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Name: Yittrium

Status: Active

Formed: May 10th, 2019

Members: Listed in the "Members" Section

Yittrium is a city founded by the former members of Florestria on May 10th, 2019. Located along the edge of a jungle biome and a mega taiga biome, Yittrium is a coastal city with an emphasis on modernization, as pursued through its industrial farms and luxurious aesthetic builds. Yittrium was created shortly after the abandonment of Florestria, featuring a majority of the same members, and several new ones.



Below is a list of Yittrium's current active members (listed in chronological order by their join date):


Leaving Behind Florestria

Between late-April - mid-May 2019, the city of Florestria had been facing serious threats and tragedies. Antzakes1, a controversial player on the server, had gained coordinates to the city, using them to threaten several of its members. The city was ultimately compromised, with a minor attack even taking place after ostrich1414 blew up AntHand with TNT (the two later peacefully resolved these issues). Thus, feeling that their city was no longer safe to build at, its active members decided to move out and focus on a new project. Ostrich1414 was commissioned to discover a new location significantly farther out into the map; he eventually settled on Yittrium's current location, a coastal jungle/mega taiga biome, featuring several jungle temples and villages nearby.

The city was officially incorporated on May 10th, 2019. After ostrich1414 established the base's location, all of Florestria's active members were brought over to join, in this order: Chris_cord, SkykirryChycho, Bapada63, egnaroky, MoWobbler, and AntHand. A few days later, Chris_cord's ally, trppbll, was invited to the team.

The city immediately began to thrive: ostrich1414 built a large prismarine statue on a nearby island, known as the "Guardian of Our City". This island was named "Florestria Island" in honor of their previous city and its former glory. Furthermore, MoWobbler constructed the "Yittrium Community Storage Facility", a large storage center complete with an automatic item sorting machine. A much better road system was also introduced, devised by both ostrich1414 and Bapada63. Eventually, the group officially settled on the name "Yittrium", mainly because the SimPvP wiki did not list any bases that began with the letter "Y". Below is a picture of Yittrium as it stood during the early days, on May 19th, 2019:


Yittrium Begins to Grow

Over the month of May to early June 2019, Yittrium began to slowly grow into a larger city. Many players, like AntHand, MoWobbler and Chris_cord, began to construct their own houses as Yittrium. Furthermore, ostrich1414 began his first modern building, a lowrise labeled as the "Yittrium Department of Commerce". Bapada63, much like at Florestria, began work on a new cartography center, dedicated to mapping the city and its surrounding areas. Several bridges were also constructed by Bapada63, connecting several separated landmasses.

Eventually, the city experienced its first few instances of urbanization added to its skyline. MoWobbler constructed Yittrium's first skyscrapers, a complex of two twin towers with a bridge in between (known as the "Twin Ring Towers"). Not too far from these towers, ostrich1414 constructed a skyscraper modeled after one from Struthio, known as "Oceanview Luxury Apartments". AntHand also built a hot air balloon floating in the sky, serving as a perfect location for scenic views of the city's growing skyline.


The Battle of Knee Mo

On May 31st, 2019, a small battle occurred in Yittrium when AntHand accidentally killed one of MoWobbler's fish, known as Knee Mo, at his fountain. Outraged, Chris_cord and MoWobbler teamed up to attack AntHand; eventually, egnaroky joined Chris_cord and MoWobbler as well in their crusade against AntHand. The fighting took various forms, both inland, air, and sea, as the city became littered with arrows. Eventually, AntHand succeeded in the first killing, slaying Chris_cord.


Ostrich1414, who had been neutral up until then, was brought into the battle after being attacked by AntHand. He joined MoWobbler in attacking AntHand, and the battle would continue for several minutes, with much of it resulting in air raids. Eventually, AntHand killed ostrich1414, leaving him and MoWobbler to face off each other alone. After an intense 1v1 duel between the two inside of the storage facility, AntHand ultimately emerged victorious after killing MoWobbler. After even more fighting, however, AntHand and MoWobbler signed a peace treaty, with both parties apologizing for their actions, resulting in the official end of the Battle of Knee Mo.


A Rapidly Changing Skyline

The entire month of June 2019 served as the definitive time to shape, master and establish Yittrium's urban skyline. As the city began to grow at a much more rapid rate, buildings soon became taller and more imposing; several new skyscrapers blossomed during this month alone. Some of the more notable highrise structures to be completed were the "Struthio Memorial Tower" and "Imperium Palace" by ostrich1414 and the iconic "Big Bend" arch by trppbll and Chris_cord, which immediately became the longest structure in the city. Furthermore, a massive reconstruction project occurred when MoWobbler decided to completely redo the storage building; he dismantled much of the old one, rebuilding it into a much larger, more sophisticated complex with a new additional building and many more layers of storage.


On June 13th, Brusa95 became Yittrium's newest member; an ally of trppbll and Chris_cord, the three make up the team "Passione". As soon as she joined the city, Brusa95 established her personal home in a new, unsettled area on the outskirts of the city. This area soon became Yittrium's designated suburban neighborhood, with several smaller-scale buildings and houses being created. Ostrich1414 even constructed his first house on the server since 2015 here. Finally, part of the city was transitioning to a more lowkey suburban setting, which proved beneficial for the team's vision of a lifelike city.

Aside from city planning, new farms were being added Yittrium. AntHand began work on the city's new-and-improved gunpowder farm, while ostrich1414 established a skeleton grinder. Brusa95 and trppbll also began work on an automatic brewery. Furthermore, egnaroky created the city's main slime farm.

The City That Never Sleeps

Between July - early August 2019, Yittrium was continuously experiencing consistent growth: new buildings were being created, new farms were being established, city planning was shaping its appearance, and constant public acknowledgment strengthened its fame throughout the server. Yittrium had evolved from an off-shoot of Florestria to its own living, breathing entity: a city that was constantly being progressed, with members online daily. By this point in the city's history, Yittrium's members had begun to hone in on their particular skill sets, putting them to good use in order to further strengthen the city's success.

MoWobbler had begun officially defining Yittrium's industrial district, creating several farms, including a sugar cane farm and a melon/pumpkin farm, and connecting these buildings through an interconnected above-ground road network. Nearby, he had also constructed a large guardian farm, which quickly became Yittrium's most powerful source of XP and providing the city with many stacks of prismarine and sea lanterns. AntHand also assisted MoWobbler with increasing the city's industrial presence, through his construction of a villager breeder. In fact, the city as a whole was being meticulously planned out, an act of preparation prior cities like Struthio and Florestria never experienced fully. Several key districts were being planned to shape the city as a diverse, realistic entity, including its downtown area, suburbs, the previously-mentioned industrial district, a ghetto, a maritime district, and even a much-needed government center. Another step towards major city planning arrived when ostrich1414 devised a system of street names and addresses for each road throughout the city, even designating a main street: Yittrium's central artery.

On July 16th, cheesy_chips22 (using his alt micro_chips22) arrived in the city and became Yittrium's next member. He quickly worked to create several new buildings, including his unique nature-inspired home and a restaurant. However, cheesy_chips22 also excelled at collaborating on projects with several other members of Yittrium; some notable builds he assisted with were trppbll's rocket-inspired home, One Cheddar Plaza with ostrich1414, and a modern hilltop living space, also with trppbll.


As the city grew physically, many other notable projects were created. Some of these builds include ostrich1414's temple for The Order of Wilbur, AntHand's drowned farm, MoWobbler's mansion, several new skyscrapers, AntHand's turtle farm, Yittrium Municipal Court by ostrich1414 and MoWobbler's island fort for the City Guard. Truly, Yittrium was becoming SimPvP's city that never sleeps: activity was abundant.

Yittrium Raids /world

On August 3rd, 2019, the PvP world was reset to a map which featured a city setting: this city contained several important blocks and items, which were quickly realized by Yittrium's members. Several members, including MoWobbler, AntHand, cheesy_chips22, Chris_cord, trppbll and ostrich1414 ventured into /world repeatedly all throughout that day, collecting as many blocks as they could. These included hard-to-obtain items like quartz variants, concrete, and even rare blocks that were impossible to obtain naturally: smooth stone slab blocks. By the end of the day, Yittrium had several double chests of various items, from common to rare, completely looting /world for the city's many purposes.

Rise And Demise of the Yittrium Work Gang

On August 15th, 2019, AntHand and ostrich1414 set in motion a plan that Yittrium had been considering for months: a semi-active noob workforce which would passively generate resources for Yittrium's construction processes. AntHand garnered a significant and loyal group of new players within a very short time, supplying them with armor and diamond pickaxes, which were needed to mine the objective resource: obsidian. Camden_The_Great, big_bloxxer, 086, Jtov, Drogun, and Adam085 all joined on the next day, August 16th. Within a period of only eight hours, the determined team gathered over a chest of obsidian. The small obsidian camp accumulated two buildings and a couple basic farms at its height.


On early August 17th, clipchip and JavelinFury, who were allies of many Yittrium members, uncovered the near-spawn portal to the camp, raiding it and mercilessly killing Drogun and big_bloxxer. Drogun, in a scorched-earth strategy, blew up the small shelter that had been constructed. Given the very early hour, the only Yittrium member able to come to the camp's defense was AntHand. He arrived and valiantly tried to defend the base, but, outnumbered and outgunned, was forced to retreat. The short-lived "Yittrium Work Gang" was immediately dissolved; however, it set a precedent for Yittrium's imperial strategies by successfully generating many valuable resources and attaining recognition and notability for the city's community service.

A Series of Setbacks (and Resolutions)

Unfortunately, the tragedy of the "Yittrium Work Gang" would ultimately result in a few minor setbacks that would impact Yittrium as a whole. AntHand and egnaroky's longstanding feud with clipchip and JavelinFury would once again be heightened, forcing Yittrium and the Shadow Mcmafia into a period of diplomatic tensions. Ostrich1414 attempted to establish a peace conference between the two entities on August 21st, 2019, yet it failed to sufficiently quell tensions.

The day before, on August 20th, cheesy_chips22 formally departed from Yittrium, leaving the city and its Discord server. Many reasons were cited for his departure, including the tensions between Yittrium and Shadow Mcmafia (of which he was both a member of), his allegiance to clipchip and JavelinFury and his overall boredom with the city. Though he has since publicly regretted his abrupt decision to leave, cheesy_chips22's departure nevertheless rocked Yittrium to its core.

These events, as well as the growing inactivity of several members, led the city into a short period of stagnation. Very little was being accomplished, and the immense progression the city had been seeing all summer had slowed severely. AntHand had temporarily exiled himself from Yittrium due to the tensions, relocating to his private base Mil with egnaroky for the Caudices. Many of the other members would log in less frequently as well, and the city had fallen into a state of limbo - for a little over a week.

On August 28th, something happened that would save Yittrium: the server updated to 1.14. This prompted a newfound interest in adorning the city with new blocks, items and mobs, as well as establishing brand-new and improved farms. The day of the update, AntHand, MoWobbler and ostrich1414 accidentally summoned a pillager raid in the city's industrial district, though they successfully defeated it. This new rush of change and excitement emerged Yittrium into a new era of progression, with 1.14 being the burst of energy the city needed.

Almost immediately, several new builds would appear around the city: ostrich1414 established both the Yittrium General Hospital and the Yittrium Central Station, even creating an extensive underground subway system within it managed by the YRTA (Yittrium Regional Transportation Authority). MoWobbler and AntHand had been feverishly upgrading the industrial district, which now included a 1.14-friendly villager breeder, a raid farm and an iron farm. Fortunately, it finally seemed as though Yittrium would once again flourish.


Yittrium Expands

Shortly after Yittrium's activity began to increase, the city experienced several new builds, farms and even new expansions to its current area size. MoWobbler continued working tirelessly on the Industrial District, finishing up Yittrium's highly-productive wool farm, bamboo farm and auto-smelter, as well as creating small interactive huts for players to trade with villagers and even realistic smokestacks. Meanwhile, AntHand worked to perfect his villager breeder. This breeder would become so densely-populated by hundreds of useless villagers that AntHand, ostrich1414 and MoWobbler were forced to conduct the Great Yittrium Villager Genocide on September 19th, 2019, forcing these villagers into a small, confined space underground, turning them into witches via lightning, and killing them.

AntHand also began to finish working on Yittrium Central Arena, the city's first megabuild which had been in progress for months. The arena's structure was finally built higher upwards, as well as being given a protective dome and outer layer. This would be the largest building in the city at the time, and the centerpiece of the city.


Several other builds came into fruition during September - early October 2019. These include the Yittrium Public Library, the Florestria-Yittrium National Heritage Museum, the Quinsigamond Historic Memorial Park, the Empty Skyscraper, Co., and the Inhumane Livestock Breedery, all by ostrich1414; the man-made Glittery Lake and its parkour trial, made by Chris_cord; and a state-of-the-art elytra launcher, made by trppbll. In fact, the entire area near Yittrium's slime farm was completely refurbished and revitalized, turning the once rough terrain into smooth building land.

On September 17th, cheesy_chips22 was officially re-invited to Yittrium, rejoining the city after a few weeks of being gone. Here, he helped amass dozens of enchanted books, most notably mending books, through MoWobbler's villager huts and through consistent Hero of the Village wins. He also began a new, unnamed building made of emeralds and melons.

Furthermore, by late September, Yittrium had officially gained a brand-new neighborhood: "Jungle Heights", an inner city, ghetto neighborhood created chiefly by ostrich1414. This neighborhood has a worn-down aesthetic of economic instability, urban decay and crime; truly Yittrium's most polarizing district. Some notable builds include Shithole Liquors, Fetus Deletus Abortion Clinic, and Jungle Heights Apartments, the neighborhood's own projects. Cheesy_chips22, MoWobbler, Chris_cord and trppbll also all contributed here.

An Emerging Power

Though October - early November 2019 would prove to be a turbulent time for SimPvP due to the emergence of The Holy Wilbur-Francis War, Yittrium would slowly continue to increase its wealth and power in a variety of ways. Not only would the city itself grow, but so would its resources.

After weeks of modifications, Yittrium was officially able to support the mass production of fully-enchanted diamond sets; the city had access to a villager holding each enchanted book necessary for the production of these sets, which were made inexpensive through zombie villager curing and Hero of the Village. Yittrium's other resources were beginning to increase exponentially as well: its iron block, slime block, sea lantern and gunpowder reserves were becoming unmatched as new farms were continuing to be developed meanwhile.

Furthermore, the Holy Wilbur-Francis War saw several Yittrium members participate in active battles against the Church of Francis, as Yittrium had become a firm supporter of The Order of Wilbur. By the later half of the war in October, many Yittrium members were crucial in securing noteworthy victories for the Order of Wilbur, especially during the Battle of Snowfrog. This only helped increase the presence of Yittrium as a power through its military victories during the war, and their ability to now mass produce god sets provided the army with an unmatched advantage.

Yittrium's cityscape continued to expand during this time, as did its member base. On October 7th, 2019, TonTheKidRS became the latest member of the city. He would assist greatly in city expansion projects through the construction of his house in the Suburbs and a smelting/xp machine in the Industrial District, as well as his frequent AFKing which proved beneficial for increasing city resources. Other notable projects would appear throughout Yittrium, including the Jungle Heights Correctional Institution, the Canyon Chasm Coochie Club, the Yittrium Memorial Convention Center, and a special Halloween-themed event located in a spooky graveyard, created by MoWobbler.


A New, Stable Colony

On October 23rd, while exploring the greater spawn region, ostrich1414 discovered a base named Coon Town, which he had originally thought belonged to a player named TaintedTango. He later brought AntHand with him as the two annexed and claimed the base for Yittrium and The Order of Wilbur, renaming it to the Colony of #BlackLivesMatterville. After the base was annexed, they discovered that Coon Town was, in fact, owned by a player named Dylan_Roof. Nevertheless, Dylan_Roof was supportive of Yittrium colonizing his base and allowed them to use his base and his farms whenever they wanted.


Coon Town became Yittrium's first major colony after the original colony of the Yittrium Work Gang, providing the city with an offshore source of new farms. Coon Town had two mob farms, a gold farm, and access to villagers holding enchantments not found at Yittrium, which established the colony as an important asset to the city. This also increased Yittrium's server influence and presence as a colonial power.