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Name: b9b9
Ingame name: b9b9
Alts: b9tumor

First joined: 9 December 2017

b9b9 or b9tumor (alt) joined the server in late 2017. He joined The League in early 2018. He has lived at Grasstle and other League Bases.

When he joined, he joined with his friend James or "PickleBri" (which was a shitty pickle rick meme). Him and James then joined a discord call with Fluz43. Fluz assisted the two players with food and other items, and they parted ways. The two players then set off to start their own base. They first started an underground afk fishing bunker far away from spawn. After fishing for awhile and building gear, b9b9 decided that he wanted to go to the end. So that he did. This is where his first death took place. He got so pissed that he quit the server. James still played on the server and mostly just afk fished.

B9b9 began playing on the server again in January with his friend ChiefRice. This is when he joined the base Grasstle, a League base close to spawn.

2018-01-05 18.15.49.png

After joining the league, b9 started a base that never really had a name. He started it with his friend James. After discovering a suitable island, he built castle walls. While b9 wanted to keep the base a secret, James didn't really see it that way. James invited league members to help him with building his massive landscaping project. He also invited clipchip to the base for help. B9 fucking hated this idea, so he left, even after he had spent a very long time building the walls of the base. James was later banned for using X-Ray hacks.

2018-01-09 21.24.17.png

This is when b9 started yet another base. At this point January was half way over. A lot had taken place in just these couple of days as a result of b9 having an extra week off of school because of severely cold weather. Anyways, b9 started what was first named the hidden autism village, then named Dan City, and was finally named The RiceField Village.

B9 remained a quiet player, interacting with only a select few friends that he had either brought over from other servers or made on this server. Over time the base grew and more and more players started building there. The base became more of a novelty base rather than a self sufficient one. He does not really associate himself with any group. Once again, b9 left and started a new base. At this moment he will not disclose much information about it.

B9's Active Teammates: AjahnMara ChiefRice Fluz43 draape