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Name: H.S.O.F
Alts: Church of Francis, The Red Empire
Status: Active

Formed: 04/08/2019

Members: 35 ~
Bases: Listed Below


[H.S.O.F. Advert]

The Holy States of Francis is a faction organised around the religion of Francisism and Francis made to bring honour and respect to the one true god, PvP rebels and build magnificent bases. It is governed by the Pope, Priests and high ranking Disciples. The Church holds the title of the biggest clan in Simpvp history, currently sitting around 35 members.

The banner the clan uses is a red F with a black background.



Created 04/08/19


Birth of the Church and the Attack on Golden Sun

After Lord1 found Andromeda, Golden Sun, The Vault and MisterStrawman's portal hub on the 3rd of August, he became a devout follower of Francis and gathered other followers to raid them although his connection to Andromeda was broken and the owners of The Vault (The Conspiracy) already blew it up causing Francis's followers to raid the Golden sun and Strawmans hub.

The raid was a success for the church although a battle broke out on the outskirts of the city due to clipchip and JavelinFury turning up to protect it. The church took heavy casualties due to the church's forces being spread out over multiple bases with only Wolfiee_, Fire__Kracken and Lord1 fighting, losing most of them. May they rest in peace.

On the 15/8/19 Lord1 stripped Tenced of his priest title due to suspected espionage which caused him to exile himself until he found his faith. Lord Went to a Francis temple and asked the lord if he was still worthy of his place as a priest, the almighty one said no causing lord to exile himself to repent in the moutains. He was later accepted back by Francis.

The Holy Scroll of Francis (first testament) was finished on the 12th of October 2019.

The Holy War

On October 17th, ostrich1414 declared war on Francisism and the Church. This lead to many battles and conflicts causing the whole server to divide, either a Francillian supporter or a Wilburian supporter. Although a very divisive and destructive war, it increased Church member activity. The Holy Wilbur-Francis War was ultimately lost by the Church, although at the second peace summit of Verillium, the conditions of surrender were met by The Order of Wilbur and the Church wasn't dismantled and also kept all pre-war territories.

Age of the Red Empire

On the 6th of February, CrackyJoe became the first ever Pope of the Church after being baptised at the Holy Land. This is also around the time the Church started expanding its territory and the age of the Red Empire started.

The Stonetown Incident happened on the 16th of April 2020 where Pippenger gave Lord1 ownership over Stonetown, the Wilburian holy land. This angered the Wilburians and they quickly rushed to Stonetown to annex it off the Francillians who colonised it shorty after inheriting it. The Wilburians left lots of anti-Francis signs and scattered The Order of Wilbur banners across the town. The Francillians returned later that day to tear down all Wilburians signs and banners and left a few signs threatening the Wilburians if they did not respect Stonetowns new rulers. Lord1 and Ostrich1414 then met up at Verillium to discuss peace terms before anything bad happened. This was the closest the Wilburians and Francillians have been to the second Holy war since The Sigil Conflict.

22/04/2020 The Church changes its general symbol from the Red F to the symmetrical Red F but still uses the Red F.

from February to May 2020, the Church claimed/created 6+ bases/outposts and the full member list including recruits was up to 20.

The Church Reformation

During the Second Simpvp Summit, Lord1 advertised MBI all over the place including the meeting area and the discord, which annoyed one of the sim sum's organisers. Later on in the Sim Sum, Sellout9 killed a huge amount of the attendee's, but spared allies like Lord1, Anthand and Cutman. After the massacre of the 2nd Simpvp Summit, Zepheron announced his new clan, The Republic which was a clan mainly focusing on stopping Lord1 from having fun on the server and "harassing members of the Church of Francis".

After miscommunication between the Galactic Federation and the Republic, the Republic thought the Church of Francis Declared war on them, and thus as their first act of war griefed Two Words which various church and Two Word members suspected Lord Pasta of leaking. Angry that his teammates had all their work destroyed, Lord1 wanted to strike back and did so with a Task Force Fury grief on the Wilburian holy land, Stonetown.

Lord1 got backlash from his fellow priest and co-founder of the church, Tenced who later stepped down as priest as well as iPyxis although for other reasons. He also received angry responses from members of the Republic, although this would only for fill the reason of the grief as they were the target.

Lord may have achieved the purpose of the grief, but the church was suffering from a image problem, so on the 24th of June Lord1 Transferred Discord ownership to Pope Joe (CrackyJoe) and he and Lord drafted the Church Reformation which most notably included: The introduction of the Synod (a mixture of ex Galactic Federation members and Church members to hold democratic votes), Lord1 punished, the halt of aggression towards the Republic, the end to the Imperial image of the Church (although territories, recruit bases and some words used to describe the church and some of the imperial - based ranks may linger) and the official introduction of the Order of the Olgremese Templars. Lord was later let back into the church and all his titles were restored, although Pope Joe kept discord ownership.

Mid 2020 Conflicts And Reaching 1 Year Old

Mid 2020 saw the Church's diversion of attention from fighting others to working on infrastructure, this would include working on Francis_bot, work on the Church Discord and small events and competitions. The self proclaimed 'Republic' would constantly make efforts to "weaken" and "cripple" the church (A image will be shown below to visualise these efforts).


Some of the changes to the church included free gunpowder for all Church members supplied by MBI, some new outposts, colonies and a new base. A advert competition took place with a prize pool of 40 db, Seventwoworlds won with this image and unfinished video, AGTcraft came second place with the poster below and Wawuwiva came third with the poster below that.

In early august, the Church hit 1 year old. Around this time, the Church had 23 active disciples including priests, recruits and the Pope. 4 Days after the anniversary, the Church prepares for the first ever Priest election and after a couple of days of hard debates, speeches and discussions, TonTheKidRS Wins the votes! Here are their speeches accompanied by any posters used by the candidates:

September saw the height of the church military activity since the Intervention War, as the church executed Operation Red Terror. This operation was to strike multiple bases within a short period built by enemies of the Empire, most being culprits of the Two Words grief. The full list of bases griefed are as followed: PANOSKYLO's Base, Cutmans Base, QuantumEntropy's Base, Bbbbbbixieland, Elon Dusk and MisterStrawmans City & Portal Hub.

The montage of the griefs can be found [here]

During the grief of Elon Dusk, Lord1 killed Electrichugg. This caused him to round up his Wilburian allies and challenge the Francillians to a battle. The battle would be known as the Battle of Swampland and lasted about an hour until the Francillians claimed victory. Wawuwiva becomes a apprentice Priest.

The Imperial War

After Operation Red Terror and the rapid rise of the Francillian Empire in late 2020, many players on Simpvp with prejudice against Lord1 started to get together and plot against the Church. At the 1 year Holy War anniversary, Xexc would be camped at spawn by Sellout9 and TheOnlySlash. Although Sellout states he was "only joking", xexc saw this as aggression. In the next week xexc would kill Sellout9 2 times in /world as revenge, and later AntHand for suspecting him of helping. This would be the final straw for them and their plot for war continue, now with a reason to declare war. The Church would find out their plan for war through spies, and immediately started preparing for war, not aware of the cost it would bring.

When war was declared by the now People's Coalition, the Church was slow to respond as to make sure their war plan would play out the way they intended. A huge spy recruitment was initiated and multiple spies were inserted into the PC, so until they noticed, the Church was completely aware of the PC's every move.

The war would consist of petty griefs and occasional skirmish's until COF raided GFC & Axetown, both fairly active PC owned bases. In response the PC griefed Swaglabs, a abandoned starter base made by Lord in 2019.

It was silent for the next few weeks as the PC had been using a tamed animal exploit to find Lord1's and Tenced's main base, Three Words. The Church was desperate to arrange peace so they didn't have to attack Quabbin which housed many neutral targets. After rejecting the peace offering, the PC raided Three Words and then immediately agreed to arranging peace. Not before they raided another COF base, but after that they agreed to peace. Not before they killed the Pope in cold blood as peace arrangements were being discussed, but after that they agreed to peace. On the 28th of January the peace meeting was held at Gibraltar castle and the war came to a end.

Rise of the Holy States

During the Imperial War, COF members wanted to transform the clan and started planning a reform. After the war ended they could finally commit to the changes and on the 30th of January, Project "Divine Pillars" went into effect, changing the Church's political system completely and changing the name of COF.


The Holy States of Francis

Here are the governmental changes written out by Pope Joe.

HSOF2.png HSOF3.png


After this change, the Holy States saw more public projects than ever before. A few internal incidents happened with two troopers that caused their excommunication from the HS, other than that the post-war recruitment hit sky high.

Co-founder and Priest, Tenced the pacifist turned out not to be so pacifistic. As he would lead a military coup and usurp the Supreme General Lord1 by taking the Supreme General Sword. Until Tenced gives it back, he is the official Supreme General of the Holy States.

Fun Camps

Post-war Simpvp saw a lot of HS warriors burnt out and looking to relax, they did this by starting fun and prosperous work camps for new players! The first work camp to be started was the FFWC 'Francillian Freindship Work Camp' and focused a huge amount of noobs to mining and building on their camp. Another fun fun fun camp was the Moron Mine, which was a safe and wholesome diamond mine on the outer reaches of spawn. All workers were well behaved until they were forced to kill each other. The workers of this camp went on to escape for 20 minutes, but were tricked to kill themselves and sent back to the mine :-)

Tenced's Wrath

During Tenced's reign as Supreme General, his tampering and misconduct on the HS discord was getting out of hand. He would brutally beat subordinates and tampered with official votes. Tenced will go down in HS history as the most ruthless Supreme General.

Golden Age of Francillia

March 2021

Recruit & Trooper bases are erected to house many displaced and homeless newer members of the HS, such as Mecca, the alien infested Desert village, and Mooford Compound, a recruit inhabited society.

Constant loyalty and faith from Generals Xexc and James8B had earnt themselves the promotion to Priest as a result of Tenced's announced hiatus and other Francillian elites going inactive. By this time Lord1 was reinstated as Supreme General.

On the 29th, Yukar decided to include Lord1 & Tenced's city in the BRP (Base Restoration Policy) meaning anyone who got coords through anthand would be banned for going to the city.

2021-03-30 19.20.10.png

Soon after, the HSOF builders & allies got to work on restoring the base and re-instating it as HSOF capital.

2021-03-30 22.25.39.png

April 2021

Early April saw more work on the HSOF capital, but also the planning of more clan events.

The Legion Tournament was planned and prepared by General David and consisted of battles between the 3 Legions of the Grand Army of Francis. In the end, the Norse Legion, commanded by Generals Corleone & Xexc, took the W.

May 2021

Another HSOF event hosted at 3 Words was the 1st Francillian base competition where the biggest and best bases across the HS competed for sexiest base. Bodacious Sneeze took first place closely followed by Ragnarok. Before any voting took place, _Goujon_ made a unexpected appearance, After refusing to leave, HS warriors pounced and attacked him. After being chased around 3 Words for 10 mins, Goujon agreed to leave and Lord1 showed him the way out.

Later in may on the 3rd, HSOF enters its fifth war against the Confederacy of Man. Whilst it was done as a joke, HSOF would end up raiding COM's main base and claiming victory.

HSOF's focused on combating Operators during most of May, but this would change entering June.


June 2021

On the 8th of June, HSOF would finally enter an alliance with The Order of Wilbur. Father Supreme General Lord1 would then be elected to be the next Pope of HSOF.

During the inauguration ceremony YMP would ambush, leading to the Battle for the Pope. Tenced would leave HSOF around this time due to drama around whether 159 should remain part of HSOF. The at the time Commander 159 was upset that he was not invited to the meeting with The Order of Wilbur and started to lark at the End spawn to kill OOW members. Lord1 wished to retain 159 as a valuable and strong holy warrior; Tenced felt that he should be punished for threatening the image of HSOF. Tenced demoted 159 without permission by removing his Discord roles, and in response Lord1 demoted Tenced from Admin for insubordination prompting him to leave HSOF and become an apostate.



Francis was a being discovered grazing on early Syracusai grassland and survived for weeks as Syracusai developed until Lord1 dyed him red and gave him a home.

MrMeeps would soon teach him the way of the sword alongside PeePee the Frawg.


Francis went on to be a FOK[1] Elder God because only a important being as himself could last this long. When a invasion of Syracusai was imminent, Lord1 evacuated Francis to a bunker in a secret location and has remained there since, blessing his followers.

Francis is thought by his followers to be a multi-dimensional, almighty being who made all things including the land of Simpivia (SimPvP) but takes the form of the red sheep.


Olgrem, son of Francis was the FOK god of war. He remained in Francis's bunker with Francis until his physical body was sacrificed on the 04/08/2019 to make it easier for him to provide wrath to sinners.

Olgrem was thought to be a part of Francis until Francis casted him out of his body, making Francis more peaceful and creating his son, a powerful and wrathful being with a hatred for sinners.

Olgrem also has a branch of the church dedicated for him. Named the Olgremese and or the Olgremese Templars, this branch focuses on praising Olgrem and cleansing Simpivia of infidel sinners.

The Holy Texts

FoK Elder Gods: The first ever text where Francis is acknowledged and revered.

The Holy Scroll (First Testament): a text with the Lords commandments, gospel and some background information about the almighty Francis and his son Olgrem put together by the priests.

The Holy Scroll (Second Testament): a continuation of the first.

Genasis I: a text holding history and lore on Francis and his creation of Simpivia.

Illuminations I: a text holding Pope Crackus' experience and lessons with the Lord.

The Holy Arts

Below are some of the Church's map arts.


Join the Empire!.png


Grand Francillian Army

Lord1 is the current Supreme General and operates all of the Grand Francillian Army, under authority of the Pope. The hierarchy of the military: Pope -> Supreme General -> General -> Commander -> Knight -> Conscript.


The Grand Army is made up of 4 Legions. When fighting together, these 4 legions are THEE most powerful force.

Lord Legion

General: Supreme General Lord1

Unlike the other legions, the Lord Legion (LL) consists of new generation Francillians and non norse/spanish knights. It is also the largest legion but most members are lazy and never turn up to fights.


Spanish Legion

General: Father MrDavid99

The Spanish legion (SL) consists of Spanish speaking Spaniards from Spain. Highly affiliated with the Spanish Inquisition.

Banner Inquisicion.PNG

Norse Legion

Generals: Father Xexc, Father Corleone, General Montana

The Norse legion (NL) consists of Scandinavian Francillians


CanaDutch Legion

General: General LidGuy, General IDeny

The CanaDutch Legion is the product of two other legions merging together. Originally the Germanic Legion & NA Legion, their Generals agreed to merge to increase in size.



Established on the 8th of August before the Church of Francis Invasions, the Francillian Army / Knights are responsible for training and deploying all Francillian ground soldiers. The Francillian army was the main fighting power during The Holy Wilbur-Francis War as most if not all battles were mainly fought on the ground. Also during 2020 through 2021, the Francillian Knights were the main force in expanding the Francillian Empire and fighting the rebels in The Imperial War.

Francillian Air Force (FAF)

Officially established on the 28th of October 2019, FAF's is responsible for training and deploying things to do with fighting/support from the air, this includes elytra fighting and flying machine building and operating. The FAF was a crucial aspect of the Francillian Military during the War. When in battle as the FAF would provide important air support to the army and gather the positions of the Wilburian forces and keep them busy when the soldiers needed to resupply. During the Imperial War, lot's of knights and other COF members fighting had to constantly switch between sword pvp and elytra pvp, so FAF tac tics from the Holy War were used.

Task Force Fury (TFF)

TFF is an elite selection of Francillian personnel for the most challenging operations and tasks. Formed on the 20th of October 2019 during the Holy War, TFF's first mission was the annexation of Tol Honeth and was a success. Task Force Fury's Headquarters resided in Francistan until it was abandoned. One of TFF's most notable missions was invading McCapital with Caudices and other groups under the Bloc for Clans during the war against MCMAFIA. A controversial mission operated by TFF was the grief of Stonetown during a mini war against The Republic.

During the Imperial War, at it's peak, TFF had 5 active spies inside the Peoples Coalition, constantly feeding information back to high ranking COF. This was essential in the war effort and the Church would've lost without it.


The Church has its own chat bot known as 'Francis_bot'. It's linked with a discord bot that can displays Simpvp chat, and allows players to log the bot in remotely. The bot uses 'Prayers' as its currency and players can use these prayers to do things such as set join messages and send anonymous messages to other players as well as a few other commands. You can see all the commands by doing #help in in game chat when the bot is also online.

Francis_bot was developed and coded by 086.

After a few months of working perfectly, Francis_bot's account was reclaimed. So Robot_Francis account was bought to take its place.


Below are the bases and territories the Church lays/laid claim to.



  • Lord1
    • Holy War Vet
    • Imperial War Vet



  • 086
    • Holy War Vet
    • Imperial War Vet
  • James8B
    • Imperial War Vet
  • Xexc
    • General of the Norse
    • Imperial War Vet
  • MrDavid99
    • General of Española
    • Imperial War Vet
  • _Corleone_
    • General of the Norse
    • Imperial War Vet
  • Sice_01
    • Commander
    • Imperial War Vet
  • F8tal_

Blessed Disciples:

  • BenWolf_
  • Haileymc2000
  • Unix_System
    • Holy War Vet
  • LexiTheLlama
  • MrMeeps
  • Bacon_15
  • Aebo
  • TomixPlays
    • Imperial War Vet
  • iPyxis
  • MrCramYT
  • TheJudgeHolden
    • Imperial War Vet
  • Chipinazo
    • Imperial War Vet
  • 4540
    • Imperial War Vet
  • Montana
    • Commander
    • Imperial War Vet
  • PowerxInfinito
    • Commander
    • Imperial War Vet
  • 4Pilot
  • trppbl
  • Gonchor
  • LidGuy
    • General Of CanaDutch
  • marcosgo16 aka Marica
    • Commander
  • iDenyMyCrits
    • General of CanaDutch
  • Teablo
    • Imperial War Vet
  • Surgeflash (super cool)
  • Emielkamil
  • Primo


  • Erleck
  • MrMikk
  • TheMustacheKing
  • Coldsauce
  • Hallee
  • Brusa
  • AnakinSky
  • AmericanRavioli
  • LLx
  • KoriJenkins
  • whyrichard
  • KuteCats


Former Members

  • Cutman
  • willowienal
  • Cranberrywarrior
  • Nagol
  • armedrobberyguy
  • Sky1
  • Wawuwiva
  • Impulseage
  • Blockplanet
  • egnaroky
  • e_lee
  • VetoTheNeato (for a few hours)
  • DKC
  • 1590283112


A group photo before the Conspiracy raids.