The RiceField Village

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Hello, my name is b9b9.

I am the founder of this base, the RiceFieldVillage. This base is primarily for building rather than sustainability, although at one point it was my main point of operations for a long time.

This post is going to take a long while to edit so I apologize if it is not complete.


The first thing you notice when you look at this base is just how well it flows with the land. Rather than tear down the extreme hills biome in which resides, I decided I wanted to build pathways between the different areas of the base. These pathways were often referred to as "infrastructure" by the base members. The beautiful valley in the center of the village originally a small forest and a river which flows out to the lake. Around that surrounds two large mountains on the east and west sides. The lake in which the river flows out into has several islands within it, which have pathways connected between them. On the north east side of the valley, the river flows into a forest biome. This forest biome leads into another smaller valley between a large mountain north of the RiceFieldVillage. This was the perfect spot to build a base, it really did not get better than this for me.

Districts: The RFV contains several districts: the Farming District, the Rice District, Central Park, draape's castle, AjahnMara's Cube, b9b9's cave, and the North Eastern Woods.

The Farming District is not your typical farming district. This Farming district contains a water tower, a floating rock with a waterfall, a jungle hideout, and an elevated canal above it. Oh yeah and it has a sheep farm, a pippenger farm, a vine farm, and a carrot farm. This was my main focus of the base when it first started apart from the center area. So what is the point of all this stupid bullshit? Well, I just liked to build a lot of stuff in crowded areas. The water tower actually came from a reddit post in which someone thought my domed observation deck was a water tower. I was just bored and had a lot of time on my hands, and the randomness of this section can be applied to much of the rest of the portions of the base I built.

The Rice District is home to ChiefRice. You're probably thinking the Rice District is actually the center of the base, and that is false. Fun fact though, at one point in time, three players resided within the Rice district. The Rice District is on the east side of the base. It is on a mountain, just at the twilight of snow and rain. Essentially, if you build just 10 or 15 blocks higher in the rice district you will be a victim of snowfall. ChiefRice's castle towers over the district, although just to the south east is the massive chinese flag pole which is taller. Chief's castle is a cozy and intricate design. It is compact and simple yet is complex on the inside. There are many pathways one can take when entering into the Castle. In the basement is where ChiefRice spent most of his time afk fishing.