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Bloc for Clans ('the Bloc')
Name: Bloc for Clans ('the Bloc')

Status: Active

Formed: September 2019

Members: see Members
Clans: Beanboys, Church of Francis, Caudices, Atherius, Men Hyogi-kai, Yittrium*

The Bloc for Clans is an organisation founded by out_here_sneezin. It was a general association of smaller-sized bases and clans which share similar interests. It aims to settle arguments between member groups peacefully, while members will agree not to grief or raid each other. Generally, it is the best way to formally be on good terms with other players.

The Bloc for Smaller Clans was put in control of Lord1 after Sneezin became inactive and re-established and renamed it 'Bloc for Clans'. He them distributed power among delegates and other members as the bloc union is meant to be a democracy.


Created September 2019, the Church joined immediately. Within a month Anthand and egnaroky joined. On the 29th of November, the Bloc goes to war with McMafia after various members are violated by them. The start of this war would draft soldiers, elytramen and other fighters from the clans to fight on behalf of the Bloc.

Shortly after war was declared, a small skirmish occurred in /world between: Lord1, Cutman and Anthand vs JavelinFury and dariepearjuicy.

On December 7th, the second act of the war was a full scale invasion of McMafia's capital, McCapital. 10 BC troops attended from 3 different clans/bases and multiple independent parties. There was no resistance as no residents of the base were on at the time apart from JavelinFury who briefly left showing little care. A huge wall was put up separating Francillian Controlled McCapital from Caudices Controlled McCapital, this was taken down shortly after by residents.


The day after on the 8th of December, the Bloc for Clans and Yittrium invaded and annexed Ascaris and came to an agreement on their claim borders with the BC claiming most northern parts and Yittrium claiming the southern parts.


The bloc doesn't follow a strict hierarchy, with every member able to influence the decision-making process. However, each base has a selected Delegate to easily represent the entire group.

Below is a list of members in order of join date.


  • HJah (delegate)

Church of Francis

  • Lord1 (Delegate)
  • iPyxis
  • _Unix2010
  • Seventwoworlds
  • Cutman
  • LexiTheLlama
  • Tenced (Delegate)
  • 086
  • Antzakes1
  • Willoneil



  • Blockplanet94


Men Hyogi-kai


*Yittrium isn't a official member base although some members are in BC as ambassadors.


If you lead a clan/base/individual which would like to benefit from the Bloc, message any of the above Delegates in-game, or a member on Discord.

We all gain from more trusted members, so new additions are actively encouraged.