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The Republic
The Republic Banner.png
Name: The Republic

Status: Active

Formed: June 2020

Members: Listed in the "Members and Roles" Section

The Republic is an organization that launched to the public on June 20th, 2020, a date chosen as it was the Second SimPvP Summit of the year and a key moment when a large portion of the active player base would be gathered in one location. The Republic aims to provide its members with key roles, offer the majority of the server affordable gear, and oppose groups that they believe have descended into mere dictatorships under Lord1, such as the Church of Francis and the Bloc for Clans. The group is modeled off of Ancient Roman society, especially its architectural style and political positions.


The Goals of the Republic are as follows:

  • To oppose the tyrannical authoritarian regime imposed by Lord1 on the many factions, bases and members under his control
  • To establish a close, respected unit of members through a rigid hierarchical system
  • To promote free trade and the competitive market through the vending of affordable goods
  • To closely follow the political systems of Ancient Rome and imitate its successes


The Republic offers a strict, rigid hierarchy that composes its ranking system, which is listed and described below:

  • Consul - Two leaders (chairmen of senate): one military, one juridical.
  • Praetor - Up to twelve players charged chiefly with the administration of civil justice and ranking next below the consuls.
  • Quaestor (Any number of) - Managing the wealth, trading and advertising.
  • Aedile (Up to 4) - In charge of construction and public games. This entails spawn projects and base building.
  • Senator - In the governing and advisory assembly.
  • Balatro - The jester.
  • Citizen - A privileged status to those who have proved themselves worthy and loyal.
  • Legionary - A rank given to those who are new to the server or Republic; however its importance is undeniable, focusing on PvP and outpost / infrastructure creation.
  • Slave - The lowest of the low.

NOTE: Promotions are not guaranteed, as a member may end up excelling in one rank to the extent where promotion would be more detrimental than beneficial to the Republic

Members and Roles

Listed below are the members, and their roles, of the Republic. It should be noted that this list will change and be updated periodically as promotions occur / new members join.


By early summer 2020, SimPvP's landscape was a much different place. Many of the Republic's founders were growing weary with the immense authority held by Lord1; he had converted the Church of Francis from a religious institute to an imperialist empire, and he had taken over control of the Bloc for Clans, re-establishing it as the Galactic Federation and naming himself as the Supreme General. This also followed a series of annexations over numerous bases, and a few miscellaneous base griefs, all under his general direction. Viewing him as a threat to the server's well-being, several SimPvP players, including members of The Dominion (TheOnlySlash, Korijenkins, and Zepheron), as well as others, decided to band together and form an organization to directly oppose his growing regime.

This organization would soon become known as the Republic, directly based and modeled off of the politics and society of Ancient Rome. Many of the Republic's ranks within its hierarchy are also modeled off of Roman positions. As the Republic began to take form and establish itself through early-to-mid June 2020, their chance to publicly announce their existence came with the Second SimPvP Summit on June 20th. This summit, much like the first, would draw dozens of important and influential players from a wide variety of bases and teams to one central location -- the perfect place for the Republic to announce their plan. However, as the Summit ended in disaster after a massacre took place at the hands of Sellout9 and Cutman (Church of Francis members and loyalists), Zepheron used the opportunity to denounce the Church, and Lord1, and began rallying potential members for the Republic. That same night, the official link for the Republic's Discord server as posted publicly, and it immediately drew several potential members.