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Ingame name: morl0ck

First joined: 6 August 2011

”Come to my castle”


morl0ck is a player. He is currently residing in a castle he is constructing, along with a few other players.

Morl0ck joined the server August 6th, 2011. His first year on the server consisted of some rather unremarkable bases, and no team to speak of. At the end of that year, another long-time player named Eggthief started a base near spawn called Castle Black. This was a large castle that housed many new players that were recruited by Eggthief.

A couple weeks went by, and Castle Black went through several griefings and repairs. With many of the original recruits having abandoned it, Eggthief started another base called Winterfell. This base was not as popular, and morl0ck decided to head back to his original base far away.

morl0ck liked the idea of a large castle, so he decided to start one of his own for his next base. Traveling for a while, he finally found the perfect spot: a plains biome that spanned a 300x300 area, surrounded by ocean, forming a huge island. The huge castle is morl0ck's current base and it is always being expanded. After a while, morl0ck decided to invite a player that was trustworthy from the Castle Black team, el_andres96, out to the castle once construction was well underway. Eggthief was then invited, keeping his alternate account EricCMiller stationed there.

Later on, there was a haitus in the Castle Project. morl0ck took a break from minecraft and el_andres96 moved away from the castle and teamed up with some other players. When morl0ck came back, the player LegendaryArtz, el_andres' team member from that period, was invited to the castle.

After expressing desire to move, a fairly new player to the server named Wolfbitten was invited to the castle and currently resides there as the newest member.