The group was allied with RCP, The Drago Guard, and partially so with Triterrus.


Korijenkins had successfully infiltrated the group and had gotten a hold of several, if not all of the group's coordinates. Some day in late May, 2019, he posted the coordinates in chat, leading to the destruction of all of the Fellowship's bases. This was later revealed however to be planned by TheOnlySlash And Korijenkins in an attempt to inside YeeterMyPeeter. It was also due to Slash's belief that the group had surpassed its peak.

Phase I Member's List (No specific order)

  • Tia4444
  • Pvperson
  • Everdust
  • __Hatsunemiku__
  • 20_TPS
  • Ronald_Weasly_
  • Dementors_Rage
  • JHdash77
  • Steamtown
  • Kenkyho
  • Hedgehogmind

Bases (Phase I)

Semper Idem

The Rape Cave

Shitty Meth Lab



New Sorpigal (Used to bait FOK in order to gain coordinates)