AaronRC93's Castle

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AaronRC93's Castle
Name: AaronRC93's Castle

Status: Abandoned

Formed: Unknown
Abandoned: Summer 2019
Location: -34169, 13600
Members: AaronRC93, nddragoon, AtacFauxpas

Founded by AaronRC93 (duh) and AtacFauxpas after the griefing of Ishtar, they lived there for a while and then invited nddragoon to live with them shortly after he joined the server. The castle was mostly decorative, as most of the functional part of the base was underground.

After living there for a bit, Atac and nddragoon decided to go off and build their own base, The Monolith, because it wasn't really their base, and they wanted more freedom. The base was then abandoned by Aaron at some point during the summer of 2019.