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Welcome to the SimPvP wiki!
A comprehensive selection of pages documenting the server's history.
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Founded and open to the public on April 23rd, 2011, SimplicityPvP (more commonly known as SimPvP) is one of the oldest semi-anarchy, semi-vanilla survival Minecraft servers still operating. The one and only time the map was reset was September 15th, 2011; ever since then, the SimPvP map has remained the same! So, what makes SimPvP unique? Check out everything below!


  • Server IP:
  • SimPvP is currently on version 1.20.4
  • The server runs on Paper
  • SimPvP's map size, as of September 25th, 2023, is 6.1 Terabytes (2.9TB overworld, 1.6TB Nether, 1.6TB End)
  • The server is rented from hetzner and located in Finland
  • Specs are Intel i5-13500, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB SSD + 16 TB HDD (lvmcache), 1 Gbit/s internet connection


  • Please visit the Rules article for more in-depth details. However, SimPvP has three main rules:
  • Rule #1: Griefing, killing, stealing and scamming are allowed.
  • Rule #2: Hacking, glitch abuse, and mods that give an unfair advantage are not allowed. For example: x-ray, flyhacking, seed exploiting, duping, and fullbright are not allowed on SimPvP.
  • Rule #3: Doxxing and sharing real-life personal information about another player without their consent is not allowed.

Community and Culture

  • There are currently six admins: Yukarion (Owner), DakkaDok, MoWobbler, Korijenkins, clipchip, and Laztec.
  • Donations are much appreciated, but not required. No rewards or perks are given to donators. To donate, please visit our Patreon.
  • SimPvP has an official Discord server, but the link to join is private. To join, simply ask an admin for an invite. However, there are many unofficial SimPvP Discord servers that are open to the public.
  • SimPvP's overworld map size is 60 million blocks x 60 million blocks.
  • SimPvP has a protected spawn region that is 65 blocks x 65 blocks. PvP is not enabled here; however, it is enabled throughout the rest of the server.
  • SimPvP has a separate dimension known as the PvP world, which can be used for PvP, trade, and events. To both enter and leave, type /world in chat.
  • SimPvP has a unique Portal plugin system that lets you connect any two points of any distance using a total of 20 obsidian blocks, 2 diamond blocks, and 2 lapis blocks.
  • Check out Server Commands to see which commands can be used on SimPvP.
  • If you are bedtrapped, log onto the IP and read the Beds article.
  • SimPvP is unique for its long, extensive server history. You can also check out the list of page categories to learn more about our bases, players, clans, and more.
  • SimPvP has a long, fruitful history of player-made Map Art and Banners.
  • The Player Statistics article has details on many in-game statistics, including playtime, deaths, distance traveled, and advancements.
  • If you would like to contribute to our server history and culture on this very wiki, check out our informative article How to Create a SimPvP Wiki Article!
  • Check out Frequently Asked Questions for more information!

Has all this piqued your interest? Check out SimPvP on today!


For a complete history of news, see News.


Our many cities, towns and landmarks throughout the server, varying by year, players, and aesthetics to show the true diversity of SimPvP:

SimPvP Bases Collage I.png SimPvP Bases Collage II.png