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Simplicity PvP is a Minecraft survival server. We have a small, but active and committed, adult community, with most players having been on the server for several years. Our single main rule is simple: Don't use any cheats. You can get by only knowing that, but we'd still appreciate it if you read our complete ruleset. With a map over 6 years old without any resets, the world already spans a vast area over 10500 km^2, with countless active and abandoned bases of all sizes scattered throughout.

We strive for a vanilla aesthetic; although we are running Bukkit with several mods, these are mostly just to assist in effective administration. We don't have any restricted blocks, no world boundary, the only protected area is spawn, and griefing, killing and stealing are all encouraged. You may also want to read our Frequently Asked Questions. We have no ranks and no "donations", the server is paid for entirely by the goodwill of our players, who receive nothing in return for covering server costs. We play for our love of the game, and nothing else.

Join now (no whitelist,) at or

We have a phpBB forum at

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