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Policies and guidelines and style guides from Wikipedia apply on the simpvp wiki by default. While some policies or style guides from wikipedia are not applicable to the simpvp wiki (e.g. requiring references to reputable mainstream sources,) most of the Wikipedia rules are quite reasonable and can be referenced and should be followed. People who have never participated in wikis before are strongly encouraged to read the Wikipedia policies and guidelines and manual of style.

The Wikipedia Five Pillars are particularly applicable. Please do read them.

The following are some rules that either highlight standard wiki policies or policies that are specific to the simpvp wiki.


  • The wiki is not the Minecraft server. You are not free to write anything you want. You are not free to behave however you want on the wiki. Permissions on the wiki are a privilege, not a right.
  • We're trying to build a wiki, a collection of information about the simpvp server. Be constructive. Content should be relevant to the simpvp server. Before posting something, consider if it's something other people would find useful information to read.
    • While not every style guide is applicable at all times, low quality articles and contributions that do not follow the style guides may be removed. Please do your best to follow the style guides.
  • No vandalism. Don't post false things. Don't remove constructive content for no reason.
    • If there is content you disagree with that is a matter of opinion, include both points of view in the article rather than replacing the point of view you disagree with, with your own view. See also Wikipedia:Neutral point of view.
    • You may not use the wiki to scam or trick people.
  • No sockpuppetry. The use of multiple wiki accounts is generally not permitted.
  • Be nice. Act in good faith. Don't insult people. No personal attacks.
  • No illegal content. That includes copyrighted material that you do not have the rights to post.


Please read the Manual of Style
  • {{Infobox}} is used for many things on the wiki. When applicable, please include it.
  • Wikipedia:Writing better articles is an excellent guide for how to write well-written articles. The section on encyclopedic tone is particularly important.
  • Know the difference between the different namespaces.
  • Please try to avoid creating orphan pages.
    • As we've historically been bad at this, please ensure every page is included in a category, so that it becomes reachable from Special:Categories. If the page has {{Infobox}} on it then it will automatically be put into relevant categories. Otherwise add relevant categories explicitly.
    • See Special:UncategorizedPages for pages that are not in any categories. Every page on that list is supposed to be added to a category.
  • Do not blank pages.
    • If you wish to rename an article, you may move it. Do not manually move it by copy-pasting the content into the new article name, as that does not preserve history.
    • If you wish to have a page deleted, add {{Afd}} to the top of the page, and optionally alert an administrator to it.
  • Pages that do not conform to guidelines
    • Pages that are poorly written or otherwise do not confirm to style or guidelines may be kept if they contain information not present on other pages.
    • Such pages may be cleaned up and rewritten by anybody. You can also add templates from Category:Cleanup template to the page.